Hasidic Jewish Wedding In New York Expecting 10,000 Guests Stopped By City Officials

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 10.19.2020

I’m shocked that the Hasidic Jews didn’t stop it themselves. Why did they need city officials to do it for them? Ten thousand people descending in one location from around the country?

Now they’re saying the corona/covid-19 virus is causing a rise in anti-Semitism. How can a virus do that?

Why didn’t it surprise me to hear they’re suing the state and/or the governor? They’re the ones trying to exploit a pandemic for financial gain, claiming lockdowns violate their religious rights.

No religion has the right to break the law.

The Hasidic Jews are the ones who are referenced when any topic regarding Jews is raised. These are the tiny minority of Jews who appear to speak for all Jews.

Non-Jews, and all Jews non-Hasidic, fear them. And that’s how they like it. They wield a lot of power and can quickly turn brutal if ‘their way’ isn’t honored.

President Trump was right when he said, “they’re only in it for themselves and they stick together” – meaning nobody else matters. Although the USA supports religious freedom, it is still a secular country and run by secular laws that all citizens, no matter the religion must obey.

“Religious freedom is one of the most fundamental human freedoms, which ensures the ability of people to believe, worship, and follow their faiths without punishment from the government.”

“The principles of secularism which protect and underpin many of the freedoms we enjoy are:

Separation of religious institutions from state institutions and a public sphere where religion may participate, but not dominate.

Freedom to practice one’s faith or belief without harming others, or to change it or not have one, according to one’s own conscience.

Equality so that our religious beliefs or lack of them doesn’t put any of us at an advantage or a disadvantage.”

Every time Israel plans to, or actually does, take more Palestinian land by approving more settlement building – several thousand units at a time – the Hasidic Jews stage anti-Semitism scenarios around the world, in order to keep the critics of their actions at bay.

Everybody knows that when this tiny group gets riled up, bad things happen.

They’re accusing a virus of anti-Semitism at the same time Jews are planning on taking the whole West Bank in Palestine. They opportunistically recall the days of old, when Jews were shunned for bad hygiene, whom many associated with the spread of diseases. They bring up all their woes and past grievances of rejection, to distract the world from what is happening right under their noses.

Ten thousand people? Really? In one place? Brooklyn? And the Hasidic Jews want an exemption based on their religious freedoms that every other American has? Every other American is not free to break the law and/or to harm others.

“Multiple Jewish congregations are suing Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) and the state of New York, claiming that steps Cuomo has taken to subdue the coronavirus in the Empire State are “blatantly anti-Semitic.””

“A Roman Catholic diocese and an Orthodox Jewish group are both suing New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo over his latest coronavirus restrictions that limit religious gatherings to 10 people or less.”

So, SUBDUING THE VIRUS SUBDUES THE JEWS – and now the Catholics. Whoa. Anything for money. What are they afraid of, that the congregations will forget how to congregate and hand over their money? Maybe they don’t have any to hand over, with so many out of work. Looks like they’re suing to make up for their loss in collections. Crafty. Also corrupt.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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