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RE: Language Differences In English ‘hair’ and ‘those people’

Every minority responds with indignation when referred to in the collective voice as ‘these people’ or ‘those people’.

I often wondered why, especially when they do the same thing. Don’t they see if they’re offended, then somebody else might also be offended by the same reference?

Everybody in those instances, when voicing their disapproval, also claim or plead their case for being human.

If you claim not to be an animal, then plead for the world to accept that you’re human, then why be offended when referenced as ‘these or those people’?

People are human. That has been a designation given to all humans. Aka people.

So what’s the problem here, except that you may be wanting to raise yourself up beyond human people status into the super human people category?

Your desire for supremacy seeps through every sneer when someone refers to your group with which you so tightly align yourself as ‘these or those people’.

Your sneer makes one think you want to be considered an individual human person, but your tight alignment with the group exposes the incongruity.

So what do you want again? For people to change their language and way of speaking just for you, for one individual in a tightly aligned group? On behalf of the entire group though, right?

Even though the ‘these people’ language is logical?

Speak whatever dialect of English you want but don’t impose your lazy speaking habits onto everybody else. If you have a superior dialect that you think the whole world should learn in order for you to feel less inadequate then show the world your plan and let them decide without burning a city or calling for someone’s death or the destruction of their career because they don’t understand that you assign different meanings to words based on your prejudicial feelings.

Be advised that not everyone in the world wants to feel as much as you do. To most people it’s exhausting.

When natural hair to you means a synthetic hair wig you need to tell lawmakers who passed hair legislation on your behalf what natural really meant to you – without whining.

Natural hair to the world’s minority means the hair you were born with. To you it means a wig to wear over your natural hair.

So why is it that blond-haired women trigger you?

You want their hair and can’t have it? Dark-haired men like blonde-hair women and you don’t have it? Is that why? And the group you align yourself with has dark hair?

Asians have darker hair than yours and Asian women don’t get triggered by blonde-haired women. Why do you?

Why is it your business to get in the hair face of blonde women? It’s not your business to publicly hate someone for their blonde hair or any other color hair.

Why do you feel justified to publicly discriminate and then demand your own private hair legislation rights for natural hair that consists of wigs?

Nobody calls anyone but the human animals, people.

You don’t think it through.

That’s the issue.

Oh yeah and the whining like children pleading with their mother part.

Maybe talk to mom or dad or family before forcing legislation using terror tactics that covers your prejudices against another people.

Mind your own hair business.

What’d ya say we switch ‘these/those people’ to ‘these/those humans? Nobody knows all the names in a group, so don’t make those claims. Get used to the idea that everybody but you already knows that ‘those people’ means ‘those humans’.

But then we’ll have to retire the word ‘people’ and ‘those’.

I changed my mind. ‘Those/these people’ stands as appropriately descriptive and neutral. The phrase is non-prejudicial. The sneer in response, however, is prejudicial and arrogant.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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