RE: Authorizing COVID-19 Vaccine

EVALUATE Act would require FDA consider advice from its own independent advisory committee before authorizing COVID-19 vaccine

Does the COVID-19 crisis justify the FDA’s emergency use authorization, which could bypass their independent evaluation committee?

Sharon On The News: No drug or vaccine is fully safe. A Products Advisory Committee will be just as political as either political party on the run up to the election, including any sitting president.

Take a look at the public hearings over the past four years and tell the world they are effective in relaying information to the public. The public is just as prejudicial in their assessments, expert or not, and critical information will be left out.

Even in court rooms under penalties of perjury lies will be told and information omitted.

Take a look at the advertisement/commercials from drug companies on television and the long lists of potentially fatal side effects and side effects that don’t go away once the drug is no longer consumed. How did these drugs even get to market?

Bypassing public debate will result in liability waivers, which may be the intent. Otherwise it’s a fifty-fifty proposition. How will anyone know if it worked? If they don’t get the virus, maybe they wouldn’t have gotten it absent the vaccination.

By Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer, chef

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