Biden Accidentally Refers To Proud Boys As ‘Poor Boys.’ People Rave Over The Rebrand.

I don’t even have to read the article. If it comes from HUFF POST, the magazine that makes its workers work for free as a privilege to HUFF POST, I know it’s prejudicial against White, Republican men or women, rich or poor, young or old.

  • Forcing people to work for free is slavery; don’t they know that? Who’s paying for their living expenses? I don’t know.

If you’re White and Republican they have a plethora of disparaging labels attached to you before they even know your name.     

That’s too much prejudice to be normal.

Arianna Huffington knows she’s White. Her ethnicity is Greek. Greek is not a separate race. It’s White. It’s European.

She’s called a mogul because she’s rich – probably because her people worked and continued to work for free after she sold her online opinion news business – last I knew.

Somebody tell black people that White is not an ethnicity and Africa is not a country. 

Poor people turn to supremacy as their pride; rich people don’t do that. Blacks think there aren’t any poor white people.

Huff Post-type people call white people who are proud of their color, racist. Yet black people proud of their color are not. That’s a huge prejudice and a huge divide imposed on poor white people. In other words, poor white people are not even in the conversation.

When feeding and housing poor people, it’s the number that matters. How many mouths, how many housing units do we need? The ratios aren’t important at that level.

It’s all about poor black people wanting the wealth of rich white people. I wonder why they don’t want the wealth of rich black people? There’s a glaring prejudice there too, by the handlers of poor blacks. 

Poor blacks have handlers. Poor whites don’t. Well, except for Adrianna Huffington, but she’s not in the same category, since she was born and reared in Europe and didn’t become a naturalized American citizen until 1998. 

There are no rich black supremacists or rich white supremacists. If you’re rich, you make your money from everybody. Mutual respect is understood.

If you prefer to move within your race or ethnic or gender group, that’s normal human and other animal behavior. All animals seek comfort within their own groups. Get over it black people, brown people. You do the same thing and you’re right to do it. But not right to claim others can’t do the same.

Joe Biden sticks his foot in his mouth, once again, and the Democrats drool over it. There’s a new brand of stupid that evolved within the Democratic party, or maybe it was always there and they were reticent to expose it. Not any more. 

The biography of Adrianna Huffington sounds more like a biography of a British agent, not a rags to riches American story. Every door opened for her, similar to Oprah Winfrey, which just doesn’t happen in real life unless people in the shadows are opening the doors for them. They do that by destroying more qualified people and holding them back, while pushing their own people forward.

Even though they become excessively rich, they don’t have the talent or the integrity their handlers claim they have. Let’s face it. They’re puppets.

Being a Democrat all my life, I thought they were compassionate people with brains. If there was one thing Donald Trump was able to do in four years is to expose them for who they really are. Low class acting, selfish, weak, crass, opportunistic thieves with low tolerance for anything they don’t like or want, petulant, hysterical city-burning misfits, who don’t know how to delay gratification, even when not doing so results in harm to someone else.

The Democratic party policy-makers, once the party that promoted slavery, now is the party promoting domestic terrorism.

It’s going to take them a long time to crawl out of that pit they designed for themselves, all by themselves. 

I’d rather stay apolitical, trying to see the good and not ignore the bad of all sides of any ideology or strategy.

If you attempt to make better what you thought was wrong by committing another wrong to do it, nothing changes. The wrong just gets pushed around from one place to another without ever being eradicated.

I thought the Democrats were on board with the FIVE PRINCIPLES TO A BETTER LIFE – no prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter. One leads to the other if left unchecked. But they weren’t and they’re not. Their actions towards people who don’t think and act as they do prove it. Hate-driven acts.

Of The Five Principles: No prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter, the only gray area lies within the realm of prejudice. That’s where decisions are made whether to discriminate or not. And from there one leads to the other if left unchecked.

So yeah, keep your prejudices, we all have them, just don’t act on them if they offend somebody else. And yes, keep your group identity. But for blacks to keep theirs while calling whites racist for doing the same is discrimination. And that’s where we need not to be in a public, governmental sense . We need to be out of discrimination in all areas, instead of actively engaged in discriminating against some on behalf of others to score political points.

REVENGE DISCRIMINATION IS DISCRIMINATION. And if you’re involved in it, then you are no better than those whom you claim oppress you. An oppressor is an oppressor. The reason doesn’t matter.

Affirmative Action is discrimination. Abolish it. If after all this time black people can’t stand on their own, then affirmative action is the reason why. Stop trying to make brain surgeons out of high school drop outs who are late for work every day.

Stop paying businesses to hire minorities. Where is the incentive to excel? There is none. Of course the businesses like it, who wouldn’t? But again, it’s a form of slavery. You’re buying someone, and leaving the non-minority, which is the majority, to their own devices.

No, you’re wrong, all white people do not have parents who guide their children’s education and job searches. That’s a myth that black people made up, when they didn’t have a clue.

Some white person got a job, ‘must of been their daddy got it for them’. Maybe that happens in RICH TOWN USA in the movies, but not in the majority of white people’s households. 

There you go again, comparing poor blacks to rich whites. There is no comparison. You lose because you refuse to climb the ladder. 

If being white is the only criterion for being rich, they why do 14.2 million white people live below the poverty line as of 2019? What happened to them? 

Stop comparing poor Blacks to rich Whites.

Compare poor Blacks to poor Whites.

There are more poor whites than poor blacks – 14.2 million poor whites; 8.1 million poor blacks. 

People use ratios to control how you view the data. When talking actual numbers it’s almost twice as many poor whites than poor blacks, yet no one talks about them. 

Poor whites are a forgotten demographic, because they don’t burn cities. There’s no Affirmative Action for those poor white people. Why should the poor black people have Affirmative Action? 

Truth be told, poor black people have privilege over poor white people.

Okay, next compare rich to poor. And consider why so many rich black people hide themselves and don’t give back to the community. Charity is part of being rich – everybody knows that. Not only when you get to the top either, all the way up you give back to the community. It’s expected.

Why aren’t poor black people screaming at rich black people? Why aren’t they climbing all over Oprah’s mansions? Why aren’t they rushing the borders of her farms? They think she’s doing enough? A multi-billionaire, thinking of buying a hog farm and selling bacon? Does she even read the news about health and the rights of other animals to survive and thrive? How many people with all her money does she hire?


Baskets of nutrient-rich eggs laid by Oprah’s happy hens.

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I wonder how many of the white people joining the Black Lives Terrorists to burn businesses and destroy peoples’ lives come from white poverty? I’m not talking about Appalachia, I’m talking about all over the country there are poor white people.

  • It seems black people, at least in Cleveland, think the only poor white people are HillBillies. That’s what black people call them – I hear it and they don’t think it’s a slur. They never do when they’re the one’s engaged in the slurring of other people. There’s a big hypocrisy in black communities.

Or are they really British operatives disrupting America – rather than take the hit in Britain from their southern neighbors in Africa. There’s a lot of bad talk in Africa about colonialism and the British. Maybe the Brits thought they’d get a leg up on AFRICAN COLONIALISM REVENGE by making America their scapegoat?

It’s worth exploring. Nothing happens out of the blue. It just looks that way.

These global city-burnings, specifically in the USA, the most powerful and tolerant large nation on earth aren’t about current oppression nor about past oppression. It’s a disguise for something more sinister.

It’s not really about police brutality either. Though if I had my way, I would make all prisons people-friendly, like towns with borders, where people can feel safe and bloom despite their criminal ways. But that’s a dream. Going to prison should be like going away to college, where you learn life skills and how to get along with others in a society that isn’t often fair.

Most police officers come from the street, so that’s where they learned to survive. It’s not worth losing your life over, and the more certain segments of the populace threaten their lives and livelihoods, the more knee jerk killings there will be. Unless you’re prepared to replace officers with robots, the world had better treat them with the same respect they expect to be treated.

There’s something wrong with the system when a person is arrested forty-three times and is still out on the street instead of in rehabilitation.

In the meanwhile humane, clean, safe, spacious, sunlight. Punishment doesn’t change people for the better. And those who need to inflict it, because they’ve been offended, need also a place to go to revitalize their lives. They shouldn’t have to suffer alone. Even if it’s at home, they need a resource that is real and effective in order to neutralize their need for revenge. We spend too much money on inanimate objects and not enough on the well-being of the populace.

Stop beating your children.

How to interact with law enforcement needs to be taught in school, not at home or on the street. From day one.

Why isn’t it?

This pot’s been stirred enough.

Later, gator…

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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