Now Comes The Trial…

…and the terrorist threats to determine the verdict.

Now comes the trial and along with it threats to burn your towns and villages if Black Lives Terrorists and Antifa don’t get the verdict they want. Guilty.

That’s the justice they seek and the method to achieve it.

Scare the wits out of all the white people. Remember last summer? Remember what we did?

Barbarism is what it amounts to. Jungle justice. Guilty as charged. The trial is merely a formality to make us look fair to the rest of the world.

Remember how easily we trigger, laughed one terrorist to the other?

Well, people died for the freedom of a trial where the defendant is innocent until proven guilty. The terrorists don’t see it that way.

They’d rather burn a few towns to the ground to get the verdict they want, than listen to the evidence in a civilized court of law and let the people selected to hear the evidence void of emotion make that decision. If the defendant doesn’t like it, they can always appeal that decision.

As far as I’m concerned this whole trigger reason to commit crimes and harm others is a scam to bring the country and the world to its collective knee.

If an entire race of people can be triggered into a violent mode any time life circumstances don’t go their way, then put them all into rehabilitation until they learn to control their impulses.

Life itself is a trigger. Learn to deal with adversity.


Life itself is a trigger. If you can’t handle life, because it triggers you to violence, then you need to be separated from society until you accept responsibility for your reactions to stress.

When you blame a trigger for your inappropriate behavior, you give away your ability to control yourself, which means somebody else now is responsible for keeping you from harming yourself by harming others.

That somebody is the state. Your own lack of self-control is the reason why so many of you are incarcerated – you lacked the discipline and the desire to control your own actions.

That’s a test of one’s sanity. If you can’t control your actions, you are considered dangerous and a threat to society. Even though the state may not incarcerate you for criminal activity; they could and should separate you from the general population, so you don’t trigger others who also can’t control their own actions – or so people who commit crimes and then flaunt them in front of the police and the world claim.

Respecting boundaries comes first.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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