RE: British Writers: Take Your Medicine And Move On

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight – I’m a little late getting this posted, but it’s still relevant to me.


Donald Trump urges Mike Pence to block Joe Biden’s election victory in Congress

Ben Riley-Smith

The Telegraph

Mon, January 4, 2021, 11:14 PM EST

[Donald Trump has called on his vice president Mike Pence to intervene to incorrectly hand him a second term in the White House as his baseless claims of mass voter fraud dominated a rally in Georgia meant to boost Senate candidates there.

The US president doubled down on his refusal to accept defeat to Joe Biden in his first sentences at the podium on the airport tarmac in Dalton on Tuesday, saying of his presidential record: “I had two elections. I won them both. It’s amazing.”]

My Comment: Why do British writers care so much about Donald Trump? One might think they have their hands full with their own Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.

And why are they such petty writers? 

‘Donald Trump told Mike Pence to intervene to incorrectly hand him a second term in the White House?’ I don’t think Donald Trump would be admitting to that.

‘Then supposedly Ben Riley-Smith claimed that Donald Trump told Mike Pence that his claims were baseless?’ I don’t believe he’d be saying that either.

Where do these writers come from? And why the rush to prejudge for the reader such fuzzy interpretations? If it’s opinion, save it for the body of the article. It appears that these British writers think the reader is so stupid that they can’t form their own opinions, or they’re such control freaks that they can’t stand the fact that the reader might not think along the same vein as the writer. 

Be careful with that. Not everything goes as you might want it to. Donald Trump and the entire world suffered through four torturous years of denial by the democrats that his election was valid. To this day, democrats don’t recognize his win in 2016.

So I say, a little tit for tat theatre now before the deed is done is what’s good for the world who had to endure the obstinance of the democrats refusing to accept Donald Trump as the legitimate president of the USA. What surprises me is that the British don’t see their own plank.

Personally I think outsourcing the USA news to the British was a huge mistake. They’re not honest writers and they have a lot of displaced anger from centuries of failed colonialism. One can see their attempt to colonialize the news in everything they write. 

They’re like the Jews telling the world to let them write their history books for them. Yeah, right. The Brits go straight to current events and alter them before anyone even knows what happened. In how many countries do they do that, or is it just in the most powerful nation on earth, which is not Britain by the way?

For years I wondered why Britain knows the news of America before Americans know it. I guess that’s the answer. Somebody in the USA outsourced it to them. Who though? And why? Americans don’t know how to write their own news? Why would any country hand over such an important institution to a foreign entity? 

Of course Brits are the kings and queens of tabloid trash news, only now they clean it up a bit and try to pass it off as journalism. You can’t get that stink out of it though; it’s in the DNA of British writers. They don’t know how to wash it out. It’s sort of like trying to make respectable actors out of porn stars. Every time they open their mouths to speak, it’s like they’re positioning their mouths to receive something.

“Baseless claims”? Nobody knows they’re baseless and so what – until the last vote is counted, or did you Brits forget about our democracy where every vote counts? Yeah, I suppose having a monarchy, those things are not so important to the British. Maybe they should demand recounts to get it right in their own elections, instead of relying on tradition to bring someone to power.

Could anybody actually trust the Brits to count anything accurately? Or to report on anything accurately? I also used to wonder why there were so many people with British accents peppering cable news in the USA? Most of the time they hide it, which tells you something sinister is going on.

What happened to Hollywood USA? The same thing. Britain colonized it. How many times did we see actors receive American awards only to hear their British accent for the first time? Coup after British coup.

I know, I know, you can’t help yourselves. You want the world to accept your colonizing ways, because it’s who and what you are. 

You know that’s not going to happen, right? 

Do you make up names for your writers or are these real people using their real names? I wouldn’t put anything past the British, they’re a sneaky lot.

P.S. If you come from a previously colonized country by Britain, then you’re British to me.

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