RE: Hondurans forming migrant caravan for US stopped in homeland

It looks like these so-called migrants are dressed for a community outing, masks and all, babies in strollers even, for a 1,125 mile trek to the Texas, USA border, demanding entry? Why not call before you leave to see if they’ll let you in? They just assume they will? They think pity will open the door after they throw their hatred at anything and anyone American – been doing it for years. Would you open a door to a professed enemy of all America? Open your door or we’ll huff and puff and blow your house down?

I wonder if Black Lives Terrorists and Antifa are planning on burning a few border towns on behalf of the migrants?

Why not go someplace closer? You know, where they speak their language at least. No money there. Where are the grandparents? They left them home alone to fend for themselves in the uninhabitable environment they’re leaving, for a better life without them?

Was this photoshopped or is this what the new child endangerment looks like. I’ll tell you right now, those stroller wheels won’t hold up for 1,125 miles no matter how smooth the terrain. Hope they have a bunch of money with them for water and food. Better not close their eyes at night while they sleep, otherwise they’ll wake up cashless.

The hurricanes are just another excuse. They’ve been doing this for years. Everybody sees the USA as one big ATM machine that’s theirs for the taking. Why would they even consider it during a pandemic?

Why don’t they work to rebuild what they claim they lost instead of packing up and abandoning their lives and their aged parents and grandparents. If they can stay and endure, better to have the entire family together to share the burdens.

Why do they always ask everybody else to solve their problems for them?

So this woman wants only milk for her boy. How does she suppose she’s going to get milk by walking all the way to the USA border, 1,125 miles away? Do you think there’s a better way to get milk than walking 1,125 miles for it? Child endangerment is what it is. They’re exploiting their own children, hoping the USA will have pity on them, when their own country doesn’t?

How about all the people suffering in America with lost jobs and inflated prices on everything that people need to survive? Many people are on lockdown and these Hondurans think they can just walk into this country unprotected and be welcomed with open arms? Where’s their compassion for the suffering Americans?

These caravan organizers need to be held accountable and stop herding their own people to other countries they want to dominate. These Hondurans sacrificing their own children in strollers are being used as political pawns by the organizers. Where do you think they’ll get jobs once over the border to support themselves?

Americans lost their jobs and now Hondurans have this brainy idea to flip the border in their favor by offering to work at slave wages? That’s an insult to every American.

Stop selling yourselves. We don’t want slaves in our country. Go elsewhere.

Stay home and take care of your grandparents and parents. Build your life where you are, not in somebody else’s backyard.

Joe Biden isn’t going to let them in and take jobs away from Americans, then flip them to lower wage jobs for Hondurans. Is he?

Americans are desperate. There are not enough jobs for Americans and now Biden wants to transplant Honduras into America so the American government can take care of the Honduran people?

Americans can’t even get a stimulus check and now Biden is going to throw that money at Hondurans who exploit children for profit? If that’s what they think, somebody put that into their heads.

Tell the cartels to take care of the people in the countries where they’re allowed to operate. Start with the ones they displace from their homeland. Of course if truth be told, Honduras isn’t a homeland any more than America is the homeland of Americans. The conquistadors were from Spain not America. So the Hondurans on their way to the USA border are not natives.

This isn’t about a hurricane. That’s what the Red Cross does. The Red Cross helps in disasters. The USA isn’t the Red Cross. So you went to the wrong people. You knocked on the wrong door.

How much money have the cartels operating through the Americas donated to the Red Cross? Now is a good time.

Bring your people back, treat them with respect, raise them up so they can support their families. Make Honduras a place people want to visit. If you’re part of the fabric, then make that fabric strong, resilient and trustworthy.

If you can’t stop killing people and terrorizing them so they flee, somebody is going to drop a bomb on your operation and be done with it. It doesn’t matter how many American politicians you pay off to look the other way. Somebody always knows who they are and where you live.

A trek, means using your legs and feet as a vehicle, a walk, a hike, a climb. Not a train, bus and ship ride. Hitching a ride isn’t the same as walking 1,125 miles with little children in tow. 

Given that tabloid news agencies want to portray a lie rather than the truth makes every other word or impressions they write suspect. That’s how fake news originates. One false observation and it blows the rest of it away.

Anyone who has ever walked knows the blisters incurred after just 5 miles. But to claim these super human people are going to walk 1,125 miles with little kids, carrying all their baggage is laughable. How stupid do these writers think the readers are? It’s not even close. 

Last year they did the same thing, told everybody they were walking. Well it’s not a total lie; they had to walk to the bus stop, or be picked up by a truck and taken to a train station. But is that what news outlets want to be known for? Stretching the truth till it breaks?

At the same time previous caravaners were making their trek from South America or somewhere very far away, south of the USA border, I was told that my senior transportation ride would not be able to pick me up outside the doctor’s office. There were too many people wanting rides. I, of course, made my appointment in advance, so don’t know why I would be pushed off the list to make room for someone who hadn’t made an appointment, but it happened.

I had been in the hospital with what they said was sepsis and pneumonia, almost died, would have if I hadn’t sought medical care when I did. Looking back I think it was coronavirus/covid-19, that supposedly hadn’t hit the USA yet. Steve got it too, in fact everyone in our apartment building got it. I was tested for flu and it wasn’t that.

Anyway here I am weaker than I thought I should have been, trying to figure out the buses from Fairview hospital and how to get home. I didn’t have money for an Uber, but I had a bus pass. There was no one around that I could ask which way the buses ran. I was so weak I could hardly think straight. So I started walking and got down to a main street that looked familiar, then continued walking. All the way, pushing myself like I have never done. I can do this. But my feet. Oh my God the pain on my soles, stinging, blisters, like the skin was being ripped off, felt raw with every step.

I made it. Just barely. Steve was out front waiting for me at the corner. I could hardly speak, my body and feet sending me massive signals to stop walking. Seven miles I walked, stopping once for a sip of water at a local tavern and to pee.

A few days later the skin started peeling off the soles of my feet in sheets. So when I heard all those Spanish people walking over a thousand miles with no foot complaints, no blisters, I new somebody was lying. And I knew I couldn’t trust anything that came out of any news outlet on the topic, since they all ran the same story about these immigrants walking all the way from Central America, South America, who knows what they called it. Honduras, yeah, like that’s the only country all these immigrants/migrants were walking from.

Do you see how the fake news develops? They want the reader to trust what they say, but then they lie and fact-check everybody but themselves. This isn’t an occasional occurrence; it’s the way everybody in the media slants the news – by huge omissions, hyperbole, or downright judging the facts for us, which is always prejudicial in a negative sense. 

Their titles often sound like little children tattle-taling, running to Mommy with what somebody did or said, exaggerating what really happened.

Are they really looking for jobs or did they hear about the stimulus checks being held up by congress, maybe for them? Guess they’ll see what happens. Do they think the American people don’t need those checks? Who gave them those signals about the stimulus checks?

What America doesn’t need are more mouths to feed, thousands more mouths needing food, shelter, medical care and living expenses. Do they speak English? If not they’ll need to work for Spanish speaking companies or be handled/owned by Spanish speaking bosses. Sounds Of Slavery. Will the Democrats support slavery now? How about the Republicans? Neither calls it that? 

What don’t they understand about the USA not wanting slaves?

Yeah, then the slaves grow up and form a terrorist organization to take over the country. The new and improved Antifa? 

It’s a hustle and these migrants who think they can pick fruit in the winter and work at the slaughter houses, that are going out of business soon, will be back on the road – all points south – unless Canada lets them in. Otherwise they’ll be somebody’s burden who doesn’t want that burden on top of everything else people in a pandemic have to cope with. They’re not thinking of anyone but themselves.

To leave the elders to fend for themselves in an uninhabitable environment (according to them) is elder endangerment. What kind of people do that?

I hope they didn’t give away their life savings yet. It costs a lot of money per head to be escorted to the USA border. Somebody’s making money.

Spain needs to stop colonizing like Britian did. Spain says they’re not. I say, they’re your people, your blood, they’re colonizing just like you did, so that’s on you. Tell them to stop. Isn’t Spain their mother/father country? Isn’t Mexico, Central/Latin America, South America enough for the Spaniards? They want the USA and Canada too? When they say they don’t, their actions prove they do.


Hondurans forming migrant caravan for US stopped in homeland


SAN PEDRO SULA, Honduras (AP) — Hundreds of Hondurans trying to start a new caravan to reach the U.S. border were stopped by Honduran security personnel Thursday before they even reached the border with neighboring Guatemala.

The Honduran police and immigration agents asked their countrymen to show travel documents and proof of negative coronavirus tests, which none appeared to have.

Many of the migrants said that two recent hurricanes had devastated their homes or livelihoods, and they set out late Wednesday on a trek toward Guatemala, Mexico and the U.S. border. Last week, Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández himself visited Washington and warned of possible food shortages as a result of the storms.

The roughly 600 men, women and children had gathered Wednesday night in the northern city of San Pedro Sula and began walking along a dark highway toward the border with Guatemala. But as they approached the border crossing at Agua Caliente, the Honduran agents said they couldn’t continue without documents.

“What do we have to return to?” migrant Angela Castellano asked one of the Honduran agents. Castellano set out with her baby and her husband for the United States, after her husband lost his job at a banana plantation.

“I lost everything, my child’s passport, his clothes, everything. It’s not fair they’re doing this to us,” Castellano said as she wept. “I tell my boy, ‘I have no home, I have no food to give you.’ He just cries for milk.”

About 150 migrants sat on the roadside leading to border crossing, wondering how they could continue their journey. Hurricanes Eta and Iota hit within weeks of each other, causing widespread flooding in Honduras.

“There is nothing, my brother, we lost everything,” said José Samuel Reyes, a resident of San Pedro Sula, the country’s industrial hub and the area hardest hit.

Hernández last week traveled to the U.S. to seek help from the Trump administration, warning that his country is on the brink of food shortages as a result of the back-to-back hurricanes that triggered massive crop loss and paralyzed the economy.

The faces of the would-be migrants reflected that despair.

“We are going here only with what the hurricane left us,” said Edgardo Calderón, who said he was setting out with part of his family to the U.S. “to see what happens.”

According to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, more than 4.3 million Central Americans, including 3 million Hondurans, were affected by Hurricane Eta alone. Those numbers only rose when Iota, another Category 4 storm, hit the region.

While some caravans in 2018 and 2019 made it to the U.S. border, the most recent attempts have routinely been stopped. In October, security forces in neighboring Guatemala turned back another large group of Hondurans who tried to abandon their country.

In addition to the hurricanes, families from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador are seeking to flee economic devastation caused by the coronavirus pandemic as well as chronic problems of violence and poverty.

After slowing for the past year, apprehensions of migrants on the southwestern U.S. border began to rise in September and were up more than 50% in October from the previous year, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection data.

The victory of Democrat Joe Biden in the U.S. presidential election has raised expectations that he could soften immigration policy.

However, none of that means that the journey north is easier. The possibilities of reaching the United States or even Mexico are slim due to mobility restrictions imposed against the pandemic and the strengthening of immigration controls that were put in place since 2019 in both Mexico and Guatemala due to pressure from the Trump administration.

Source: Hondurans forming migrant caravan for US stopped in homeland

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