Obama CALLS FOR CONTINUED PROTESTS surrounding the guilty verdict of unintentional murder

Aligning himself with Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters, Barack Obama former president to the USA gives the violent protests and those who participated throughout the United States the credit for the guilty verdict against a police officer who kept his knee on the neck of a person resisting arrest over possession of counterfeit money, a federal crime, and urges all who protested, especially all the young people to continue on, ‘we must not rest’ as he held his index finger to the sky, reminiscent of a famous terrorist he once had murdered, one among many who were assigned the credit of planning the attacks against America on 9-11-2001.

Throughout his tenure as president, eight years, B. Obama is often seen in that pose, raising his index finger to the sky as he speaks. I don’t know if his symbolism in doing it is different from when Muslims do it, acknowledging a God presence, mostly while they’re calling on their Allah to destroy someone or to thank them for destroying someone, also done in celebration. A wishing and a hoping maybe. Allah Akbar. God is great.

He could have been calling on all Muslims to join his call to protest more and not to rest until all black African grievances have been settled, which he acknowledged would take a very long time – much like Hillary Clinton opined when she lost to Donald Trump, that it would take a very long time to get over it, if ever, and she still hasn’t rested on it.

Never once did Barack acknowledge or encourage black Africans to take responsibility for their actions; it was all on the white police to care for aka coddle the black African via preferential treatment. His words didn’t resonate to all those who encounter law enforcement, only black people, which is prejudicial and discriminatory.

After all, there are a lot of white people sitting in prisons for the crimes they committed. That he left everybody but black people out of his grievance-driven agenda, yet called to arms especially young people of all ethnicities and races was clearly racist on his part. His call to protest harder was in no way mutually beneficial to all. It was not put out there as a joint venture. It was all youth to protest for one small demographic. He clearly did not oppose white cops killing white offenders or black cops killing white or black offenders. Again, discrimination based on color makes his words and deeds racist against white people. White cops are people. I think he forgot that ever since black started mattering more. That cop has a family too and their lives are ruined.

He and his wife spent the greater part of his retirement chastising and shaming people for the way they voted, even though we live in a country where freedom to vote for whomever one wants to vote for is the corner stone of our democracy.

Maybe Obama was calling on his Muslim God since he said Islam was such a beautiful religion, that by the way discriminates against women, forcing them to cover their faces in public, not allowing them to drive, sexually mutilating young girls and on and on. There’s nothing beautiful about keeping animals fully awake and cognizant while being hacked to death.

Calling all Muslims? Or was it a reminder to the world that he and he alone is responsible for killing Osama Bin Laden?

I don’t know, but when researching his images on Google, not one of them showed him with his finger in the air, and I alone on television saw it hundreds of times. So somebody who cleans his images on Google washed those photos out, obviously because they show what I saw. Appearances count, whether he thinks they should or not.

Obama states definitively that the only reason for the guilty verdict was the protests and the protestors, so keep on protesting so blacks can get more guilty verdicts against white people cops.

His view of the protests were peaceful. Clearly they weren’t. Clearly BLM terrorists never once condemned Antifa acting as their hit people. I live in Cleveland and it wasn’t Antifa trying to storm the casino where my husband worked as a security guard. They were all black Africans wielding bricks the size of patio tiles. They were from the neighborhood, dressed like they were going to a concert.

City after city burned, but not where Barack, Nancy and Maxine live. They were safe within secure walls and didn’t have to venture out without protection. Here, law enforcement tried to keep the mobs of protestors from coming out post verdict, while Barack, Nancy and Maxine wanted more violence, because that’s what burning cities is called, violence, terrorism. So am I surprised that he was calling on his God, using a well-known finger gesture that terrorists use? No.

Creating terror is an act of terrorism.

Obama was right about only one thing, the verdict was a direct result of the protests and protestors. Rioters, looters, and burning cities was conveniently left out. Maybe he was out of the country when all this happened.

Not being a victim of hate directed at white people by black people, Obama would not understand that the verdict was a result of fear, which amounts to extortion and/or black mail. BLM terrorists can find out who the jurors are, where they live and work, the shops they frequent plus all their families, friends and associates.

That’s the first thing I thought of. If the cop was acquitted, they already said the country would burn. Once that happened, they’d hunt down the jurors and murder every one of them or make them suffer even more by murdering their children. That’s the fear that BLM terrorists instilled in the minds of all white people month after month after month, after city after city after city burned that Obama, Pelosi and Waters want to keep going.

They turned themselves into terrorists when they saw the cities burn and refused to condemn it, saying it was only a handful of bad apples. Bad apples don’t burn cities, Barack Obama. Bad apples get arrested over and over and over again, committing the same crimes and resisting every time efforts to be rehabilitated by the state. Those are bad apples. Where were their families then? Now they’re lining up to cash in on his death. They’ll all be rich.

That Obama never mentioned that the cop’s life was ruined or that the lives of his family are ruined, just because he went to work one day and somebody called him to respond to a person passing counterfeit money, and the offender flipped out, again speaks to his own anti-white prejudice. Nobody cares if you have a person who looks like Margaret Thatcher in your family.

What matters is when the chips are down or up you treat everyone with the same respect that you demand they treat black people – criminals and non-criminals alike. You lost this one Barack Obama, because you couldn’t let your seething hatred of white people settle itself down to where all are created equal.

Now it will be a long time for white people to forgive black people for holding them responsible for crimes against humanity that happened centuries ago that they had nothing to do with. That Obama, Pelosi and Waters blame all white people for crimes that black people commit and for the way trained law enforcement personnel respond to a call is a scam that needs to be exposed and flushed out.

Terrorizing a nation with bricks, fires and personal harassment is what determined the three guilty verdicts. Peaceful assembly had nothing to do with any of it.

Terror and fear of what black people would do to their families is what made them choose to offer up one of their own to stop it. Let the judge decide the punishment. But because Obama, Pelosi and Waters said, no, keep it up, keep the protests up, meaning keep the city burnings up, keep destroying businesses, lives, careers, until not one white cop is left standing, that verdict might as well be null and void.

That’s what terrorists look like in 2021.

That’s what protests look like in 2021.

Riots.Violence. Destruction.

Pop the populace is their strategy. Be careful, you never know what form that pop will take.

  • Black Lives Terrorists destroyed downtown Cleveland. Nobody goes down any more, unless there’s a ball game. Shops are still boarded or haven’t reopened. It’s filthy. I used to want to live downtown – not any more. Once the Black Lives Terrorists had their way with it, everybody knows they’ll do it again. It’s not worth losing your life, business or job over. I suspect many feel the same way. That’s terrorism.

ORIGINAL ARTICLE – unless it was edited, like Obama’s finger to the air.

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Source: ‘The right thing’: Obama hails verdict in George Floyd’s death

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