RE: Jill Biden appears to respond to column urging her to drop the ‘Dr.’ title

RE: Jill Biden appears to respond to column urging her to drop the ‘Dr.’ title

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 12.15.2020

In the classroom and in formal academic settings, yes call her Dr. But beyond that, calling her Dr. Jill or Dr. Biden looks arrogant, like she’s shoving her superiority into people’s faces, or maybe more accurately, the ones who came out and ‘fought’ on her behalf (when there wasn’t a fight to begin with) were shoving her superiority into people’s faces for her. So now she’s got a Hit Squad?

At school when passing a colleague in the hall, does the colleague call her doctor or does she do the same for others who have their doctorate? Not everybody knows what everybody’s education level is, even when you work with them.

If I have friends with doctorate degrees I don’t call them doctor. If I have friends with masters and bachelor degrees I don’t call them master or bachelor.

I wonder why she would want people to preface her name with Dr. when it isn’t clear to many people doctor of what?

When I went to Smith College, many years ago, many professors had doctorates and many did not. No one was allowed to preface their name with Dr. to the students – men or women. They thought it set up a hierarchy that wasn’t particularly helpful in an academic setting.

If you were teaching at Smith College everybody knew you were smart and driven. Lots of people can’t afford the time or money it requires to get a doctorate.

Unless Ms. Biden is speaking or acting in the capacity of academics I think it’s a good idea to call her by her formal name.

I don’t think the columnist was being sexist to ask that question. If he had asked whether she would be called Ms. or Mrs. I don’t think that’s a sexist question either.

Some of these Hollywood women who responded I say to them, do you think co-stars, casting directors et al would have sexually exploited them if they had the word doctor in front of their name? No one should get more respect because they had the time and money to achieve that goal.

It doesn’t matter the reasons behind the columnist’s wondering if she was going to demand that people call her doctor or if he was seemingly giving advice to drop it and be the people’s First Lady.

Given that she’s not going to live at the White House and is going to keep her teaching job (according to news reports), I wonder if maybe she should drop the title of First Lady, since she appears not to be respecting the role the country thought she would play when they voted for her husband. It seems selfish and arrogant not to fully engage.

I wonder what her students are thinking about now that she essentially is working two jobs. I think she sets a bad example for the young men and women of this country. It seems like she doesn’t want to venture out of the classroom where she’s most comfortable – not unlike women wanting to stay in the kitchen and let their husbands run things.

I kinda have to laugh at all the democrats crawling all over social media calling anyone whom they thought might vote for Donald Trump or anyone who didn’t openly hate him, a cunt and I didn’t hear anyone complain about it. I did. I think a Republican calling a Democrat kiddo, is not a gender slur and is not newsworthy. He probably felt comfortable enough with her to do that.

Isn’t that what she wants, for the people to be comfortable with her?

I don’t think the people who voted for her husband, thought she was going to be a part-time First Lady.

I personally don’t care what she calls herself, except First Lady.

I’m hoping she doesn’t follow in the footsteps of Michelle Obama who spent eight years complaining about raising two girls in the White House on late night television shows. High-powered executive is what David Axelrod called her before her husband was elected. What we saw was an insufferable sulking, chronic complainer, who just couldn’t be happy about anything. She’s still bitter.

I think in the future the people have a right to know if the wife or husband of a candidate is going to be an absentee First Lady or First Sir. What an opportunity a woman or man has and then to just throw it all away and disrespect the position and the privilege to serve the entire nation by keeping your day job.

She’d rather keep her old job and can’t stop talking about it. How about talking about what you’re going to do in the new job, besides not accept the title of First Lady, because that’s what those actions taken translate to most people.

Her students graduate don’t they? I find it hard to believe that her students would want her to hang back with them. It’s almost like, well she’s been Second Lady before so it’s no big deal and she can handle all the jobs public and private. It’s like she doesn’t want to graduate.

It’s a big deal to a lot of people that the country have a full-time First Lady – in the White House. To women in particular it’s a big deal. How about all those women who work two jobs? No one really thinks they want their First Lady to do the same do they? Only privileged people would think like that.

Add to that the Secret Service nightmare of keeping her safe all the while she’s at school and back and forth with a bunch of students and unknowns. Each semester new ones come in and if she’s going to be with them, they need to be vetted? I’m beginning to think she’s not thinking this through. It just seems like she’s putting herself and everyone around her at risk and is enjoying doing that.

Some said this story never would have been written if it had been a man in question. I say yes it would have. The media has already war-gamed what would be the duties of a First Sir or what to call him and how would he fit in. It’s been out there. If Biden dies, we have a woman president and what will her husband do? I think that needs to be looked at and worked on – the responsibilities of First Lady or First Sir. The world has changed and those positions need to change with it. Not showing up for First Lady duties because you have to go to school should not be one of them. I thought she wanted to be First Lady.

This willy nilly approach to the most important person to the President is in my view irresponsible and disrespectful to the position and to the person in it.

If they’re going to sit in their parlor all day watching television and eating ice-cream, well that’s an affront to the position and the level to which the American people raised up this individual to work on their behalf. Or if they insist on keeping their day job and put the job as First Lady second, then I say it’s selfish. It’s inappropriate that they don’t think enough of this country to work at it full-time. The American people put their trust in both husband and wife.

Maybe Jill Biden should want to be called First Lady instead of doctor – at least for the four years she’s in the White House.

Regarding Hillary Clinton? I think she should back off. She’s done enough harm in dividing this country for four years. I’m hoping she doesn’t do it for another four.

Source: Jill Biden appears to respond to column urging her to drop the ‘Dr.’ title

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