Recall Yahoo News Comment Section?

YAHOO News Discontinued Its Comment Section? Remember that?

A while back, Yahoo News cancelled their comment section that appeared after each article, when white people starting fighting back in response to Black Lives Terrorists and Antifa burning cities all over America terrorizing a nation in their homes, while they systematically destroyed lives and property, exploiting a pandemic spreading the virus in whatever city they chose to eviscerate.

Up until then, Yahoo’s writers were allowed extreme prejudice toward all white-colored people in any article about race. Yahoo writers took full advantage of the discriminatory practice without question, often times skewing the titles in favor of revenge discrimination toward white people, when the news itself may or may not have particularly supported it – making judgement after judgement after judgement – all against white people, white America and any other white place with white people on the planet. Whoa. Nobody could be that bad.

Guess they had a guilty conscience and rather than take the beating they deserved, they offered up a bunch of innocent white people for Blacks to cannibalize.

Blacks chose to raise up the criminal rather than the law-abiding citizen who supports and cares for their family. It was the trouble maker they wanted the world to respect as the poster person of their entire race.

Hey, I can’t speak for an entire race, but Blacks have no problem becoming every individual’s voice when it comes to defending criminal behavior. Only on that though. Only the criminal. Only the one who can’t fit into society, who refuses to follow rules of any kind by any one, who can’t get along with others, the rabble-rouser, jumping bean who can’t stand still or sit still for a minute without wanting to jump up and punch somebody.

Those, ‘the least of us’ is who they chose to raise up as representative of their race.

The remedy they presented on behalf of their poster person was a massive display of what anarchism (a world without rules) looks like. Chaos, total chaos. Destruction. Physical relief gained by hurting others was evident everywhere they struck. There was nothing positive that came from any of it nor that will come from any of it in the future. Kicking people in the head, when they’re down, whoa, how low can you go? What kind of people do that? Piling on even their own. What drugs were they given? Did anybody bother to inquire? You mean this is the way black people act where they live, everyday, they do this?

Why wasn’t anybody surprised at the display of super physical strength? Where does one get that? They can fly onto a truck? I can see maybe flying off of a truck, but onto a moving tractor trailer truck? A multiple wheeler truck?

So the entire black race raised as one voice wants criminal behavior by Blacks to be exonerated since they can’t help themselves? They don’t know how to stop? Do they have a conscience? So America must accommodate their danger-seeking proclivities by giving them whatever it is they want? Society must change to accept them the way they are?

What you’re saying is that they’re not smart enough to stay away from cops while in the commission of a crime? Then their families need to take better care of them. But the families won’t; they want the police officers to take care of them. Why do you think so many black women offer sexual favors to cops? So they’ll turn a blind eye to their kid’s behavior. These black mothers don’t want children, otherwise they would not be offering their bodies in exchange for favors to let their wayward kids off the hook. No decent mother would do that. For free?

It was time for the criminals to be heard and burning cities was the only way to do it, at least in the mind of the criminals wanting ‘get out of jail cards’, ‘don’t stop us while we’re in the middle of committing a crime’, ‘don’t tell us to halt and expect us to follow instructions’, ‘don’t arrest us if we trip and fall’, and yeah, ‘just basically let us police ourselves’.

With mafia African jungle justice we will take care of the really bad dudes. It’s not us, but them you want, so just let us do it. But in return we want amnesty, we need and deserve some kind of protection from prosecution. That’s the deal. Take it or leave it.

How many of ‘we’ are there? If you’re talking every black person in America, the answer is no. We don’t want homies fighting crime in the neighborhoods.

I live in Cleveland, I hear it. They want me to hear it. Whoever ‘they’ are. I don’t respond to air talk and they do a lot of it whenever I go. They’re on their own. If they can’t help themselves, except through hurting others, then there is no hope for those genes. I want no part in adjusting my morals to include their immorality.

Blacks for decades said they wanted to take care of their own, well do it and leave the peaceful people alone. You don’t own them. Making them fight for you through terror tactics is kidnapping, hostage-taking. Better read up on the laws that apply to everyone, black or white. There are lots of white people in jail. Not enough for your liking? That’s the point right there, that you would want more crime in the neighborhoods just to see more white people in jail. Everybody sees through your faulty logic but you.

Get the words right before you open your mouths.

ALL LIVES MATTER. You had too many turns to get it right and you exploited every single one of them to your benefit and to the detriment of everybody else.

Yahoo claimed they wanted a more enjoyable experience for their readers, yet they failed to address the reason for the malcontent: Prejudicial writers who force their views onto the public through somebody else’s news. Yahoo news means news, not opinion, yet to this day, long after they cancelled the comment section, prejudicial writers plague every story and headline.

What Yahoo meant by their sudden hiatus was they hoped black Americans would enjoy the experience of Yahoo beating up white people on their behalf, while giving white people no chance to respond.

White people never do get a chance to respond unless they’ve been coached by government forces working the bowels of all media outlets. What that means is they work for government forces. They’re operatives. They have histories they’re ashamed of, so the government exploits them and they become white puppets. I’ve seen a lot of them in Cleveland. The government allows them to commit petty crimes as long as they don’t get caught.

So blacks in America never have heard what ‘real white people’ think about anything. It’s the government talking back to you, not the white people. It’s the government controlling the narrative, saying what white people think. It’s all a lie. It’s their lie; it’s what the government wants you to think; they’re the voices behind the color white. White people, real white people, have no say in anything – ever.

Government voices behind the white faces, used to control your thoughts and opinions. So there it is, laid out right in front of you.

Real white people who dare to speak, get bigger, longer, harder beatings than any black voice. See, that’s the discrimination nobody tells you about. They want you to be satisfied with the white people they feed you, being the cannibals you claim to be. Yeah, they feed you your own people too, but very selectively. They know what you crave and it isn’t white meat.

As far as Yahoo News goes, they don’t support free speech unless it supports their agenda, therefore they are not a trustworthy news story organization.

Next thing you know, Yahoo will come out with an announcement stating: “You spoke and we listened”. Yeah right. That’s another lie. You see, they can’t help themselves either. “We’re here for you”. Yeah right, nobody wants you here for them. That’s another lie.

Stop lying.


They feel you.

No we don’t.

Think on it or not, it doesn’t phase me anymore.

Later gators,


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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