written 17 MARCH 2021


COMMENT: If this is a story about women or Asian women, please define Asian for the reader. On whose behalf are you speaking?

Russian, Turk, Chinese, Israel (now they claim to be Asian), India, Pakistan, Kashmir, Myanmar, Malaysia… Be more specific when accusing people of hate crimes. Against whom? Massage parlor sex workers? Sex traffickers? Somebody owe somebody money? Somebody do somebody wrong?

What’s the continental heritage of the shooter? White is not a continent. What’s the ethnicity? White is not an ethnicity. What color is Asia? Why do Asians not get assigned a color and white color people not get assigned a continent or an ethnicity? You’re setting up a prejudicial process here.

Be consistent and your prejudicial reporting won’t be what the reader takes away from the article. You don’t care what they take away? As long as they see the ads? So what are they taking away from the ads? Everybody has ear wax and fungus toes and pimples needing popping?

A TURF WAR? Does the ASIAN MOB even exist? Japanese mob, Chinese mob, Korean mob. Does Thailand and Viet Nam have mobs named after them?

So you classified the guy as a red neck hillbilly white skinned supremacist trying to wipe out Asians? I thought you indicated previously that white supremacists wanted to wipe out black people. How did Asians come into play?

MASSAGE PARLORS. What is it with Asians and massage parlors and sex trafficking? The President of China wants to lead the world, even said so, so this is how it gets done? Like the Tempe Warriors did in Australia, burn the forest down so the tree poachers from other continents couldn’t steal the trees for lumber? Or like Black Lives Terrorists and Antifa do, burn down businesses, so white people have to rebuild them? Do white people rebuild the black businesses too? Nobody ever said who pays for the rebuilding. Why wouldn’t that be newsworthy?

Wasn’t Trump’s friends associated with massage parlors? I say shut them all down. Isn’t most of Hollywood associated with prostitution? Don’t most reporters and writers frequent massage parlors?

Nobody should ever die in a protest, but Antifa activates people all over the planet to do just that – kill.

The Jews do it whenever they’re about to engage in some activity which the world will not approve – they start screaming so every Jew in the world hears them – holocaust, holocaust, holocaust – rise in anti-Semitism and sure enough a Jew pops someplace and the distraction is taken away from what the Jews are about to do.

The press will call the ‘shooters’ who were popped by the Jews for Israel’s sake or by Antifa for Britain’s sake mentally ill, mentally deranged, a white supremacist for sure, but it never has anything to do with white people.

Why such a huge swarth of nations under one racial umbrella? Seems discriminatory to me. Let a nation be a nation. Why divide the world into colors, when the only colors we hear about are white and black, occasionally brown, but the Spanish are still under recruitment by the blacks, so that’s not written in stone – yet.

What’s an Hispanic guy doing in a Korean massage parlor? Getting his feet washed? Should it matter? It matters to me when women are being exploited, even when they claim they want to be exploited. Lots of Asian women are pimps as well as prostituted sex workers (slaves). They run their stables and they are brutal, make no mistake here by predetermining what the media wants to be the case.

Oh you can find prejudice in any story, but it rarely is the cause of slaughter.

There would not have been a story that got world attention if the media couldn’t put an ism label to it. For instance, the writers, editors and advertisers didn’t think this title would draw enough attention:


You mean they never even considered it?

Instead they focused on Asian anxiety over Wuhan wet markets not closing around the globe after a deadly virus was traced back.

Writers these days are too focused on looking for the petty, emotional, anger-inciting titles to get people to click onto the story, only to have to click on again for more information, adding information as the process continues.

Writers across the globe getting ready for a change. This pattern of reporting aka describing what goes on in everybody’s neighborhood using prejudicial and discriminatory rhetoric has caused much disruption in the world and it’s mostly based on false initial impressions – much like neighborhood gossip.

That style of accusation without proof is a precursor to uprisings by individuals (organized or not) and organized groups. When enough souls see through to the purpose and intent of the media to satisfy their advertisers at any cost of human or other animal suffering, the same tables the media turned on the populace of all regions will be turned on them.

I guarantee that not one will survive the same scrutiny and remain important enough to have their story told by somebody else with an agenda.

So if the corrupt media moguls and all their bought and paid for affiliates right down to the name(s) that shows on each article, or the category minus the names (no one accountable there), think the populace believes they are receiving fair and honest reporting of events, then that’s like the equivalent of a used car sales person or an amusement park owner being held up as a pillar of the community and being given a seat, a desk and a gavel with which to determine the fate of every individual and group on the planet.

Writers for the media do not have good reputations. They know what the word prostitute means.

That time and reckoning is nearing by the witnessing of chaotic writers stinking up the press with their desperate attempt to own the reader’s mind, to control what you read, thus assimilate their own prejudicial thoughts into your mind, thoughts and consequent actions. These are faceless people working in the shadows determining your destiny.

All dictatorial processes go too far until they’re finally stopped and that stop process is now in progress. It just hasn’t shown up on anybody’s radar as being significant enough not to be able to turn it around on a dime.

That dime is long gone and your tires are thread bare and the paddings on your breaks have worn to metal on metal and somebody gave you a full tank of gas, and you think all is well in your world even though you made everybody else’s world a living hell – and of course they always deserve it in the mind of the offender.

So you thought the world was okay with your false impressions as long as you were defending someone, some group while hurting another individual or group. Is that it? That’s how the world works. Right?

You thought that full tank of gas meant you were free to go. Didn’t you anticipate any traffic? Didn’t you think other people would be given what you were given – a full tank of gas with no brakes and thread bare tires? And it’s raining ice drips on top of it all. Are you ready for the chaos you created?

In the end nobody will know anything more about Robert Aaron Long than they know now. He knew in advance the message would get to the people it was intended for, after all, nobody at these massage parlors were selling raw warm meat from Wuhan or from countries that hang dogs at picnics before skinning and roasting them – their own pets.

Not all Koreans do that dog thing. But in all Asian-Oriental countries, including in major U.S. cities with large Asian-Oriental populations wet warm markets are thriving, even while USA citizens are dying.

Hired Hit people exist all over the globe. Some get triggered by a cause that controls them. Others make a lot of money. Others simply subsist at average median incomes and do the dirty work others don’t have the stomach for.

Mossad, Jewish Intelligence Force operating freely without question or pause within all nations wherever Jews congregate have long boasted of doing exactly that. With no apologies.

This article was categorized under news and gun violence by al-Jazeera – not hate crimes, prejudice, Asian women, sex traffickers, massage parlors, white supremacy…The titles did that.

By the way, in the original article, for those who got into it and didn’t just get their news from the headline, which most people do – get their news from the headline:

Those killed and wounded:

4 killed Asian Orientals

2 more killed Asian Orientals

1 killed white woman – continent and ethnicity not reported

1 killed white man – continent and ethnicity not reported

1 wounded Hispanic

Why is the media so hungry for a hate crime? Without any evidence, do reporters of the news even know what constitutes a hate crime?

What does that even mean? It’s not a crime to hate somebody, so why so quick to attach that label to people?

Even Twitter and Facebook do it. It’s a hate crime to criticize someone who isn’t your race, color, ethnicity or gender. Then it goes further; it’s a hate crime to criticize anybody for any reason – according to all the people who get the boot for even discussing it.

You see, only those in the media can do that. Everybody else has to kiss up to everybody else to make the government, advertising agencies and the media happy.

Enough already.

Media workers will be held to the same standard as the populace. No more no less. Traditionally, the media was held to a higher standard, but they failed to meet those standards when power became too alluring and they gave in to the temptation to control the news rather than report it. They operated without a conscience and now the consequences of those decisions come back.

The rest will be their untold story

At least eight killed in three separate shootings at spas in Georgia state amid recent spike in hate crimes against Asian-Americans.

Even mentioning in advance that this may or may not be a hate crime inserts into the reader’s mind that probability, otherwise why mention anything about their color, race, ethnicity or continent of origin?

Why detract from the nature of massage parlors and the pain and suffering they cause to the communities where they operate and to the community of nations?

Well, let’s make this into an Asian-related hate crime, so we can keep those parlors open and operating wink. Let’s bring some more Asians in. Any on the way? Yup. We got a truck load comin’ through in two days.

Sounds like slavery to me.


Six Asian women among eight shot dead in US city of Atlanta

Gun Violence

Atlanta shootings: Asian women among eight killed at 3 US spas

17 Mar 2021

At least eight people, most of them Asian women, were killed in shootings at three different spas in the US state of Georgia on Tuesday, with a 21-year-old white man in custody on suspicion of staging all three attacks, police said.

The shootings came with many Asian Americans already on edge following a recent spike in hate crimes against the community and triggered immediate fears that Asian-run businesses may have been deliberately singled out.

Four of the victims were killed at Young’s Asian Massage near Acworth, a suburb of Georgia’s capital city Atlanta, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper reported.

At least eight killed in three separate shootings at spas in Georgia state amid recent spike in hate crimes against Asian-Americans.

Captain Jay Baker of the Cherokee County sheriff’s office told the paper the victims were two Asian women, a white woman and a white man, while a Hispanic man was wounded.

The Atlanta police department separately confirmed that four women were found dead at two business establishments in northeast Atlanta, identified as the Gold Massage Spa and Aroma Therapy spa.

Police told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that all four Atlanta victims were Asian women.

Baker did not say if investigators suspect that Asian Americans were specifically targeted.

“Nothing’s going to be ruled out,” he said. “We’re conducting a homicide, a multiple homicide investigation. So wherever the evidence leads us, that’s where the investigators will go.”

Authorities have identified Robert Aaron Long as a suspect in all three shootings.

Based on the pattern of surveillance video from the shooting scenes, Atlanta police spokesman Sergeant John Chafee told the AFP news agency: “It is extremely likely our suspect is the same as Cherokee County’s, who is in custody.”

“We are working closely with them to confirm with certainty our cases are related,” he added.

Long was taken into custody after a “brief pursuit” about 240 kilometres (150 miles) from Atlanta, according to a statement by the Georgia Department of Safety on Facebook.

Describing the scene in northeast Atlanta, the city police department said: “Upon arrival, officers located three females deceased inside the location from apparent gunshot wounds.”

While on the scene, officers were advised of shots fired across the street, where they found a fourth female victim.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation was assisting in the investigation, a spokesman told AFP.

At least eight killed in three separate shootings at spas in Georgia state amid recent spike in hate crimes against Asian-Americans.

Officials with the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s office remove a body from the Gold Spa massage parlor after a shooting on Piedmont Road in Atlanta [Erik S. Lesser/EPA]

17 Mar 2021

‘Marginalised minorities’

From: The Stream
Why is anti-Asian racism on the rise in the US?
Attacks against elderly Asian Americans renew focus on hate crimes during pandemic.

14 Feb 2021

Note: Sharon On The News did not single out al-Jazeera. It’s where she landed first. All news outlets wrote essentially the same way the same story. That should tell the world something about copycat journalism.

Readers don’t remember the corrections. They remember the first impressions. Writers, editors and advertisers know this well and work hard to exploit it.

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