RE: Sign Posted at a St. Louis Popeyes Denies White People of The Good Chicken Service

Who wrote this title?

“Sign Posted at a St. Louis Popeyes Denies White People of The Good Chicken Service”.

What exactly does “The Good Chicken Service” mean? Is this writer writing an advertisement for POPEYE’S? Totally Inappropriate.

The newscaster says, “the prank was a bad idea”. Who says it was a prank? When it’s against Blacks or Hispanics it’s called a hate crime by the media and by the FBI. When it’s against white people it’s called a prank? Where’s the equal treatment minorities keep talking about? Why didn’t they show the face of the manager who was interviewed? Afraid of backlash? No one fears showing white people’s faces.

Maybe a white person put up the sign. Why don’t their security cameras work 24/7? How safe are white people who enter the restaurant with no security cameras operating?

Security cameras would have solved the mystery and all this press would not have happened. Somebody or some group wanted it to happen just as it did.

How can you check surveillance tapes and not know the race of the person(s) who put up the sign? This is a race issue and an animal rights issue. Why didn’t any of the reporters ask? Because they’ve been silenced in defense of black people.

Black people in America turned White against White all the while they burned cities in tandem for the right of black peoples to burn cities and commit crimes with impunity. That’s a strategy terrorists use to paralyze the enemy – for over a year. That’s a long time to incite the entire world – it was all over the media globally. HATE WHITE PEOPLE WAS THE MESSAGE. Deny white people their right to speak, their right to an opinion that differs from Black Lives Terrorists. It’s all black all the time. Reporters can’t even ask valid questions.

Black Lives Terrorists incite people: Black and White and HISPANIC and INDIAN – PAKISTANI – to silence white people because of the color of their skin. How is that alright with people who claim superiority in the department of fairness to all? The only truth is theirs. If you speak yours, it’s a hate crime punishable by living hells made by Blacks or indoctrinated Whites.

Equal treatment? The media missed the boat. So did Black Lives. One could argue that the media was the one who initially incited the violence by pitting one group against another. It seems everybody exploited the pandemic – except the victims of the exploitation and that continues to be: it’s not safe to be White in America.

“THE GOOD CHICKEN SERVICE”? Is this writer trying to invoke the bible by using a religious tone to sell more chicken for POPEYE’S?

There’s a chicken war going on among fast food giants. Maybe the writer doesn’t know that. What is “good chicken service” anyway? Get your neck wrung? Are there real chickens running around with their heads cut off serving people their bodies to consume? Take mine, take mine?

I don’t care whose slogan it is. If you use it, you own the consequences. Chickens don’t serve humans other chickens. They don’t seek to turn cows against cows and pigs against pigs like Black Lives do with people.

It’s time to free the God-damned chickens. To Black Enterprise, get off your ‘good chicken service’ pulpit. You can’t own chickens – even if you eat them, their souls are not yours. Didn’t you know that once dead your soul leaves the body instantaneously all at once – there’s no portal, shade or fade. The warm body isn’t the soul; it’s the blood not yet cold from the thermodynamic structure of the body.

Yeah, so they pick a black owned magazine to write about a hate crime against white people, that they call a prank. That’s a serious prank. Put the shoe on the other foot. The writer sure soft-peddled that one in defense of black people. It was against white people, so don’t jump on this bandwagon claiming it’s yours to exploit. It isn’t.

Blacks have been instilling and inciting hatred toward white people for centuries among their own color group. Then they spread it to other color groups indoctrinating them to their hateful way, all in the name of their God savior, all while consuming soul food, the souls of other animals.

Ever see an animal resist death? That’s the soul fighting. Then you eat the dead animal.

  • Researchers estimate that the chicken has about 20,000-23,000 genes in its 1 billion DNA base pairs, compared with the human count of 20,000-25,000 genes in 2.8 billion DNA base pairs.

The FBI would be all over this if that shoe were on the other foot. Looks like they’re afraid of black people too.

Time to burn another city? St. Louis? Is that the one chosen? Looks like an addiction process is in play. The government allowed the violence against white businesses and white people to continue too long unabated, now the ones incited (of multiple ethnicities) need it as a fix to feel power over all life – even defenseless little chickens. Dead ones at that.

  • They weren’t dead when they were slated for the chicken houses.

SHUT ALL THE CHICKEN HOUSES DOWN. Those chickens are going to burn St. Louis.

Source: Sign Posted at a St. Louis Popeyes Denies White People of The Good Chicken Service

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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