RE: Osbourne Gets Canned As African Applauds

THIS WAS THE FACEBOOK PICTURE attached to the story

TALK SHOWS ARE RIGGED. The views are fake and predetermined. It’s not a conversation. It’s an indoctrination.

The show is called THE TALK.

If you can’t be honest in your views, then the show is a fraud. The Africans wanted a conversation, then when they got it, they couldn’t handle it. I say, dump the show. From here on in it’s going to be about coddling Africans. YUK.

CBS must be slipping in the polls so they created a controversy to get attention. Why ask a question if you don’t want it answered honestly? It’s a TALK show.

THIS WAS THE YAHOO PICTURE attached to the story. On Yahoo comments are not allowed.

This was the headline photo, not the one showing Osbourne alone on the couch. Both photos were purposely used to denigrate a person for speaking her truth.

Osbourne is anything but alone. White people across the globe are being silenced and stripped of their jobs and reputations ruined by Black Lives Terrorists. Not all terrorists carry guns. They’ve infiltrated the media for a reason.

CBS used ‘allegations of racism’ talk, like Osbourne committed a crime. Hope she sues their racist butts. It appears to be a crime for white people to have a view different from black people.

  • CBS exposed the biggest lie of all: THEIR TALK SHOWS ARE FAKE.

I’ll bet Prince Harry and Megan Markle are dancing around their imaginary palace proud of their British media blitz to discredit the royal family, starting with Sharon Osbourne and Piers Morgan?

You never know what effect your accusations will have and where the blame will fall.

Harry and Megan abdicated their royal positions and now the rest of the white people world are going to be punished for it?

An unidentified person mused about the potential color of the couple’s babies, it went viral and now accusations of racism are appearing wherever one gives their view on it, that doesn’t align with Harry and Megan and the entire black race. Wow that is overkill from the beginning.

I agree with Piers Morgan, Meghan Markle doesn’t look black African. Neither did president Obama look white. He talked openly about how he looked, being from biracial parents. White people aren’t allowed to do the same. That’s discrimination.

The world had better never find out about the musings of black people regarding the skin color of yet to be born biracial babies. It could cause a war. Yes, those two scoundrels knew where to hit and took full advantage of the racial unrest particularly in the USA, where oddly, black Africans have better lives than any place in the world.

The whole charade sounded like a MADISON AVENUE STUNT in which the African host was aware, pushing her African agenda against a European caught unaware.

Still, the European gave her honest view. I heard it and found nothing offensive about it – not even close. That she felt like she was being put in the electric chair was accurate.

She was the prey and the African host the predator. I felt it too. Yeah, white people’s feelings should matter, but they don’t. The African kept leaning in blaming Osbourne for the views of Piers Morgan, another talk show personality.

  • As an aside: Years ago during the George Zimmerman trial I thought Piers Morgan on his talk show gave way too much leeway to his African guest who claimed George Zimmerman got nothing more than a ‘whoopin’ – a man who was viciously attacked from behind by Trayvon Martin, who got on top of him and repeatedly slammed his head into concrete in a gated community. Zimmerman shot him from a laying down position rather than die. I never would have seen Morgan as racist. He was just too over the top supportive of the black over the white. It was disturbing actually.

That some did take offense to Osbourne’s truth while being interrogated by the black African, amounts to opportunistic racism against white people to benefit black people. On a TALK show!

Getting high profile people fired from their lucrative jobs is a common strategy to hurt white people, strip them of their wealth, so they’ll give it to black people? What’s the point, other than to terrorize people in the workplace, afraid to talk to anyone about anything – even on a talk show where the audience expects honesty.

DON’T ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS about anything is the only on the spot remedy.

Harry and Megan used the press to create the conversation. Even went to Oprah to stage the play. Instead it incited racism against white people. Maybe that was Oprah’s goal. Maybe she’s getting bored on her pig farm.

Oprah will say it’s good we’re having this conversation, but are we? Who is conversing? It should be about blacks ruining the lives of whites who simply voice their view on race. That they want a conversation is a lie. Africans want to play all the roles, write all the scripts.

Oprah doesn’t want an honest discourse; she couldn’t handle it. She spent her life and made billions of dollars off of humiliating white people in front of the world. She’s not credible. Harry and Meghan chose well. Too bad they didn’t consider the outcome. They just figured they were covered, because whites won’t burn cities in response to being attacked.

Whites can be provoked if attacked long and hard enough. Blacks are walking that line on how much they can hurt white people and get away with it.

Harry and Meghan are not poor and they’re not kids. They’ve been around many blocks with an abundance of life experiences. To witness them wimping out on television was disingenuous. She’s an actor. And he’s been trained in how to act in public and private.

BOYCOTT FAKE TALK SHOWS. They’re all fake, so boycott all of them.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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