Veganism vs Plant Based

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12.21.2020 Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


What does whole food have to do with veganism? Nothing. It’s either made from animals or it isn’t. There should be no debate, but this is what happens when people want to form a group and they begin analyzing it to death.

There’s room for everybody at every level of participation.

We seem to have this need as humans to divide and label to the point of watering down the animal rights message. It’s about the animal not being enslaved, tortured, slaughtered.

People were brought up to believe it was their right, that animals didn’t feel pain, so we exploited them for human purposes.

Everybody has ethics regarding some things and degrees regarding others. Many vegans are not ethical when they use or consume a product that contains an animal, yet it happens often; every day we vegans eat or consume or benefit from the enslavement, torture and slaughter of animals who do not belong to us. I’m not talking about stepping on an ant.

Veganism and animal rights is a very large tent. Everybody is invited no matter their political beliefs.

Protesting oppression can be done in many ways, whatever suits the individual, not the group. Once you put a group label on it, then it becomes exclusive. There should be nothing private about animal rights, which includes human rights of course.

But because one doesn’t agree with another one on a particular topic, to throw them out is counter to what liberation is all about. It includes everybody, yes even those you may not like or agree with.

Hey, I think that vegetarian should not include eggs and dairy; it means vegetation. Eggs and milk, chickens and cows don’t have roots. But the world for whatever reason accepts that definition of them being vegetation. Why? Because some vegan decided the diet was too rigid and included eggs and milk because nobody had to die for it?

Shut down dairy, shut down poultry farms, shut it all down. We waste time obsessing on labels and putting people into ‘us and them’ groups – even within the animal rights realm, most of whom consume without guilt the animals they also protect.

Even Jane Goodall ate animals her whole life, yet she is raised up by the community as an animal rights advocate, because she studied them in their own habitat.

We are not nearly where we need to be on respecting the right of animals to survive and thrive, so welcome everybody no matter how small the contribution appears, it will become larger if nourished and not slapped down for not being enough.

~ Chef Davies-Tight

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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