RE: Michelle Obama Reflects On “Wreckage” at the Capitol: “I Hurt for Our Country”

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 1.8.2021

How could anyone believe anything coming out of this person’s mouth when she described the burning of businesses and destroying of lives while terrorizing an entire country into submission to her people’s will as “the summers peaceful protests”?

Another headline stating proTrump mob was dangerous, implying proDemocrat protests weren’t. In fact they wouldn’t even call them mobs. The burning of city after city calculating every move was called peaceful by all those who participated and all those who supported it. A city is as important as the capitol. CITIES MATTER Michelle Obama.

  • Somebody made a lot of money in rebuilding contracts in all those cities.

All mobs are dangerous no matter what one calls them, no matter who participates.

Trump called for reconciliation after D.C. riots surrounding the capitol.

Pelosi said, “protest more” in response to Black Lives Terrorists burning businesses and destroying lives in Portland, Oregon demanding preferential treatment for the allocation of funds and services.

Remember this: All those mob rallies by democrats vs republicans contained the opposition within the mobs, not as onlookers but as instigators.

Remember when Hillary accused Trump’s people as being disruptive at her rally? Maybe they were, maybe not. One thing’s for sure neither side misses an opportunity to make their point against the other. Well, it worked both ways.

Michelle Obama hates this country and all it stands for; she even hated being First Lady; trust that she is not hurting for any of it.

She’s in denial and that denial has made her lose her objectivity.

Not once did she or her husband or Nancy Pelosi publicly condemn those attacks, that devastated millions of Americans.

Michelle Obama Reflects On “Wreckage” at the Capitol: “I Hurt for Our Country”



Michelle Obama calls on Silicon Valley to permanently ban Trump and prevent platform abuse by future leaders

Now this is someone who claims to love America, but doesn’t support free speech a right of every American, under the 1st Amendment To The Constitution: Freedom of religion, speech, and the press; rights of assembly and petition.

So she wants to change the constitution. I wonder if her husband, being a constitution lawyer, would support that? It sounds like Black Lives Terrorists are working to control the press and all communication rights that don’t support her coup against the government, the populace and all important people.

Just so you know, no where does it say that burning cities is peaceful in the Constitution.

She does nothing as First Lady, and now wants to control the flow of public information. How does she define future leaders? She needs to think before she speaks. Every time she speaks it’s about white people and it’s never complimentary. It’s always aggressive and dictatorial. That’s a tell. It’s always in favor of another group, hers. That’s another tell.

Michelle Obama seems to be okay with hate, as long as it’s directed at the people Black Lives Terrorists hate.

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