RE: Justin Bieber ACCUSED of stealing a hair style – (dread)locks it’s a Biblical Term


Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 4-28-2021

LOCKS IS A BIBLICAL TERM, which means anybody can wear them. Imagine that?? Certain people (white colored) can’t wear the same hair styles as black colored people!! How racist is THAT!

In what century do we live? The century of BLACK HAIR SUPREMACY?

UGLY HAIR!! It looks like he crawled out of a dumpster he was sleeping in for a month. That’s what black Africans are claiming to preserve as their rightful hair style? They can have it; I don’t want it; I never liked it anyway…

No one can own a hairstyle any more than they can own a word. Stop with the racial nonsense.

Leave his hair alone; he can do what he wants with it. It’s his hair, not yours. Keep your mouth closed about it being yours. It isn’t.

I thought black Africans wanted fewer laws and fewer arrests? Then why make a hair style a crime depending on whose head it appears? Only black people can wear it? What kind of discrimination demand is that?

  • The Brits are manipulating you; can’t you see it?

Are the Jews claiming nobody can shave their head or wear buzz cuts, because Jews’ heads were shaved upon entering the forced labor camps, because they had lice? No. They’d be crazy to do that. They’d be laughed off the planet. Wearing shaved heads is cultural appropriation?! How about bald wigs; are they okay?

It was quite clear that J.B. got “ACCUSED” and convicted by Black Lives Terrorists and those British people who like race wars.

Nobody’s telling black Africans they can’t dye their hair blonde like white people. Cultural appropriation works both ways if it’s going to work at all.  

The Brits again, always stirring up trouble, making crimes out of the way people wear their hair. Enough.  

If that guy was black African and he straightened his hair nobody would be allowed to confront and criticize him for cultural appropriation. Blacks can copy white culture, but Whites can’t copy black culture.

Cultural appropriation is nothing more than a tool used by black Africans and British in race warfare.  

Wake up. Hair styles are not prejudicial nor discriminatory. This cultural appropriation garbage is a can of maggots everybody opens when they want to raise some racial stink. Not getting enough attention?

Cultures need to integrate not segregate. You listening Britain??

  • Hey, I made your British operative out on Detroit Avenue – time to bring him in. He has a big drinking problem.

You listening Black Lives Terrorists??  

Focus on violent crime across the board. Focus on civilizing/taming your own Gods. Stop distracting the world from your participation in the GRUE by focusing on copycatted hair styles.

Humans copy what other humans do; they even copy what other non-human animals do; it’s natural animal behavior. GO BACK TO SCHOOL Britain and Black Lives Terrorists. The history of all non-human animals is more telling than the history of human animals. We don’t need your prejudicial discriminatory attitude dictating to the world your hatred of integration and culture-shares.

Everybody suffers. You suffered less than most. Why did they all rise above you? Maybe too much time spent on hair and not enough on substantive matters?

Justin Bieber is being accused of cultural appropriation (again) after he debuted a new hairstyle resembling dreadlocks

Callie AhlgrimMon, April 26, 2021, 6:07 PM

Source: Justin Bieber is being accused of cultural appropriation (again) after he debuted a new hairstyle resembling dreadlocks

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