RE: Thank You Elizabeth Warren For ‘Meddling in Israeli Politics’ will others join you?


DAVID’S QUOTE: “Imagine, if you can, Warren’s reaction if a foreign political leader openly offered the GOP advice on how to win back the presidency. Foreign interference, indeed.”

Benjamin Netanyahu makes frequent visits to the White House advising presidents and congress people on how to proceed in all matters concerning Jews and Israel, which means in the interest of anything and everything USA connected.

Benjamin Netanyahu routinely invites political candidates to Israel to twist their arms on any and all policies concerning Israel.

Israel routinely bombs sovereign nations in the Middle East and they worry about a few roman candles going off across the Gaza border to protest the illegal settlers from Russia, France and elsewhere to artificially manufacture a Jewish majority in the region. They use the bomb first and talk later strategy to weed out anyone harboring an anti-Israeli thought.

A one state solution can only work if both or all sides are amenable to it and have an equal say in the design and governing policies. That isn’t happening as the world now can see for themselves. It’s the Jewish way or no way. For those who bought that story about Jews taking care of Palestinians in a one state paradigm were openly tricked. After all, Jews still support slavery and they need slaves to do the jobs the Jews don’t want. And they openly and unabashedly seek a Jewish majority in the region. What kind of democracy, in anybody’s name, is that?

No, the one state solution cannot work as long as Palestinians are not allowed to vote in Israeli elections, and as long as Palestinians cannot run for office in Israel. Two states under one federal umbrella is neither a one state nor a two state solution when one of the states has power over the other. That would make Israel a state government ruling themselves and a federal government ruling themselves and what’s left of Palestine after they take the land they want.

Jews by nature do not give to non-Jews; they do not care for anyone but themselves; it is always Jews first and in their best interest first, leaving crumbs if anything to the rest. They’ve shown you that in their land designs. The Palestinians to the Jews are slaves – their slaves. The sooner the world wakes up from the Jewish deception of a democracy, the sooner the world can break that slave party up for good.

Jews in America have more power over every elected official than anywhere in the world. They use threats against careers, business, family and straight out black mail and extortion.

So yes to Elizabeth Warren for having the courage to speak up and out given all that they could do to her as a consequence. Now she has her foot in the door and others are free to open it further. Demand an end to slavery of the Palestinian people. The Jewish idea of a two state under one state solution didn’t work. So now it’s back to the two state.

Regarding Hamas, as far as I see it, that’s their military wing. The Jews have a much more powerful military, so their existence should be a mute point. In an independent, sovereign state, Palestine is required to have a military that can defend against invasion. That’s what happened in the past; the Palestinians did not have a military and the Jews saw that as a weakness and consequently and subsequently invaded them and never left.

That this article designed for propaganda purposes even made it to front page news outlets demonstrates the power of the Jewish voice in America and around the world.

For David to blame the Palestinians for the conditions of occupation by the Jews, citing corruption of its leaders is an example of the propaganda. Clearly the one now in court facing corruption charges is Benjamin Netanyahu, leader of extremist Jews who are enslaving the Palestinians on their own land.

Calling a woman disgraceful is an anti-feminist trick to devalue her views. Calling her weird??

Israel is setting up a three state solution whereby they control two out of three. That’s their backup Jewish majority plan in case they can’t find enough Jews to populate the region from other countries. The federal umbrella plus one of the two states equals two for Israel and one for Palestine. In this paradigm Palestine has no power except the right to exist. Meaning they’re still slaves. Do you see how the Jews set that up?

Slaves need to be freed before they can build their state. Without freedom there can be no state. You mean the United Nations allows for slave states in their charter? In which case, neither Israel nor Palestine would qualify. One state is the slaveholder and the other the prison where the slaves are held.

Thank you Senator Warren.

Senator Warren’s Disgraceful Meddling in Israeli Politics

David Harsanyi

Tue, April 20, 2021, 1:16 PM

  • Benjamin Netanyahu
  • Elizabeth Warren

This week, Senator Elizabeth Warren implored Israel’s opposition parties to unite and oust Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu so that the United States could facilitate the creation of a Palestinian state. Though Democrats have quietly meddled in Israel’s elections numerous times over decades — from Clintonistas to Obamaites to the now-disgraced Lincoln Project — I can’t remember a United States senator ever openly chiming in on the democratic process of an ally in quite this way.

Speaking at a conference put on by the pro-Palestinian group J Street, Warren lamented Israel’s reluctance to go along with the “two-state solution,” which would in fact entail acquiescing to the demands of Hamas and the more “moderate” Palestinian Authority, which diverts hundreds of millions of dollars in international funding for monthly salaries, free education, insurance, and medical care for terrorists and their families. Rather than demand that Palestinians cease firing rockets at Israeli civilians or stop spreading anti-Semitic conspiracy theories among their population or scale back their “martyrs’ fund,” Warren said that the only way to alter Israel’s trajectory is for the opposition to unite against Netanyahu.

Warren claims that Netanyahu “has precipitated four stalemate elections in two years in his frenzied effort to immunize himself from well-documented charges of corruption,” which is a weird way of pointing out that the prime minister called for elections after a coalition collapse.

Imagine, if you can, Warren’s reaction if a foreign political leader openly offered the GOP advice on how to win back the presidency. Foreign interference, indeed.

Warren maintained that “the majority that opposes [Netanyahu] must decide what to do next. Will they continue to fight among themselves and, in the process, prop up a corrupt leader who puts his own interests ahead of those of his country?”

Netanyahu, who has been prime minister since 2009, may well find himself in the wilderness soon. But in Israel charges of political corruption are about as abundant as falafel stands, and fighting among themselves is the national pastime. Israel has a justice system that adjudicates charges of corruption and an impractical parliamentary system under which governments are created. Israel’s “majority” isn’t a single incarnation of Warren’s aspirations but an array of parties, some with lots of ideological malleability and others with a strictly narrow focus. In essence, Warren implies that the largest party in the nation, the right-wing Likud, shouldn’t even have participated in national elections because she is upset that the prime minister doesn’t want to hand Jerusalem to Mahmoud Abbas.

Warren went on to say that the “United States cannot stand for security, human rights, and dignity, and at the same moment turn a blind eye to the suffering of Palestinians under Israeli occupation.” Indeed, the suffering of the Palestinian people is largely perpetrated by their own corrupt leadership, which has spurned deal after deal, condemning one generation after the next to needless poverty and hopelessness. Warren now has a more radical position on Israel than the Saudi Arabians or Egyptians.

And like most Democrats these days, when talking about the Middle East, Warren has nothing but tough words for the region’s only liberal democracy. As for the Palestinians’ allies, the Iranian mullahs — who have vowed to destroy Israel and who have murdered hundreds of American servicemen — Warren wants to send them cash, while using foreign aid as a cudgel against Israel.

“Jewish settlers in the West Bank are receiving vaccinations, while few Palestinians have any access to life-saving shots,” the Massachusetts senator went on to say, attempting to create the impression that Israel was undermining such efforts. By “settlers,” of course, Warren means Jews who live in towns in Samaria and Judea — the only place on Earth where it is acceptable for an American politician to demand ethnic purity. It’s that kind of purity that propels the Palestinian Authority to reject COVID aid for its people simply because the UAE plane with the vaccine cargo landed in Israel first. Palestinians regularly blocked people sick with COVID from going to Israeli hospitals for treatment. The Palestinian Authority, by their own admission, hasn’t even asked for Israel’s help — outside of vaccinations for its health-care workers, which were provided. When Israel tried to open a vaccination site at the Al-Aqsa compound on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount to inoculate thousands of Palestinian worshippers, among whom the virus was running rampant, Abbas refused the offer.

Not for himself, though. As the New York Times reported, Palestinian leaders have been accused of “siphoning some of the few doses allocated for Palestinians and distributing them to the senior ranks of the ruling party, allies in the media and even to family members of top dignitaries.” Yet the toughest words Warren could muster about this totalitarian regime is to suggest that maybe it should have elections as well. We don’t know when Abbas, now in the second decade of a four-year term, will finally let his people vote. The problem, however, is that holding a vote would mean Fatah’s losing control to radical theocratic forces. The last time Fatah lost an election, the opposition celebrated with mass defenestration. That’s how Hamas breaks stalemates. And that’s what a Palestinian state could easily look like.

The harsh reality learned by Israelis is that “peace” processes with the Palestinians usually end with untenable demands, frustration, and mass violence. It is highly unlikely that even the Israeli center-left would engage in the national self-harm that Warren has in mind. The last time the Israeli Left tried something like it, it was decimated in elections. Then again Elizabeth Warren doesn’t really have their, or Israel’s, best interests in mind.

Source: Senator Warren’s Disgraceful Meddling in Israeli Politics

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