RE: Sacha Baron Goes Nuclear On SOMEBODY ELSE’S TURF

Somebody tell Sacha Baron it’s okay to be Jew. Nobody cares.

Just stop all that holocaust talk. It’s over. You want it to be over, right?

Oh, for a minute it sounded like you wanted to keep it going with all that never forget keep it in your thoughts so you’ll do it again talk.

You sure?

You’re not trying to distract people from what Jews are doing to Palestinians in Palestine are you?

Now there’s an ongoing holocaust. Unlike the Jews, the Palestinians never got to go home after the war.

I think you’re trying too hard to resurrect the dead. That’s not your territory is it?

Ah yeah well – anything for money, right?

Who gets the building contracts each time Jews bomb GAZA?


Where do the Jews bomb from? Land or sea – when they do Gaza?

Do the planes take off from a military base on land or from a ship on sea?

Was that too difficult to understand?

Well, if the Jews can launch nuclear weapons from a ship…

You know that turf doesn’t have to mean dirt, right?

Sacha Noam Baron Cohen?

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