The Virus Wants To Be Interviewed – updated

By me.

I thought: I don’t know how that could work – seeings though I’m supposedly virus-free, at least free of that one. If there’s no virus in me, then how can I interview it?

Then I got super sick again. Worse than before. I could hardly move. Had extreme ‘scoots’. Fever of 101.4. Thought I was being paralyzed. Thought I was going to die. Steve had the ‘scoots’ for three days, stayed pretty much on the couch, lost his appetite, but that was about it. I didn’t think much of it. Now that I had what he had he opened up more about his three days in hell.

Steve laid down on the bed beside me as I gave him a verbal LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT. Told him where I hid all the money. My desk was a mess. I never leave it like that. Began planning my trip to the hospital and the beyond – not many leave the hospital after the second visit or so I’ve read. Steve said Uber? I said if I’m going, I’m going in an ambulance.

Visually going through the motions in my mind, I planned what I had to do before I left in case I wasn’t coming back. I didn’t care about anything but my desk. I figure if I get up, get dressed to meet the ambulance downstairs, then I could straighten the desk in one minute. Stack everything in one box.

I was grateful to myself that I managed to cut Lilly Belle’s hair the week before – what a job – it took three days, always does!! Nails too. Ear clinic done so everything’s okay with her.

Okay I’d wait till morning, see how I feel and go from there. Extreme nausea crept in like a snake rising up from my gut trying to choke me. Pain everywhere. I do not like to vomit. I fought it till I couldn’t any more. Still, the nausea stayed. I slept for twenty four hours.

On the fourth day it was gone and I felt brutalized.

Steve woke me in the middle of the night saying he was going to the hospital – had a heart episode. Two days later he was home. They released him at night and because his phone wasn’t charged he couldn’t get an Uber, had to wait for a taxi.

He finally made it – a little frazzled – both of us. We went next door for a bite – the place where four people got involved in a gun fight – inside the restaurant – two dead, two injured around four A.M. a couple nights before – a block away from us open 24 hours – a neighborhood landmark – clean, decent, not a dive and I can get an Impossible Burger done my way. Nice owners and staff. MY FRIENDS it’s called.

Someone said one of the ones taken by ambulance had a HEARTLESS FELON TATTOO. A ways from home I thought. Our new (to me) Ward 15 representative said it was an isolated incident – no one who lives here believes it. Politicians think the people who elect them are stupid. People see the writing on the wall; it’s only a matter of time. And here I am. Those four days are now a blur – another side effect that comes and goes – what just happened? I don’t remember.

In the meanwhile for whatever reason, I thought I might have a food borne illness. Went to four restaurants recently. Could be that. Looked Listeriosis up and I had every symptom and was in the susceptible group.

When Steve was in the hospital I told him to tell his doctor and to have him tested. The Doc said whatever virus it was you both contained it and now it’s out of your systems. He didn’t want to pursue something that in his opinion was cured on its own. Fair enough.

Out of my system. So the virus, any virus, when I’m no longer symptomatic is no longer in my system. But I am systematic almost three months later. Fatigue, shortness of breath, muscle and joint pain, sleeping long periods, coughing, sometimes relentlessly, headache in my frontal lobe, sinusitis,

But the pebble is still in the pond

burred vision, eye pain, itching, gastrointestinal pain, fluctuations in taste and smell. Maybe I had meningitis. Nobody ever checked or inquired. Why would they? I forgot. It just came back to me.

So long haulers as some call us are virus-free? What are we hauling? Symptoms or side effects? Symptoms are disease related and side effects are medication related. Signs can be the same for both – evidently.

But in order to have symptoms of virus, the virus must be present unless the symptoms are phantom related – like the ripple in the pond that continues to move the surface long after the stone sinks to the bottom and is no longer operative. Okay…

Side effects, which is what the experts are calling the symptoms, suggest that the virus underwent tampering – altered by either human design or nature or through antibiotic-antiviral interaction with the virus.

In fact, many of the so-called symptoms of coronavirus are also side effects of the antibiotic/antiviral medications used to treat the virus and the bacterial infections that ensue, “that may not go away“. That’s a label often seen on pharmaceuticals these days, that weren’t there years ago.

I have yet to see anything in the news regarding the side effects of the medications used to treat the virus. Why?

What if the lasting side effects are from the drugs and not the virus?

I’m surprised that it hasn’t already been explored.

Maybe pharmaceutical companies can’t explore absent prejudice, which might expose corruption. They can’t be liable for side effects of a virus that don’t go away, but can be liable for side effects of drugs that don’t go away. We’re looking at a potentially big class action suit here. Why do they design drugs with side effects that don’t go away?

Simply shooting a query down when researchers claim they don’t know the why of the long-hauling is irresponsible.

Maybe an unbiased committee needs to look into it.

Update: In the end, looking back, I believe we both got hit again with the same or variant virus. Since we both contain antibodies our bodies fought it off and won.

The deciding factor was my lips started peeling like paper. Same thing happened the first time around on 1 January 2021. The second was the atropine-like dryness of my entire organism including mucus membranes – that’s what continues to make me cough so much, lack of moisture and it doesn’t matter how much I drink, I’m still dry. So those so-called experts who keep telling people to stay hydrated are missing the boat altogether.

Get it right.

The atropine-like effect is the same effect that bed bug spray has on bed bugs and other organisms that come in contact with it. It dehydrates you and you can’t quench the thirst, then you die. That’s what Rose died from. She was poisoned with bed bug spray that is actually a biological weapon used on humans in larger amounts. They saturated our apartment so many times that it got into all of our systems. Rose was a small dog.

  • So I can confidently say that one of the symptoms aka side effects of the virus is what kills bed bugs via dehydration, that is manipulated in a lab to make an organism stay dehydrated no matter how much fluids they consume.

That atropine effect was one of the first things I noticed.

Coincidentally, not long after I was diagnosed, Kirby Manor attempted a forced entry to spray for bed bugs that I didn’t have, claiming a neighbor did. So in the middle of a pandemic when people are exhibiting neurological symptoms the leasing agents, event planner and maintenance trash picker became scientist, doctor and executioner, even deciding who could get vaccinated. Steve and I were on the ‘not allowed’ list. We refused to get a doctor’s note claiming we were not contagious, even though the shots were being given mid-February and our symptoms began on Christmas for Steve and New Year’s for me.

The leasing agent three times, three days in a row refused to accept my CVS consent forms which I hand delivered to her at her office at Kirby Manor. After that I signed up for both of us via the maintenance hot line. After that we were called on the phone by management demanding that a doctor’s note stating our condition be delivered to them. The event planner said even if you get vaccinated some place else, you need to give us that doctor note.

Perhaps if we had been vaccinated when everybody else was we wouldn’t be long haulers and perhaps we wouldn’t have had to endure that second attack.

The remainder of the people involved in determining our fate, when they had no legal right to do it, need to be discharged from their duties at Kirby Manor. Brenda, Carol, Ron.

  • I wonder how many people with mental illness have master keys to apartment buildings thus the key to everybody’s apartment?

National Church Residences already started cleaning up the negative comments on their website. They know they’re wrong, but because it’s public housing they can get away with it because nobody cares about the poor people. They treat us like PESTS and extermination is ‘always accidental’.

There’s another guy who doesn’t work here, but told me a couple years ago that if I called the police on anyone in this building, they’d kill me. I’ve been wondering ever since, which one of my neighbors is plotting to do that. People at Kirby Manor doing wrong I suppose. I’m finally going to give his name now, since it’s itching to be free of me, so I can rest a bit, even if it’s in a bed of false security.

I never give names and where does that get me?

Andrew Ropes. Hope he never crosses my path again. The way he said it, straight into my ear up close that exploded into my thought process so I’d never forget it. Not long after I saw him in the building. That was a mistake.

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