Are Jews Fudging Virus Figures?

Are Jews Fudging Virus Figures?

One percent of the world’s population died from the Spanish flu. Seventy million people. 1919. Some news articles cite fifty million.

The Jews who claim to have lost six million in forced labor camps claim none were from the Spanish flu or any other pandemic.

According to the Jews they were all gassed or burned in crematoriums. So Hitler killed six million Jews just for the heck of it? From 1918 to 1945? or 1933 to 1945 was it a systematic murder of Jews or did they die from other causes? And who actually is contained in that six million figure?

There weren’t enough Jews to count into the death figures for the Spanish flu, yet twenty or so years later six million of them pop up from out of nowhere in forced labor factories and claim to be killed by the Nazis in Nazi forced labor camps.

If forced labor camps were protected from the virus throughout Europe, then why were the troops hit so hard with the virus, who lived under similar conditions that forced laborers lived under?

My question is how did Jews evade the virus?

Secondly, how did you increase by six million in twenty years from an original negligible number – too little to count?

Russian Gulag. Forced labor camps. 1919.

The Jews were spread all over Europe in every country and on every continent, yet none of them got the virus. They all supposedly died at the hands of Nazis.

Nazis weren’t operating in 1918.

Spanish flu spreads through the Soviet Union 1918.

  • Nor did it spare post-revolutionary Russia. Having penetrated the civil war-torn country in August 1918, the Spanish flu swept through Belarus and Ukraine, hitting Kiev especially hard, and onwards to Moscow and Petrograd, where one in two residents fell ill.

So no Russian Jews ran forced labor camps or no Russian Jews were forced laborers?

No Jews from Europe, Asia, Africa country fought in WWI?

So Jews didn’t want to work or fight in wars? That’s the why of the sign above the gates at the forced labor factory in Auschwitz, Austria? WORK SHALL SET YOU FREE. But it wasn’t only Jews.

Were they street people? Gypsies? How did they get so rich that they had all those jewels confiscated by the Nazi army upon their admittance to the factories where they were not free to leave.

They were paid a meager sum, and like all labor slaves, their handlers needed them healthy enough to work. Many must of died for the many reasons people get sick, and without medication that hadn’t been invented yet, their death could be slow or fast. Judging by the gassing, the deaths of the sick were intended to be fast.

Were they conscientious objectors to work and war? Or did somebody just make all that up? If they’re not going to work or war, then they have to do something, so we’ll round them up to work in the war factories, rather than fight. They’re already living in the bush’s, so this will be an upgrade? What happened to their homes? Did the Nazi’s steal them, like the Jews steal the Palestinian homes?

‘Rounding them up’ is a familiar strategy that governments and occupiers use when in need of mass numbers of workers for agriculture and manufacturing, especially during wartime, when young men are off at war.

Although not engaged in a traditional war, the Jews systematically and periodically rounded up Palestinians on Palestinian land for surveillance purposes to interrogate young boys as to the activities of their families.

The Jews with a history of forced labor camps in Europe invaded and subsequently occupied Palestine – like Germany occupied most of Europe. Doesn’t anyone see?

Ariel Sharon was from Russia. Benjamin Netanyhu from Poland. Nobody was from Palestine – the land of Palestine – that appears in the back of everybody’s bible – that the Jews schemed up as their birthright while camping out under the thumbs of the Nazis and Russians throughout Europe.

  • Like all prisoners, what to do if and when they get out.
  • Palestine is our diamond in the rough.

So Hitler promised you Palestine and you held him to it. Any paperwork proving the truth to that? What rights did Hitler have over Palestine? I thought it was occupied by Britain.

Palestine has been under occupation for a long time. They won’t learn how to act free, until they are free. Hamas has no bearing on the Jewish occupation of Palestine. They are a product of the occupation. Like it or not, they are the military arm of the Palestinians. If Israel bombs them off the planet, another military wing will emerge to protect the property rights of the Palestinians.

The Jews ought to be paying taxes to the Palestinians, not the other way around. If you want to live on our land, you pay us, we don’t pay you to live on our land.

Six million people in twenty years. That’s a lot of procreating. How many Jews worldwide who didn’t work in labor factories and camps?

I read a few days ago that forty-eight percent of the world Jewish population live in Israel. Is that true? 1948? Come on, who came up with that? What kind of Jews do you include in your count? From what countries? Do they all speak the same language in Israel? Russian Jews speak Russian? What’s the official language of Israel? Do Russians speak Arabic? Polish too?

With all these Jews being recruited from around the world to populate Palestine as an Israeli state, how is it that they all speak the same language? Or do they? How do they all get on with each other if they’re not multi-lingual? Are there prerequisites for being a Jew? What are they? Do you count half Jew or quarter Jew in the world population figures? What constitutes being counted as a Jew in a Jewish demographic. Do you have to be a practicing Jew? An orthodox Jew?

You’re manipulating the figures. 1948 corresponds to 48 percent of the entire Jewish world population living in Occupied Palestine under the manufactured name of Israel?

Was Israel designed in a factory in Europe?


That’s all I wanted to know – besides all that little seemingly insignificant intel, that when combined exhibit a pattern of action.

How many Jews worldwide have been infected with coronaCOVID? How many carriers?

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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One thought on “Are Jews Fudging Virus Figures?

  1. “One percent of the world’s population died from the Spanish flu. Seventy million people. 1919. Some news articles cite fifty million.”

    World population was less than 2 billion at that time. So percentages are arithmetically incorrect.

    Jews have been bleating about “SIX MILLION” being persecuted since at least 1872. The number has some mystical significance for them. But, we cannot trust a race of liars.


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