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You don’t question.

That’s the problem with the blind faith of religion when it encroaches upon other living animals. You commit mass murder. Holocaust after holocaust forever in the name of your God. Why wouldn’t you question? Because what you’re doing may be considered wrong? In fact you know it is, but what’s God going to do? Punish you? If God could punish you, don’t you think God would save those being slaughtered in it’s name?

Answer this. If God is good, why would that God create animals with nervous systems that cause them to feel pain beyond human comprehension when enslaved tortured slaughtered? If God is bad, why not turn the tables on humans?

Given that God turned the tables on all the innocent animals, and used you to do it, proves pretty much that God is bad. Your God, not mine.

If anything, God would have created animals without pain and fright sensors, if God designed them for food purposes. What? God wanted animals to fear for their lives, being hunted down and then lose their lives to end up on someone’s plate to be eaten and shit out in the woods to feed some other poor sucker??

That’s how it ended up, whether planned or not.

If you think God did design all the other animals for food purposes then humans, being the animals they are, were also designed for food purposes.

Yet humans don’t subscribe to that particular use of humans – at least not many groups do. Some do and if this CC Virus lasts much longer humans may be eating humans once again.

Accepting anything on blind faith that has the power to injure other beings, needs to be looked at very carefully and adjustments made to the theology, no matter how old, and the practice of that original theology changed to create a kinder world.

God is fluid, not stuck in the past. Constantly evolving. Moving. You’re moving right now. Every molecule, every bit of tissue, fluid, seen and unseen, except when using magnifying devices, is in motion. Perpetual motion.

If God had a body what would it look like? If you took away everything, would God remain? Singular?

Religion is not infallible, neither is God, any God, neither are those who wrote the bible in contradictory terms, so as to always be right. On the things the writers couldn’t foresee they didn’t provide a contradictory statement, such as slavery, beating women, sacrificing people and later other animals at the altar.

They still stone people to death in the Middle East. Guess it’s been a long time since any Muslim scrutinized their religious teachings and the book(s) they follow. Jews the same. Christians forever interpret and debate, but then go about life as if there are no consequences, because everything is in God’s hands and Jesus, his only son, forgives everybody everything. We just have to follow the words in the bible; that’s the plan that will get us back into heaven.


The part about beating your wives and slavery and sacrificial animals on the altar or in the altar of the woods? That too? Signed and followed.

Common sense is what we need to use to interpret the old words in today’s world. But that’s not enough. How do you interpret beating your wife differently in today’s world than in the old world? It’s the semantics of it all. You’re stuck on keeping the old words and dancing around them as if you know words alone can’t change behavior. It’s an act to satisfy some people and groups for a while. Not much changes as a result.

Delete the old words and find new ones.

Post 9-11 it was reported that someone influential person in Washington D.C. declared that they were going back to the Old Testament. “We don’t need Jesus in the White House now.”

But do you? And what exactly did that mean? I think most people would be calling for an eye for an eye.

In restaurants, traditionally men cook and women serve. At the Salvation Army, a Christian organization that feeds the poor, the women cook and the men come in at the last minute and serve, then leave and the women clean up. That’s my experience.

A man it takes to raise the eyes of the poor toward Jesus, not a woman.

In a restaurant it takes a woman using her beguiling ways to convince the patrons to eat and like the food the cook prepared. Then they share the tip. Still in 2020 even though I’m the one paying for the meal, the check always goes to the man, done by women servers who complain about not having equal rights, proving their own prejudice toward women again and again. High end or low end establishments. The only difference are the clothes, the menu and cleanliness of the place. People are people no matter how rich or poor.

Mohammed, well, I never saw a happy Muslim. They’re an angry bunch with little patience for the day to day on the planet. They’d rather be upstairs in the clouds making war plans against infidels. Now there is a supremacist group if I ever saw one. Everything is done in the privacy of their home. They shield themselves when outside or in public places. Somebody might recognize them? Somebody might rape them? They’re suspicious of anyone not Muslim? Not many walk alone. Maybe they feel like targets.

But they’re confrontational, and rude too, which doesn’t follow logically, unless they’re afraid, but why? They’re taught to fear non-Muslims? Why so quick to anger? There’s something going on there.

I was raised Catholic, but never feared Christians, Jews, Muslims, Quakers, and all those other cult-type religions. Asians, Indians, I don’t know what they believe – God or no God.

When I hear on the news that an animal was heinously killed in a religious sacrificial ceremony my skin crawls. What kind of humans could do that?

Well, when you consider the enslavement torture slaughter of the animals we eat or wear or exploit for a myriad of purposes, just about all of us are capable of committing atrocities or paying someone else to commit them for us and we have proven that capability by doing just that.

Is this forgiveness time now? What about the ‘go in peace and sin no more’ part?

Russia and China took God away from the people for a long time. Government wanted to be the people’s God, but the people still believe what they believe, organized or not, that there is something other than what we can see through our eyes and that we’re connected to it in some way. I just didn’t fear people who believed in something beyond. Maybe I wasn’t taught to fear them. I didn’t fear atheists either.

You need to continually ask questions of right and wrong, followed by how it ought to be, then followed up with solutions to match the oughtness of the religious teaching under scrutiny – no matter the religion. Or if no religion, then scrutinize every issue for oughtness. But don’t leave it hanging there.

The most exclusive and private religions appear on the surface at least to hold onto outdated learnings which keep them from evolving to a higher level of operation, which would leave behind at least some of the discrimination appearing in holy books, written long ago and rewritten and translated and interpreted until what is left could hardly be called an original copy.

For selfish reasons they hold onto those teachings which put differing values on categories of humans, while feigning equality and justice for all. Equally loved by God and Jesus and Yaweh and Mohammed and who is the Muslim God? God?

God’s will be done. Wow, talk about giving people an excuse to do anything they want, and it’s always offending someone else that they seem to want, that they seem to put on the head of God’s will being done – a punishing God I might add to that, since that does appear to be the way to get away with just about anything.

God is justification for all bad things. ‘Just say God told you to do it’. God created it all, then God mucked it up and here we are putting it back in the lap of the universe. Maybe God should have taken more than seven days to do such a big job. Maybe God shouldn’t have tried to go it alone.

Wow, that God is a powerful construct. But it’s used for nefarious purposes isn’t it? Or does it just seem that way? Punishing someone is nearly as bad as the offense being punished. An eye for an eye – that sure caught on. That’s vengeance with a capitol V.

You have to be careful about anthropomophizing animals I was taught. Well sure, I was a student in a department of psychology that experimented on animals. So of course they didn’t want the students to think animals had any kind of intellect or abilities. Some of the junk science about animals that they openly taught makes me wonder how smart these scientists really were? How did they get accepted in these schools?

They could memorize huge amounts of data? But not question any of it? Why not? They wouldn’t have the job long. There are sanctions in place that one can apply should a scientist start showing belief constructs different than what the scientific community accepts and that the government endorses.

It’s going to take a lot of brave souls in religion, government and the scientific community to question what is accepted as fact and to explore without harm questions that need answers.

Non-human animals are not dumb. Yes they feel pain and pleasure, yet we still enslave, torture and slaughter them. We lock them in cages and conduct the most horrendous experiments on them supposedly to benefit humans. A lot of it is business related. People make a product, claim it’s safe, but how do they know unless it’s tested on some ‘dumb’ animal and then the animal gets tossed in the trash. Or they heal the animal to get tortured again. And again…

In World War II those experiments were called war crimes when committed against humans. Crimes against humanity. Quess that only applies to the human animal, not any other animal. Question that.

The scientific community doesn’t question it. So who are these monster scientists and monster lab workers? It’s time to expose not only the companies, but the individuals who carry out the orders.

Jews hunt down Nazis who had nothing to do with policies at the concentration camps; they just followed orders. Just like these scientists and lab workers torturing defenseless, innocent caring, loving, breathing, smart animals. They took the job, knew what the job entailed. They bear responsibility. What? Somebody tells me my job is to kill someone and I’m off the hook just because it was my job?

I’ve heard people say, ‘that’s what I get paid to do’. Yeah, sounds like a hit man or hit woman or a hit trans. Am I being politically correct here? Why bring politics into it by calling it political?

Where’s the oversight, the transparency?

The animals can’t fight back; they removed their vocal cords so they can’t scream. They resist, then they’e paralyzed so they can’t move.

When do they get to ask the questions?

Whose God said that was okay? Don’t worry, if there really is a God we should be pissed at him, not the other way around.


Why when someone questions the ‘him’ part do they assume you think God is a woman? Maybe God is an elephant.

Keep asking questions and demanding answers.

‘We’ve always done it that way’ is no longer acceptable.

Everyone who inquires deserves an answer.

The lawyers have been running this world far too long.

It’s time to unseat them.

Till next time, remember to smile, even if it’s to yourself and nobody can see it.

Later Gators!

One view matters. A multitude of views matter. If we all had the same views we’d be called robots. Learning comes from sharing those views unencumbered.

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One thought on “Sharon’s Monoloque

  1. An interesting thought: that God may evolve over time in His thinking. Perhaps, the problem is that, as Radhakrishnan pointed out in his writings in the 20th century, the message, the religious message and teachings are tailored to the level of understanding of the people at the time. The Jews (Hebrews or Israelites, call them what you will) were very primitive and tribal in their thinking. Perhaps, their conception of God is not “revealed” but invented.

    So many folks are faux Christians, bleating about the Christian teachings but failing to live by these.

    In some of the Hindu teachings or writings, it is believed that the “soul” or life force of these poor animals, who suffer terribly here on Earth, goes back to God when they die. It is terrible that animals suffer so badly at the hands of callous human beings.


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