How Quickly Democrats Forget Four Years Of Challenging Trump’s Victory of 2016

How Quickly Democrats Forget Four Years Of Challenging Trump’s Victory of 2016

You can’t expect people to do now what you refused to do then.

For four torturous years the entire world suffered at the whim of USA Democrats, because they refused to accept that Donald Trump was legally elected. And they never let up, not for a second, and even now Hillary, Barack, Biden, and all of their circles believe Trump was fraudulently elected.

But now that the shoe is on the other foot, and the election process still isn’t over and it’s 9 December 2020 and the election was on 3 November 2020, the Democrats can’t shut up about Trump not conceding to them.

Well, I can’t say that I blame him for THAT, after all he endured and the rest of country endured, because the democratic elite couldn’t find it within themselves to acknowledge his win. They pursued it for years in the courts and through committees and public hearings and law enforcement inquiries, even calling him a traitor and questioning his patriotism, because it had to be Russia who threw the election in his favor. Who else could have that much power?

They even made people who wore his slogan on their caps, MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, fear for their safety while wearing it in public places. They made it into a NAZI symbol and ruined the lives of many innocent people who these Nazi hunters thought didn’t have the right to vote for and support their candidate of choice.

Even Barak and Michelle Obama publicly shamed women who voted for him, calling into question their morality and intelligence level. It made a person wonder more than once, what country they were actually living in.

Democrats have proven themselves not only to be sore losers, but sore winners as well.

Where is YOUR class? I’m talking to YOU not Trump. Where’s YOUR sense of decency? Why do you insist on matching what you claim to be another’s bad manners? In the end the only bad manners the world will remember are YOURS – when you lost plus when you won. The first you refused to accept and made everyone’s lives in the world a living nightmare of hellish proportions. The second you couldn’t stop gloating when you won, then demanded the loser bow and call the race in your favor. How low is that? The loser calls the race. Whatever happened to every vote counts?

I hope you don’t plan on using Trump as your scapegoat for the next four years, because if you do, the world could turn against you in significant unpredictable ways. There was something pathological about the way Democrats handled defeat over the last four years, while making the American people feel their suffering by their inaction, except where it concerned beating up on Trump.

If you still don’t have him out of your systems by 20 January 2021, then I’d say the world doesn’t need a petty, pathological lie-telling party representing anyone on the planet. You all proved in full view what a real dictatorship looks like for the past four years, when everyone in the party proudly wore their dictator hats, claiming they mattered more than the other fifty percent. I’d say the Democrats were more Hitleresque in their global attack against half the human race, than Trump. Frankly I wouldn’t have accused either one, but since Trump gave the Jews the keys to the Middle East, I would hardly call that hitler-like maneuvers.

I can see Biden already chiding Trump, because he wasn’t going to the inauguration. Somebody wake up Joe and tell him the world changed while he was sleeping. All those world leaders he thinks he’s going to placate with deals that help them and not Americans? Well, they all think Joe’s not operating from a position of strength, having been out of the loop for so long, so prepare for some fast, delicate, high powered moves.

For the well-being of the American people, I wouldn’t let him speak to anyone unchaperoned – and I’m not talking the Secret Service kind. He’s already talking like he’s stuck at the airport in the 19th century – on a plane he doesn’t recognize.

The reason why many leaders of countries didn’t like doing business with Donald Trump as President, was because he could see right through their slippery deals. Biden can’t do that. He doesn’t know how. And his wife can’t do it for him, because she’s living off campus or so the news outlets claim, not giving up her day job to be First Lady – again according to news reports. Do people even check their sources anymore? If true, then why even run for President if your spouse is going to be a part time resident and First Lady?

Everybody knows that when anyone works two jobs, both jobs suffer.

When is the USA going to get a First Lady who actually wants the job and strives to thrive at it? Maybe it’s time to expand the First Lady’s role beyond supportive, subservient wife, into something that benefits the country and not a particular segment. Something beyond charity work. She can do charity work after she leaves office.

Why don’t the Democrats call for an expanded role? Something beyond the scope of home duties, tours of the White House and photo ops of reading sessions with the youth. Isn’t there someone else you can get to do all that? Why waste the talents and the position of First Lady on menial chores better suited to those who are not in a position of worldly power?

What are they afraid of? And who is ‘they’? Who decides the role of First Lady, the CIA? Who? Her predecessors? Do what the one before you did, keep it traditional to keep the harmony? Every time I see a First Lady’s face, while she is in that position, it’s always an angry, just been dressed down look. Who does that? Who creates those looks for the press to snap, just before the President is usually about to take center stage at some event? It’s so predictable, it’s a little scary.

Every First Lady goes in with a roar and somehow, someone or thing knocks her confidence down a few notches. Who does that? It’s ugly to watch.

I don’t want a part-time or second-fiddle First Lady. I want someone who is allowed to use their brain, instead of hiding it, so as not to upstage her husband. Turn the world on it’s head.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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