RE: NYC man indicted in seven attacks targeting ‘light-skinned women,’ prosecutors say

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 2.25.2021

So when black people commit hate crimes against white people, the news writers give them a break by refraining from saying black man attacks unarmed white women. Now that’s discriminatory – black people getting preferential treatment in the press downplaying their hate crimes.

  • Why mention the skin color of the women and not the skin color of the alleged attacker in the title? Why mention skin at all?

Here we go again. The media is the one popping people, by discriminatory reporting of the news. The Brits again? I don’t even want to hear that you can’t help yourselves. You had no problem helping yourselves to 90 percent of the nations on earth. You sound like the Jews, ‘nobody stopped us’. Is that how you’re going to play it?

Hey, I say don’t mention the race, but when white people commit the crime you always do, so if that’s the rule and rules should apply to everyone, then to be consistent you need to treat everybody the same way.

Madison Avenue is looking to be spanked, and they will be, and it won’t be by me or because I held them accountable. If they don’t know yet what a heads up is, then they’re hopeless and deserve what they get. Just remember who started it all with fake, hyperbolic, sensationalism to get people to look at their ads. We’re talking about real people here, not the movies or a T.V. sit-com or some crazy-ass ad.

Transitioning from homeless to not homeless is not an excuse to commit crimes. He targeted white women, not just anybody. Mental illness is often used when a black person commits a hate crime or when a Jew commits a massacre. White people aren’t given those same allowances for conditions and circumstances that other groups get.

You don’t expect to see homeless people all decked out in color coordinated clothing, shoes and mask. He knew what he was doing; he just didn’t think he’d get caught because he’s Black.

PHOTO: Surveillance video shows man attacking woman at smoke shop in Brooklyn. Khari Covington, 29, has been charged with seven counts for attacks to women in the subway system and two counts of attempted robberies outside the subway. (ABC News)

This guy could have been on his way to becoming a serial killer. The way he attacked that person behind the counter (video not able to be shared) looked like something from National Geographic magazine – like a wild animal quickly subduing his prey. Alarming and scary. I’d want to know what town or village his people came from and are there more of him? It looked to me like an evolutionary tip backwards.

Trying to kill animals, whether human or nonhuman, with our bare hands is not an evolutionary movement forward out of our dusky past of feeding off other animals. He appeared way too familiar with the process.


NBC News

Minyvonne Burke Wed, February 24, 2021, 4:12 PM

A New York City man accused of attacking seven women targeted his victims based on their skin color, prosecutors said while announcing a 52-count indictment against him.

Khari Covington, 29, was arraigned Wednesday on charges of assault, burglary and strangulation as hate crimes among other charges. He was arrested on Jan. 5 and remains jailed on $150,000 bail.

Police lead Khari Covington away from the NYPD station in the Coney Island subway station on Jan. 6, 2021, in Brooklyn. (WNBC)
Police lead Khari Covington away from the NYPD station in the Coney Island subway station on Jan. 6, 2021, in Brooklyn. (WNBC)

The Kings County District Attorney’s Office said that Covington, who lives in a transitional housing center, allegedly targeted “light-skinned women” during a series of attacks between August 2020 to Jan. 4 in the East Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn.

Five of the attacks happened in the Morgan Avenue subway station, one was at a building near the station and one was at a smoke shop.

“This defendant’s alleged violent and unprovoked attacks endangered the women he targeted and caused widespread fear in the community,” district attorney Eric Gonzalez said in a statement.

“I am committed to prosecuting all hate crimes where victims, including as alleged in this case, are targeted because of their gender, skin color or race,” he continued.

One of the victims, Bianca Fortis, told NBC New York that Covington “came out of nowhere” and started punching her.

“He hit my face, my chest, my shoulder,” she said.

Another woman said she was at the Morgan Avenue station in November when Covington allegedly came down behind her and attacked her.

“He must have — from the angle and from what I’ve gathered — kicked me in the side of the face and head from behind,” Elizabeth Wakefield told the outlet. “My immediate thought after it happened to me was, I really hope this doesn’t happen again to somebody else.”

Covington faces up to 25 years to life in prison if he’s convicted. His attorney did not immediately return a request for comment on Wednesday.

Source: NYC man indicted in seven attacks targeting ‘light-skinned women,’ prosecutors say

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