RE: ‘Stand your ground’ bill passes Ohio General Assembly, heads to Gov. Mike DeWine –

[Under existing Ohio law, people are justified in using deadly force in self-defense so long as they aren’t the aggressor, believe they are in imminent danger of death or great bodily harm, and are in their home or vehicle.

The amendment would remove the “home or vehicle” requirement, and instead state that the defendant need only be in a place where they lawfully have the right to be.]

12.21.2020 Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


Frankly I was stunned to hear that the democrats didn’t want to give victims the right to fight for their life and instead supported the criminals who were threatening them.

They blame the victim by saying, ‘you should have run, you shouldn’t have responded, you shouldn’t have talked back, a whole bunch of what the victim should of or shouldn’t of done.’ But no talk about what the offender should of or shouldn’t of done.

That to me was gross discrimination against the one being attacked in favor of those committing the crimes, which didn’t deter criminals, but encouraged them, knowing in advance that the law would protect the aggressor and blame the victim for allowing it to happen.

How backwards can people be?

Democrats?? I’m still shocked. How many rights are they going to take away from the victims in favor of the ones committing the attacks?

In the present anti-white climate in Ohio and other places, people need a right to defend themselves wherever they are.

Antifa takes note. If the governor vetoes this Bill 175 he will be opening the door to Antifa and every other domestic terror organization whose purpose it is to destroy lives and property through terror.

They can’t let the criminals run the city, county, state or country. That’s what the cartels do south of the border, that’s what Black Lives Terrorists want, and now we’re doing it right here.

Before they had to be actually in the car or in the house. Well, if I have a gun, I won’t let them get that far. Why should they have all these protections with no laws against the perpetrator?

The cops don’t come out anymore, so people are on their own.

My alarm system went off for 10 minutes the other day and I didn’t receive as much as a call or a text and I’m supposedly hooked up to the police department.

Everything gets put on the victims. Shame on the democrats and some republicans for discriminating once again against the victims of crime. How dare you take our right to respond away.

Back down like cowards, that’s what they legislated for people victimized to do, by law, otherwise they have no recourse in the courts.

That’s not how you treat a bully. Stand your ground is all they understand.

ARTICLE: ‘Stand your ground’ bill passes Ohio General Assembly, heads to Gov. Mike DeWine –

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