RE: Disturbing video shows [black] man abusing young sons in Bronx train station

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 2.7.2021

Disturbing video shows man abusing young sons in Bronx train station

And ‘white people made him do it’. That’s a common excuse black men give for beating their kids.

The second is they won’t learn unless you beat them.

White people moved forward against child beating decades ago – taking it out of schools and taking it out of homes. In some black neighborhood schools, black kids are still paddled. Black people refused to budge on going beyond the old adage, “spare the rod and spoil the child”.

Maybe that this ugly and harmful behavior has publicly surfaced again, we can stop laying blame and change the future by changing ourselves.

They always go for the head. Living in Cleveland for 26 years I’ve seen it over and over. They don’t wait till they get home; they need to release their anger immediately.

That black kids take so many shots to the head by their own families, besides in the school yards and on the streets and parks where they play, it makes me wonder about concussions and some of the slow learning patterns in black youths. Nobody listens. Not enough people care. This is an opportunity to do that and expose and examine thoroughly the side effects of blows to the head and call a global stop to it – without going back to slavery in America as the cause.

White kids suffered the same, so how was it handled then, without tracing footsteps back to uprooting and coming to a wilderness America centuries ago?

We spend too much time on the history and not enough on the remedy. People get bored by the time they’re done with the history part.

This guy got arrested. If that happened in a white family, the kids would be taken away. That’s never a good idea unless there is imminent threat of continued harm. Rather than remove the children to foster care, remove the father. Where’s the mother in all this? The grandparents?

This guy is comfortable beating his kids in public, but you can tell he knew it was wrong, when from a distance he saw people approaching and started kissing the kids – a little too exaggerated.

Then he resumed with the beating after they walked by. So he tried to hide it. That’s a good sign that he knows societal views on beating children. However, it’s seen in the black community as a white people view. Maybe those people walking by were white. Most Blacks see nothing wrong with beating each other – it’s a way of life. It has nothing to do with ‘the street’. Those three were sitting at a bus stop.

I would scream this issue around the world and tell black people it is no longer their right to physically harm their children – in public or in the home.

It’s not a spanking on the butt; it’s a fist to the head and face. Even in football you’re not allowed to punch the head of the opponent. In football helmets are worn to protect the players from injury. What is football doing to protect the heads of black kids whose black families beat them in the head without a helmet?

You can make a public service advertisement out of punching kids in the head and where’s their helmets? You shouldn’t need a helmet. Powerful men and women don’t punch their kids in the head.

Learning disabilities last a life time. Do you want to give your child a lifetime learning disability? That’s your legacy.

– Using your fists to shape your child lands them in jail or in the ground.

– Using your fists to teach your child, leaves them intellectually handicapped.

– Giving your child a hug instead of a punch makes them strong, not weak.

– You can’t “knock some sense” into somebody by punching them in the head. So stop trying.


END CHILD BEATINGS, no matter the reason. After all, the beating is actually more for your sake than theirs. A child is physically and psychologically impaired after a beating. You’re not.

You say you were beat and you turned out fine. Well, just think how much better you would be, had you not been beaten.

LeBron James says he beats up his players after a game when they lose. Everybody just passed it over – ignored it. Why wasn’t there a public outrage? Because they’re adults? Because they get paid millions of dollars?

Since when does your boss, any boss, have the right to beat you for poor performance? THAT needs to be addressed too. What right does Lebron James have to beat his workers? What kind of modern day KING would do that? And why did the entire world stand down and act like it was nothing?

The entire world watches everything the USA does. And this is the image we portray to the world – that it’s okay to beat your workers for underperforming?

It’s the same in their countries that we all claim to want to change into our way of life. Well, ours is theirs, so why even try when the result will be the same?

That seems to be the global mood on beatings. Let the families take care of it. Well this guy got caught in public. So here we are.

CHANGE BEGINS AT HOME (your family home or your country homeland). Otherwise what exactly are you exporting to other countries in terms of behavior, that you want changed? We need to have an example of it and show that it works for everyone’s benefit.

Do you think people in prison don’t get beat? Do you think guards and workers don’t beat prisoners? Maybe not so much in the USA, but most everywhere else they do. China? Are you listening? You said you want to lead the world. How about imposing a blockade on physical and psychological injury to people in schools and prisons?

India, are you listening? How about those beatings on the bottoms of the feet? I know that you can beat any animal into submission; everyone knows that. We also know that what you try to teach a person through a beating can more effectively be taught through non-physical means. It will be the beating they recall, not what the beating was supposed to be teaching them.

So the solution moves from a beating to the threat of a beating.

Let’s try that; sounds easy enough. That works until it doesn’t. The threat of having something harmful inserted or the promise of having something pleasurable inserted are short term motivators.

Raising the bar, which is often the result of success of threats of punishment or promises of reward, always moves into sadistic, exploitation territory, so that the threat of punishment or the promise of reward are no longer effective and the person feels hopeless rather than motivated.

Telling people that the act is the reward and the fail to act is the punishment may look good on a doctoral dissertation, but not in reality.

Punching somebody in the head has no social redeeming value. Ever.

Screaming at someone full force is helpful if someone is about to walk in front of a moving bus or fails to see something harmful approaching them.

Otherwise, the only one it helps is the one screaming, which results in a release of their psychological energy toward a target.

To the one forced to absorb that energy, especially when up close, it becomes a physical assault.

When Black Lives Terrorists used megaphones to scream into the ears of officers and anybody else they wanted to harm, they were assaulting them with impunity, since there are no laws prohibiting it.

Rioting blacks and supporting whites must have thought that screaming into the ears using a sound magnifier would magically turn that person into one of their supporters, otherwise why would they do it except to inflict pain and fear?

What it did was make enemies.

That’s what the world is up against when telling black people not to strike in the head or scream full force at those they want to control. I wonder when Lebron James was beating up his workers for poor performance if it involved striking the head or screaming loudly into their ears?

When you seek to destroy the thinking process, you aim for the head, eyes, ears, nose and mouth. When you scream through the megaphone up close and into their space and they’re not allowed to respond by running away from you, that’s torture.

When you seek to change behavior by causing pain and injury; when you seek to change a person’s thinking process by destabilization and disorientation of their physical being, you’re in dangerous territory.

That boy on the right was obviously destabilized and disoriented by that man’s fists to the head.

Change needs to happen fast across all lines, but especially in the black community all around the world. Black rage is not something to be proud of. It’s a tool used to maim and kill.

Feeding white people to black people won’t tame black people’s rage. It facilitates it. Rage is addictive and contagious. Why do you think the same people show up at planned protests that turn to riots? They’re addicted to the rage and destruction. They can let it all out in front of the world without consequences.

Somebody sets it up, then they come in, do their deed, then society deals with the aftermath of destruction. The tax payer foots the bill.

That’s a powerful motivator: WITHOUT CONSEQUENCES.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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