Trump Gives Who A Pass? Is He Allowed?

12-22-2020 Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

Former CIA chief: Trump realizes Russia helped him so he gives them a pass

CNN Mon, December 21, 2020, 8:08 PM EST

Former CIA director John Brennan and CNN’s Kate Bolduan discuss President Trump’s repeated denials that Russia interfered in the 2016 election.

Sharon’s COMMENT:

The CIA knows all about helping people get elected via political coups all over the world. So if I were this Brennan guy I wouldn’t be bragging about something he knows nothing about.

People appointed by political figures to head the CIA don’t have the keys to the CIA’s Kingdom Of Knowledge Of Operations.

Donald Trump is the only president I ever heard of who stood up to the largest terror organization in the world – the very people who on cable news take credit for killing someone’s dog, even though they claim not to have done it. So they watched while someone else did it and stood down. That’s the CIA. They have a torture museum they brag about, but the public can’t see it. Torture for profit.

  • “Since the museum cannot be visited by the public, the CIA Museum has partnerships with Presidential Libraries and other major museums and institutions to develop public exhibitions dedicated to understanding the craft of intelligence and its role in the broader American experience.”
  • Notice how they refer to torture as craft?

Whatever comes out of the CIA via cable news shows is misinformation designed to benefit the USA and hurt somebody else or some other country. The CIA stood down for years letting Israel decimate Palestine and its people, turning a blind eye to their nuclear weapons program they claimed to know nothing about, while using the enslavement and torture of Palestinians as a psychological weapon against Iran.

Most of those hackers everybody talks so loosely about, but nobody catches or prosecutes are Russian Israelis who defected to Israel for free property stolen from the Palestinians. Not property nobody was using, but property with homes and people living in those homes, razed by decree of the United Nations every time a Palestinian popped because Israel needed another house to give away to a Russian Jew. Everybody out. That’s the law of the United Nations. You blow yourself up, we get your house and the land it stands on. Your house belongs to the Jews now.

Of course they use Russian made apparatus with Russian codes; they’re from Russia. These Israeli Russian Jews who claim Palestine as their homeland are probably in your spam box right now.

The CIA must consider the American people really stupid to think a few or many ads on Facebook, the social sewer of the planet, could convince millions of people to jump their party. Even so, it is their right to do so as a citizen of the USA, where we are supposed to be free to vote for whomever we choose, not who the CIA chooses for us or who Russia or Israel chooses for us.

Britain has a larger footprint in all matters political around the globe than any other institution.

John Brennan has no idea what “Trump realizes”. You mean all this time the director of the CIA was a closet clairvoyant? All Brennan knows is that the tables turned and Russia had about as much influence as an advertisement for bottle openers for twist off caps, on both table turning occasions – when Hillary lost and then when Trump lost.

Stop torturing people and dogs. Free the Palestinians. Get the Jews off of stolen property. And don’t ever tell me who to vote for. The only stupid people are those who hide in terror organizations, thinking they’re safe from prosecution for crimes against humanity. Mob justice is alive and well around the globe thanks to the work of the CIA, and MOSSAD.

Why does the CIA put this retired CIA hack out on international news shows, seen around the world discussing what Trump wouldn’t know anyway? To whose benefit?

They’re hoping he sticks his foot in his mouth, even if it’s by mistake, and possibly say something that implicates himself, not Russia.

When Trump was running for president he had no idea the workings of spy and torture institutions. Why would he? Nobody has that type of inside knowledge, not even the CIA.

You mean the CIA is so stupid that they thought the world would never know that they’re the ones who orchestrated that witch hunt against Trump? Maybe they’d better spend their time looking at Hunter Biden, a drug addict controlled by foreign entities, whose father is now the president.

Boy, that’s a GOTCHA if I ever saw one.

For Trump to come out now and say that Russia fraudulently and illegally interfered with 2016 elections would implicate Trump. If the CIA doesn’t know it, then Trump wouldn’t. The CIA doesn’t care about the truth, only the result they want – be it the truth or not.

Remember, the CIA orchestrates coups. They’re expert at it.

Trump is a patriot, not a traitor.

Why doesn’t the CIA tell Americans all the properties they own and control, many in the food, beverage, transportation and hotel and resort industries? Did you know that at any of these properties they can kill by food poisoning anybody they want out of the way?

There’s one right down the street, in fact they’re all over Cleveland – on behalf of Jews not Blacks. Everywhere Jews go Mossad and CIA have a presence. Just a few weeks ago I heard the cook say to a bartender, “I’m going to poison her” as if he wanted it to be heard. I turned to look and he was looking at me.

Now maybe he didn’t mean me, maybe he looked at me because I turned around. But he was acting angry at me for some reason. Maybe he was back on drugs and wanting money. About a week later my green beans had a chemical taste; I sent them back and later received a call at home from a different bartender saying I wasn’t the only one; this other guy said the same thing, had a fit over it in his marinara sauce. Supposedly they tracked the source to a large steamer pot that hadn’t been rinsed after being soaked in cleaning chemicals. But it wasn’t just the steamer, since marinara sauce isn’t steamed in the same pot green beans are steamed in. Marinara sauce isn’t steamed period.

Do I really believe that? At one point she wondered why I would eat it if it didn’t taste right? She tasted it too and spit it out. I thought my taste buds might be off, everything tasting like chemicals. Steve thought it was fine, but then he was eating something else when he tasted a small piece. Besides, I sent them back after a few nibbles. I also wouldn’t automatically think that if the green beans tasted like chemical that somebody intentionally tried to poison me. Till I remembered what the cook said the time before.

Maybe the green beans were meant for somebody else? No. They’re called Sharon’s Green Beans. They’re made for me. I’ve never heard of anybody else ordering them.

They’re not good people, the CIA. They do horrible deeds that always get covered up. The time to end these secret torture sites and organizations that torture and kill with impunity – American citizens or not – is now.

“No, no, we’re helping you, we’re making you better” as they proceed with the incessant battering to make me change my will, so they own it. Slaves, that’s their business. They want and need slaves. They are against anybody or any organization that supports the abolition of slavery. Some slaves get paid a lot of money for being their voice out front in the media.

A lot of those voices are British. They’re no different. A lot of Chinese work for the CIA. People without a conscience, who can kill their own family, or poison a patron in a restaurant with ease.

The operatives are different from the agents. The operatives are all alcohol, drug and sex addicted individuals with issues and problems because of the issues. A lot of them die. They had a death sentence on their back anyway from all their perversions and excesses. The CIA dumps them like trash.

It’s a sick organization; they all are. Secret prisons, secret nuclear capabilities. So the CIA owns Israel. That’s their footprint in the Middle East. The British stands down in matters the CIA wants to control. The British are big fence sitters, watching both sides, all sides. Makes one wonder how they were able to colonize all those countries and territories, sitting on the fence like they do? The USA says jump and Britain says how high? Just don’t make it look like we did it.


Oh, and just so you know, Trump can’t give a foreign country a pass on something he knows nothing about – especially in the area of national security. You mean the entire country of Russia? The Russian government? Which department? The president of Russia? Russia is a buzz word that would not hold up in a court of law – anywhere.

It’s used to make Americans and everybody else listening hate Trump and hate Russia and Russians. If you want to know where hate comes from, look to the terror institutions all over the world. They manufacture hate like chewing gum. The problem for them is, everybody likes it till it loses its flavor and they spit it out.

Accelerationism is upon us.

Hm-m-m GUM. Where have I heard that reference before? Shoes. Oh, that’s the FBI. Gum shoes. Who made up that name for FBI street walkers?

Former CIA chief: Trump realizes Russia helped him so he gives them a pass

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