White Flight?

White flight isn’t racism as Michelle Obama claims.

When somebody moves into the neighborhood, a newcomer, then begins to trash it, others already there don’t like it. Then when more trashers move in, before you know it, the entire neighborhood looks like a ghetto.

White people don’t move because they’re racists. White people move because they can’t change the bad habits of black people who trash their environment.

When white people move into a well-kept white neighborhood, it’s understood that they keep their space neat and clean. Many Blacks don’t share the same aesthetics, so they dump where they live, which forces white people out.

It’s the Blacks who force the Whites out. When even more Blacks move in, they begin wanting the neighborhood for themselves, acting like they own it, trying to duplicate the mafia wherever they reside – they own streets and corners. Nobody feels safe.

By Blacks acting out, it gets the white people out. Don’t ask Whites to lower their standards for Blacks. That’s discrimination. Don’t block a white person’s right to move out of a bad neighborhood. That’s enslavement.

Michelle Obama is the racist who wants to shame white people into living where they’re not comfortable or welcome. They were the ones pushed out, not the other way around.

How do you get white people to move out where black people want to live?

Leave your trash all over the place. Don’t keep up the property and make lots of noise at all hours of the night. That’ll do it. A few gun shots and screams of rape will help.

It’s a hustle. It’s black racism. Michelle Obama knows it.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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