Stop Expecting The USA To Police The World

then burn USA cities to demand defunding the police.

Demanding that the USA be a global police force is a sign of oppression. It is not the world’s place to demand one country to solve the problems of all the others. What they really want is money to make them stop warring against each other. And that is called extortion. It’s a hustle.

The populace of other countries expect the USA to police the entire planet. They don’t and won’t approach their own leaders in their own countries to rectify injustices where they live.

Yet, when they immigrate to the USA they object to the very laws that help keep the peace and the country running smoothly.

They want a lawless nation, but with a police force that protects only them. They want to be treated equally, but claim preferential consideration is the only fair way to achieve it.

The same people who refuse to hold their own leaders accountable, come to the USA and protest against the leaders here. For what purpose?

So the USA, as the police of the world, will intervene on their behalf, bombing if necessary the dictatorship they claim to oppose, so they can return to their homeland? It appears so, since a large percentage do not seek citizenship in the USA preferring instead to keep the citizenship of their birth country.

It’s discriminatory thinking and subsequent actions, that the oppressed engage in when seeking solutions – the same discriminatory thinking and practices which they claim their oppressors use to determine their status of need.

They want first free living benefits and arrangements, rather than jobs since most of them don’t speak English, which in itself is a huge strategic blunder – seeking asylum in a country whose people speak a different language. How many slaughter houses do we have to build to put immigrants who can’t speak English to work? This insanity and GRUE needs to end.

Either you’re going to be different from the oppressor or you will join ranks with them. Your choice thus far appears to be the latter.

A tell or sign of whether someone is truly oppressed is the degree of long term planning in which the group, not the individual, engages to change the status of the group instead of the individual. That long term group plan places the individuals in the group in a state of oppression by their own people.

If you wan’t to fight oppression, then you need to fight oppression on all fronts, and not accept it as a temporary part of a long term plan to achieve independence and equal status, just because it’s your own group that is oppressing you. Those terms last decades and are difficult to change once instituted.

Accepting oppression by your own people is not a cure for oppression by another people.

It didn’t work. It can’t work, because you can’t fight oppression with oppression.

There are large numbers of disgruntled individuals all over the planet due to this flawed strategy of accepting oppression to achieve eventual freedom. It creates confusion thus chaos, which leads to war.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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