RE: What Country Am I Living In?

The Telegraph

Supermarkets to implement rationing within 24 hours of a run on essential goods being detected

12.16.2020 Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

At first I thought this was in the United States. It’s evidently in Britain. I wonder why most of the articles on Yahoo news are on Britain? I want to hear what’s going on in the USA first. Most days I feel like I’m LIVING in Britain.

They talk more about the president and politics of the USA than they do their own Boris Johnson, at least in the news articles I scroll. There aren’t that many British news outlets, yet it seems they all digitally transmit internationally, which includes the USA.

I think we’ve been invaded. So, it wasn’t Russia who flipped the USA presidential election in favor of Donald Trump; it was Britain!?

They’re all over social media like social pests, minding everybody’s business for them and against them. They’re the ones calling everybody pricks, dicks, cunts and twats. They’re the kings and queens of tabloid/fake/hyperbolic news and they spread it like contagions. To whose benefit? Obviously theirs. But ‘for the world’s good’ is how they would put it.

The writer doesn’t say where the rationing is happening in the title, so anyone looking, would think it’s where they live. Like me, I’m in the USA; I thought it was here.

Regardless, it might be prejudicial to say ‘supermarkets in the UK’, so they make you guess and read on. Crafty trick to make one read. British strategy – making one think they live in Britain, so they’ll care about British news? And then what? Who knows or cares? They do.

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