Netflix Exposes Colonialism via Tics

When watching a foreign film on Netflix, I can always tell if the people in that country were victimized by colonialism aka occupation.


By the vulgar language the actors use referencing male and female genitalia, humiliating people they dislike or who anger them. Everybody’s a dickhead, prick, cunt or twat.

It’s like the entire country took on the tics of the British people. I didn’t know transferral of tics was possible. They’re like contagions.

  • A compulsive, repetitive sound or movement that’s often difficult to control.

It’s neurological in nature. Vocal, or muscular as in twitches, obsessive compulsive, Tourette’s inspired. Autonomic which means in this instance, out of the individual’s control. It surfaces in anxiety or anger situations.

So how did it transfer to the people in foreign lands whom the British occupied?

Monkey see monkey do? Copycat? But copying such a deranged way of speaking, always in the target’s undergarments? So obvious and forward and rude to say the least?

It’s shockingly obvious, the British influence over the way their occupied subjects spoke and continue to speak, right down to the manner in which they speak, meaning no manners at all.

They are remarkably like the Jews in the way they force their bad habits onto others, so that they don’t have to change them.

‘This is how we are, we can’t help ourselves, and the world had better accept us and our ways as normal, because we are not going to change.’

That’s it. Right there. Common ground – Brits and Jews – they both share it. So who presented first with the vulgarity quirks that couldn’t be controlled to such an extent that they became neurologically DNA connected?

Can this happen from the outside of the organism, merely by being exposed to the behavior, someone catches it, like an incurable virus?

Habits are contagious?

A strong enough pull to make the behavior long-standing, withstanding outside forces to block it? Out of a person’s control, behavior?

Or is it that the British mated with their occupied subjects and passed this trait onto them through genetic channels? In every country and region they occupied?

Looks like it.

Is there a cure?

There’s only one way to tell.

Try to stop it and see what happens. If you can’t, then you’ve got it and the British occupiers gave it to you.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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