‘Pick On Someone Your Own Size’ Netanyahu, somebody with a military at least

Jews Living On Stolen Palestinian Land

RE: ‘Democrats back off demand that Biden delay U.S. arms sale to Israel’

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 18 May 2021

Democrat President Biden and his apartheid-supporting spineless Democrats decide to sell even more arms to the Jews to decimate the Palestinians on their own land.

Jews already have a nation; it’s called the United States of America. That was stolen too.

I haven’t heard one fair, viable plan for war or peace come out of the Jewish camp, except take more land until all that’s left are the slums where the Palestinian slaves are targeted to survive and thrive making money for the Jews. No self-respect allowed.

Better start talking so the world – the entire world – can see and hear your plan. No more under the table, behind closed doors. You made perfectly clear your intentions – for the world to see – by bombing essentially an unarmed country without a developed military. This is what happens folks, when one group demands control over an other group by taking away its right and ability to defend itself against invasion.

  • Without saying a word I might add or asking permission from the United Nations to start a war.

It seems Benjamin Netanyahu needed another diversion strategy from his corruption trial and inability to form a government in a place they call home on stolen land in Palestine.

  • First the pandemic and now a Middle East war.

The Jews aren’t going to invade; they already invaded decades ago. Who put that invasion story out there as if it hadn’t already happened? Fire their racist, anti-Gentile butts.

This isn’t a tit for tat; it’s another Jewish massacre against the Palestinians. Jenin all over again. Yeah we all know, you can’t help yourselves. If you weren’t warring against the Palestinians or somebody else, you’d be warring against each other.

They do it every few years to decimate where the Palestinians live in place with no escape route, corralled by the Jews, so they have to spend the next few years rebuilding what the Jews blew up. The Jews need building contracts and that’s how they get them.

Imagine living day to day 24/365 under the thumb of that Jewish maniacal cycle of destroying other people’s cities to get building contracts.

Maybe that’s why they claim nobody likes them.

They say, always they say, “but nobody stops us”.

Well, that’s a plan right there, staring right at you. They gave it to you.

STOP THEM – not with rewards, because that’s in their plan too. They get rewarded for bombing the Palestinians. Women and children are always on their radar. Do it then deny it.

They formed business alliances with the Arab countries before doing it.

Did the Arab countries know this in advance? Was that part of their business deals? To give up Palestine and Lebanon and Syria?

Wherever Jews bomb, they want to live. Don’t believe that they don’t.

  • It’s in the SMIRK. They can’t help it.

My father used to say, pick on someone your own age or pick on someone your own size. Israel always picks on the little guy. Well, it’s time the big guys stood up for the little guys and


You’ve got it. Signed, sealed and delivered.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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