RE: Tulsi Gabbard Introduces Anti-Transgender Bill After Claiming To Be LGBTQ-Friendly

Tulsi Gabbard is not hating or disrespecting transgender people. So knock off that knee-jerking-talk that you can’t help. Why don’t you at least try to get it right the first time, instead of having to go through fifteen stages of reality-testing before you settle on what everybody else already knew. Stop embarrassing yourselves with all this hateful anti-you talk.

Tulsi Gabbard’s bill protects girls/women against boys/men who want to play in girl’s/women’s sports.

• The gay community is not big on child protective rights and services, but the rest of the world is.

The entire world knows about the slippery slope, the foot in the door, the snow ball turning into an avalanche, except you?

Girls/women historically and biologically have had a physical disadvantage when competing against boys/men in strength, speed and endurance activities. Not all women – and not all races and ethnicities are the same gender-wise in physical attributes – but they all are the same in what is required to compete: strength, endurance and speed.

There’s a reason why black Africans monopolize certain sports. We’re not competing with brains here; it’s all about the nervous system and how well it performs while engaged in physical activity – other than sex if you can break away from your genitals for a minute.

First we take the restrooms, then the locker rooms, then the showers, then the whole damn sport. Men reign supreme again.

“Introducing an anti-transgender bill after claiming to be LGBTQ friendly”?

LGBTQ friendly means discriminate against everybody or anybody except us? So let us have that. The world owes us. The world owes nothing to anyone. Get that straight right now before you lock yourselves into a box that you can’t handle.

That’s the headline, which means the Alt gender community is looking for preferential treatment which spells discrimination against women and girls who are not gender confused. Do you think the world is already over-burdened with discrimination against girls/women? You have to pile your junk onto them too?

What constitutes anti-transgender? Exploiting another gender in favor of transgender? Exploiting women in sports by men claiming to feel like women on the inside, but obviously not on the outside?

Gender involves more than sex, somebody ought to tell the ALT gender community. There’s more to a woman than her vagina and more to a man than his penis.

They’re not being “blatantly transphobic”. Why use inflammatory words without first examining the WHY of introducing this legislation?

These are boys who haven’t had sex change operations that will alter their hormone ratios. What are the coaches going to do next, shoot them up with hormones? Teenagers? The biological girls get testosterone and the biological boys get estrogen? It’s not that simple.

Unless you’re going to allow all women to play all sports where men compete, you can’t discriminate against the non-transgender people, which is what the Alt gender community is doing.

• Aside: Every time I see the LBGTQ label I can’t help but think they’re leaving someone out, a lot of little gray areas. Why discriminate against your own with silly labels? Who can remember them all and in what order. Is there a hierarchy there? Looks like it. Whose decision was that? That acronym is way too long.

• You say you want to be accepted as normal which means not different, then you force all these individual labels onto everyone. Queer? Really? Last I heard queer was a gender slur. Oh, it’s okay if you use it but not anybody else? That’s the Brits talking again. They can’t stop categorizing, labeling, standardizing, name-calling. You include a gender slur in your box of acceptable acronyms, but no one but you can use it? That’s just plain thoughtless. Why because Jews and Blacks did it, you can too? It didn’t work for them – you don’t really know what people think.

Do biological boys claiming to be transgender want to compete in sports with all non-transgender girls? That’s strange. If they wanted to be with people like themselves, then they’d choose the transgender group to play with. The gender confused biological boys don’t want to play with gender confused biological girls, which would be the logical conclusion to this argument. They want to be with the non-confused people and not be noticed for being confused. Then why make a huge global issue of it?

The Brits are at it again – controlling the narrative, calling everything they don’t like on the planet hateful to force you to support their agenda.

That’s their strategy for change. To change their way, in support of that which they cannot help about themselves.

It’s a colonizing trick.

What is the sports agenda of a gender confused biological boy wanting to compete in non-confused girls’ sports? Where do the differences other than sex come into play when considering these demands?

If everybody should be able to play in any classification, then drop the sex labels altogether. Will hormone enhancement be allowed in high school?

Drop the classification of sex – not just for transgender people – for all people. That discrimination is so huge I wonder why the Alt gender community can’t see it? Because they want to participate in the discrimination where it benefits them.

Oh right…they don’t want to be called the biobigots they show themselves to be.

I’d say keep teenage boys out of the teenage girls shower rooms for everybody’s protection. They’re not yet mature enough to be making life altering decisions with their clothes off.

Clean up the rape rooms in Cleveland and every other city where what happens in gay bars stays in gay bars.

Oh, so it’s okay for gays to rape gays?

Guess we’ll see about THAT.

As long as nobody tells?

Somebody already started telling and that somebody told me. He wanted me to write about it. I didn’t hear from him again. Maybe he’s afraid of what will happen. He claims there’s a gay mafia in Cleveland. I believe it.

He’s Mexican. I believe that too.

His rapist is British/Jew or a Jew/Brit. My assessment, not his. I have a first name and where he works or did work prior to the Virus outbreak – written down on a piece of paper somewhere. He passed it to me twice.

There’s a firm intricate weave between English and Jewish. Not so much with the Hasidic Jews, since they inbreed and/or breed within their tribe/clan, whom the other Jews always hold up as being discriminated against when they need leverage for something they’re doing that isn’t accepted by the world community. Those are the tiny minority Jews of which they speak, when they speak of Jews – they leave out their own majority within their own group. Stunning. All the other multitude of Jews pretty much blend into their countries of origin, which is every country and territory/region on the planet.

Actually the Haisidic Jews discriminate against everybody not Jew, so if you’re going to blame those discriminated against for being anti-Hasidic Jew, then you’d have to look at who created that situation. The Hasidic Jews are anti-everyone not Hasidic.

All the other Jews are anti-everyone not Jew.

An accusation of anti-semitism is a Jewish trick to force nonJews into compliance with what they do, that the world finds offensive. Invade Palestine and those who oppose are anti-semitic. If you’re pointed out as being anti-semitic that’s a sign to other Jews to make your life a living hell. And they do. Occupy Palestine and those who oppose are anti-semitic.

Of course semitic includes Arabs. That’s the one time they use Arabs, for their hefty strength in numbers strategy to effect positive change for themselves and negative change for those they want to exploit.

‘We need it; we can’t change’ is their mantra. Now I’m hearing that same mantra from blacks in America and now gays in America. But the Brits are controlling the narratives which includes the Jew influence that weaves its threads through it all, well… prove it.

It’s designed so it can’t be proven and those who try are taken down suddenly while the world forgets their own troubles to focus on the walking talking writing holocaust museums that over-populate the media.

The Brits forced their ways onto the entire world through colonizing 90 percent of all the countries/regions. Then the Jews used the same strategy. Then the Blacks used it. Now the gays are using it. They invade the entire world by bringing the entire world to attention, then to their knees to forcibly hear the demands placed upon them, with the accompanying threats to their own survival.

They force onto the world their traits and habits that they feel or think they can’t change or just plain don’t want to change that causes the rest of the world discomfort. ‘We can’t help ourselves” is the only reason, justification, excuse they give. ‘You need to accept us how we are’. ‘You need to change for us, we can’t change for you’. Then when the world stands down, they incredulously say, ‘you let us do it; why didn’t you stop us?’

Well, when you discriminate against others in order to keep your bad habits, then you become the offending party. And you will be treated as such. Don’t expect compassion as you trample on everybody else’s rights.

Their strategies? False accusations, humiliations and threats to one’s family, careers and quality of life. Or they’ll poison or assassinate someone to terrorize the world into submission to their will.

The Jews have nuclear weapons, when they never should have been trusted with them. So what’s the big deal? They don’t want anybody else in the region to have them. That’s white supremacy in action.

I call Jews African. Palestine to me is in Northern Africa. Israel doesn’t claim a continent as home, because they want to eventually control them all. Why do you think people’s lives get ruined who speak that ‘world domination by Jew’ truth? Because they have people in place, people they own, who carry our their retribution deeds to get what they want. Land and power.

Jews are not Asian unless straggler Jews wandered there. They’re African. There are plenty of light-skinned Africans around the continent, especially in the north.

The only outstanding trait I see between Asians and Africans is their people-eating proclivities. Right now it’s happening.

Where’s the moral compass that points to not pumping teenage girls wanting to be boys with testosterone so they gain an advantage when competing against girls without gender confusion?

Stop trying to change all the non-gender confused people to fall in step with the gender confused, when it seeks to discriminate against the majority or minority. Discriminating against one category to make another category feel comfortable is wrong on every level.

Frankly I don’t think it has as much to do with discomfort in being who you are to the point of wanting to change your biology, as it does being a political pawn in the gay rights movement to increase their power by hitting a few people, groups and institutions on behalf of their underlings who lack the strength in numbers to get much of anything done, especially when it concerns opening up all restrooms to teenage girls and boys whether gender confused or not. One must wonder who was in that dream that confused people wanted to make come to life.

Again I say, stop using public or private restrooms as mini-hotel rooms. Gays are trying to change straight bars into gay bars which encourage sex in the restrooms. There the Brits go at it again. What is it with these Brits. Is it the thrill of strangers watching, that you can’t achieve at home or in a car? Stop trying to force your perverse exhibitionistic habits onto the entire world. Stop legislating restrooms and sports. Who needs laws except those who want to break existing practices of giving people privacy when they use restrooms? Restroom usage is not a public event – not a public-viewing event, so stop making it into one.

Historically, the world pitted men against men, women against women, and now perhaps a third class, ya? Trans against trans – put them all together so they’ll have enough to make up opposing teams, but not based on biology – just like you want, right? It can’t be based on biology, otherwise you contradict yourself, becoming a hypocrite on top of gender confused. Base it on the confused part.

Do these boys claiming to be girls have inferior muscle, speed and endurance attributes, because they think they’re really girls? Do girls who think they’re really boys, have superior physical attributes to match those claims?

• Generally speaking now, cutting off each end of the continuum to get a general rather than detailed view.

Better do it by race, since black Africans have a decided physical edge over non-Africans.

It looks like Gabbard is an athlete – anyone who can surf has superior athletic skills in my book. I’ve been to Hawaii, I saw what it takes. She also served in the military.

At this point letting men into women’s sports will ruin it for women, just like the blacks did with basketball and now they’re doing with football.

If the hormones didn’t decide the sex, then transgender people wouldn’t be given hormones to change their sex.

So why not give hormones to compliment their biological sex? If it’s not about hormones, then why the different levels of hormones in men vs women?

How did the Alt gender community come up with transgender? Does it mean gender-in-transition? Was that word made up by those seeking government to pay for sex change operations? That’s why they want transgender people in the military? Because the military doles out sex change operations for free?

My healthcare gets rationed and they get free nonessential surgeries when I need essential surgeries and I’m told ‘no, live with it’? Mine is about quality of life too. That’s healthcare discrimination set up by the USA government. It’s called preferential treatment that is also called privilege that you all claim not to have, which turns out to be a lie.

So after the surgery the transition is complete? No?

Well see, that’s the thing, the forever strategy that minority categories use to make their group super relevant forever. That’s how they fight the majority, by making the minority the majority by focusing on it more – and keeping at it. It’s the hyperbolic strategy. It’s flipping the switch trick they all use.

Gender confused girls and boys are too young to be exploited by the Alt gender political lobby. Stay away from the children. Let them be children. Stop the sexual indoctrination of children. They are not your play toys. They have parents and families. Leave them alone. They are not ripe for your picking.

Pedophiles abound in England. Now they’ve populated the entire world with pedophiliac behavior that the world will need to accept as normal if they want to survive and thrive alongside the terrorists who refuse to accept and take responsibility for their own behavior by pressuring others to accept these behaviors through harmful, terroristic maneuvers that could drive the world insane, so what does the world do?

That’s the purpose of the ‘blind eye’. Right there. That’s the only way the world can cope.

Blame it all on God or the one who resists being offended? Whatever makes you feel better as long as you allow us to separate your offending behavior from the rest of the population.

Your choice: lobotomy or jail?

It’s a trick question. Neither work. Prisons are filled with brainless sex offenders of all types.

How do we keep our children safe from sexual manipulation, sexual indoctrination? As long as there are Elton Johns in the world who think it’s okay?

We don’t. When they want your gender confused teenage boy or girl there is nothing you can do about it. The offenders will win; they have the skill set to flip your vulnerable child in whichever way the party needs them to flip at the time. Ask any offender priest, rabbi, minister, mullah how easy it is. They will ruin the lives of all your families because of their obsessive/compulsive need to control through manipulation the sexual development of young children – to be like them.

Ever notice how Brits call other Brits a pedo – anybody, whether it’s true or not? Short for pedophile. That’s one of those strategy tricks. Call everyone a person whose behavior society usually deems as offensive and then everybody is in the offending boat, which becomes normal by it’s statistical nature of including everyone.

Then the Brits start calling non-Brits pedos, also called pedophiles, drawing all non-Brits into their offensive behavior category, which turns the entire world into pedophiles and normal according to statistical analysis. The reality doesn’t matter; it’s the view of reality which language and strategies distort for agenda-driven purposes.

Statistics don’t measure pain, and yes the whole world can be wrong and the whole world can be engaged in behavior not considered normal by the individual mind of those who were subjected to mind control strategies. To what end? Does anybody really know? It always seems to end badly until someone comes a long, usually a Brit, to put a more palatable spin on it.

You’re asking the world to turn a blind eye to your own prejudice because the world owes you. Once again, the world owes no one. Correcting a prejudice with another prejudice is still discrimination, no matter what or who came first. Correct your own discriminatory behavior and harmful habits before you demand the world to fix what you can fix yourself.


Tulsi Gabbard Introduces Anti-Transgender Bill After Claiming To Be LGBTQ-Friendly

Dominique Mosbergen ·Senior Reporter, HuffPost Thu, December 10, 2020, 10:36 PM EST      

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) introduced legislation in the House on Thursday that would bar schools from receiving federal funding if they allow transgender girls and women and non-binary people to compete on sports teams consistent with their gender identities.

The bill — co-sponsored by Republican Rep. Markwayne Mullin of Oklahoma — was met with immediate outrage from transgender activists and allies who labeled the legislation “blatantly transphobic.”

The “Protect Women’s Sports Act” seeks to clarify that Title IX protections for female athletes are “based on biological sex,” Gabbard and Mullin said in a statement.

Title IX protects people from discrimination based on sex in educational programs that receive federal financial assistance. The new bill would bar schools from receiving such funds if they permit “a person whose biological sex at birth is male to participate in an athletic program or activity that is designated for women or girls.”

Source: Tulsi Gabbard Introduces Anti-Transgender Bill After Claiming To Be LGBTQ-Friendly

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