Antifa Looking For Triggers On City Buses

Bus Ride From Hell With Antifa aka Black Lives Terrorists On Board

Pitying someone is dismissive. Feeling at peace after the pity-move makes one keep going back for more. That’s why there’s so much of it these days. It makes one feel good without having to do or think further.

Just this morning I started stewing about yesterday going to the Cleveland Clinic with Steve – a two bus ride to and from. Five hours we’re gone from start to finish. Then, what was supposed to be a five minute appointment turned into an hour wait.

But what happened on the bus is what I was stewing about.

One day later at some point in the middle morning I fell into the pity trap and did it feel good.

When there’s no viable solution that will make my bus ride less chaotic, because the people wanting/needing chaos are more determined than those wanting/needing the chaos to stop, after all what would they gain except a bloody nose or worse, then it’s easier to imagine their inner confused drug induced state, which makes a person strong enough to act superhuman thus lethal, and to simply pity them instead of hold them responsible for their own chaos.

In an instant all becomes right with the world. Resist their chaos and they’ll work harder to bring you into it.

It’s not enough to say you don’t care when you’re a caring person. Letting it go doesn’t work when you seek to understand.

I’m the free ticket person that black people high on chemicals use to get a free ride. She called me a nigger does it every time. I was calm until she gave me this look. She talked to me like I was a dog.

They use the word calm a lot which means they’re coached.

It doesn’t stop there.

Then they get on their phone and hold it like they’re going to eat a piece of pizza and fast-talk into it, giving their whole life story about how they went from calm to chaos in a second because of this woman sitting right here. Then they give a description of me and what I’m wearing.

They rant for the entire bus ride to justify cutting in front to dash around me to ride free. I’m their trigger. Being white and whatever they imagine in their chemically induced state is what triggered them to steal a bus ride.

On banners around the insides of the bus it clearly states “THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS A FREE RIDE”. The pale salmon coloring in the background is so subdued that it doesn’t get easily noticed.

The driver can holler, but would anybody want him to confront a superhuman trigger-happy, angry person with impaired judgment in an enclosed area with a lot of people just waiting for someone, something, to make him pull that trigger so he can claim no responsibility for the act?


I have a lot of bus rides ahead of me and so far I’m batting a thousand with gender racial and age abuse by young black male passengers.

For my own peace of mind I’m going to have to pity them and wear ear plugs. They get that close. Of course then I can’t hear the street stops.

“As he exits, after a rant that released a shipload of dangerous energy onto every person on the bus, even though it was directed at me, he leans closer and says, “I’ll be a better person”.

He didn’t look at me though. Straight ahead like he was sleepwalking in total control of his body, thoughts and actions. His eyes what I could see of them looked vacant. Skinny well dressed knew when to pull up his pants, Muslim cap, lavender, short cropped curly wiry blackish hair. Fine features. Light toned skin, smooth. No edema. Small eyes. Large head. Tallish looking. White pants, black underwear. Limber/flexible. Could curl into a ball on a city bus singular seat.

He knew from the first time he arrived at the bus stop what he was going to do and how he was going to execute it.

So it’s not that the chemicals took his free will away, thus he shouldn’t be held accountable, he was fully cognizant the entire time.

However, if someone had tried to engage him and he just happened to have a gun I have no doubt he would have used it, and after the deed would have gone on another rant about this white woman on the bus triggering him and he was calm and now he’s not…till next time.

So, what the banner on the bus “THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS A FREE RIDE” really means is free rides are only given to black people who promise to falsely accuse and verbally abuse white people who have the audacity to be on their bus. no white seniors allowed is what the RTA is really saying. Maybe all seniors should ride for free instead of all black people.

Not one black person even looked his way to discourage his abusive rant.

Had the bus been mostly white and a white person on drugs boarded and did that to an old black woman, everyone white on the bus would have voiced their objection.

Therein lies the difference between Black and White and their response to aggression abuse violence based on race and age.

Besides using the pity pit as an escape route maybe next time I’ll show the next person who uses me to get a free ride or free meal that I can be triggered too – only for real not as a scam to get out of paying for something.

When that guys face came in close I knew I had come face to face with Antifa. So what drugs are the British peddling in downtown Cleveland that allows the puppet master to take over the mind of the puppets?

Anybody can be triggered, but these people were designed to be triggered.

How? By the drugs introduced into their brains. It is by no coincidence that they all act the same.

Why? As a test on controlling the masses?

These subjects didn’t design themselves.

Note: Look at antipsychotic and anti neurotic and antibiotic and antidepressant drugs and how they interact with street drugs.

Leave out marijuana. No politics here, not when I’m assessing. Legalize the stuff – it’s the least harmful. Screw the tobacco companies wanting cannabis-growing monopolies. People are afraid to use it because of the odor – it’s a dead giveaway. Most can’t afford dispensary prices or can get a doctor referral.

Get ready for a trigger: Are non-hetereosexuals more susceptible? They take a lot of drugs – prescription, over the counter, illicit and they drink a lot. Non-observant Jews do the same. Blacks more than Whites? I don’t know. Blacks hide their use more and resist any treatment of a psychological nature. Russians do the same – they don’t trust the government either. There’s no need to study the Irish; they’re open about it all.

Everybody tries to cure a prejudice with another prejudice when it involves races liking each other, tolerating each other or discriminating against each other. Try to cure an addiction with another less addictive drug and make it plentiful and cheap and clean. Pot. Cannabis. It’s a dried plant in it’s best form. Organic please.

The USA waited too long. Big business put their big feet in the way of progress. Now the tobacco industry is left holding the sack of stale cigarettes. They could have had it all if they weren’t so greedy. Learn to share.

Mexico is going to get all our business. There will be a mass flood of buyers crossing the southern border from the north this time, not the south. Not potential buyers, actual buyers. DEA won’t be looking for Spanish people. Black and White are making plans. Legalize it at the federal level. Tell the states they are not sovereign nations as they claim by their actions. And neither is the tobacco industry.

Free to use or grow or sell. Permits for large operations only. Don’t be so stingy.

Get busy writing the laws. Loosening never works. All of a sudden the government decides to tighten up without sufficient warning and a lot of people end up in jail. Trying to keep the for profit prison system financially viable? That’s why were so behind the times. Big business, charities for profit, the health and food industries all get preferential input into the decision making processes determining who gets what, that takes decades to implement. ‘Gradual’ is always their failed strategy.

Do it and do it now. Boot your pride out of the way. Put it where it’s better suited: How about bettering your businesses instead of hoarding profits and simultaneously stop treating everybody like your slaves.

Who, what company, which labs already know the effects of these chemicals when combined with pharmaceuticals and alcohol and is exploiting them experimentally and for what specific purpose?

Do any subjects recall their actions the next day?

I saw a young white guy leave the HAWK yesterday walking super fast acting like a one person band. He took something.

What else can they do besides steal rides and meals at restaurants?

Have you programmed any of them to kill? Punch people? Eat people’s faces.

A puncher came on the bus the other day. Big, black skin, black attire, even black hat – everything black except gray and white knit gloves. He wasn’t a senior and walked just fine, yet he sat across from us in the senior section, apparently to watch us. He kept rubbing his fists like he either was remembering punching someone or was about to punch someone, all the while looking up at us.

I wondered if he was the guy who was called by another guy while sitting across from me complaining I barked at him like a dog. The guy said he’d take care of me. So was this him? I didn’t find out. He asked Steve if we just came from THE APARTMENT Exit 8. Steve said no, not knowing what it was. He said something cordial as I walked past to get off the bus and I responded in kind. Steve too.

When I got home somebody had called me and left an open air wordless message. I sensed while on the bus that the hysterical guy was calling his sponsor or hit person wanting drugs because of me being white. What was he doing in the senior section I now wonder looking back? Looking for a trigger white person to use as an excuse to stop, start or commit something. I also sensed that somebody was trying to hack into my phone.

Pity is bliss. Now I know why everybody does it.

Intellectuals think ignorance is bliss but it really isn’t. Just because you don’t know something doesn’t automatically put you in a state of bliss.

Everybody is in a perpetual state of not knowing most of what exists and how and why it works or doesn’t – even the smartest among us.

It’s easy to tuck someone away as pitiful rather than understand them. But sometimes that’s the only sane option if you want to survive the chaos they create.

The dismissive nature of pity means the situation, person or both no longer matter.

All the individuals and groups screaming at everyone who can hear, to make them matter are really asking to be dismissed.

Do what the Blacks did on that bus, ignore the person and the behavior. That’s their method that gets them through it.

Accepting that which one cannot control is the reason billions of animals yearly continue to be slaughtered as the worst holocaust ever to land its ugly thoughts in the minds of humans.

  • ‘War is inevitable’ is another one.

And it continues unabated in a perpetual state of acceleration, because we the people of the world find comfort in the dismissive nature of pity.

The answer is not a plant burger designed to appease the enlightened who walk among us as a reminder to be a better person.

The answer lies elsewhere.

Note: I now think he meant section 8 not exit 8. I don’t know why he was asking that. It was as if he thought he saw us someplace that day. We looked familiar. Maybe the hysterical guy took a picture of us and sent it to him.


Life itself is a trigger. If you can’t handle life, because it triggers you to violence, then you need to be separated from society until you accept responsibility for your reactions to stress.

When you blame a trigger for your inappropriate behavior, you give away your ability to control yourself, which means somebody else now is responsible for keeping you from harming yourself by harming others.

That somebody is the state. Your own lack of self-control is the reason why so many of you are incarcerated – you lacked the discipline and the desire to control your own actions.

You didn’t like nor understand boundaries. So you all ended up in a prison or jail cell. That doesn’t make any sense, that you would pursue that which you hate.

Does prison or jail or confinement teach a person about boundaries?

Sometimes what you think everyone understands, they don’t.

Sometimes people need to hear the words to achieve an ahha moment.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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