Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 6.12.2021

White people have standardized traits now. And COCA-COLA personnel set the standards. The Brits and Antifa-like organizations are usually the standardizers of the planet, wanting everybody to look, sound, think and act the same, so governments can more easily control them. For businesses it’s a slightly different story.

Some news stories call it “reverse discrimination”.

It looks and feels more like REVENGE DISCRIMINATION against all white people for injustices that happened before their white great grandparents were even born and/or before they immigrated to this country. So much for not blaming the family for what other family members do – except when it happens to non-Whites. Non-whites don’t want to be blamed for the crimes their grandfathers and fathers and uncles and who knows who else in the family committed and got away with or didn’t against society or the state.

The hypocrisy always shows up with the proverbial shoe on the other foot comparison.


This anti-white campaign was going on in February 2021, just a few months ago, when many of the people of the nation were suffering from corona-covid virus. I missed it, since I was too sick to watch or read the news.

Now I see it and wonder why COCO-COLA would allow the introduction of evil racists ideas and agendas into their training programs in the middle of a pandemic – sounds like something Adolph Hitler would say to the Jews. Then I realized, it was for the same reason Black Lives Terrorists exploited the same pandemic and tried to burn the country down calling it peaceful protests to restore their dignity. Don’t know how restoring dignity squares with burning cities to get back at white people, but for the believers, it’s the quickest route to get what they want.

HIT THEM WHILE THEY’RE SICK AND TOO WEAK TO RESPOND. If that wasn’t an all out SUBVERSIVE ASSAULT against white people I don’t know what is.

COCOA-COLA DIVERSITY TRAINING included a “TRY TO BE LESS WHITE” learning campaign against white people and on behalf of non-white people. Whether the words ‘be less white‘ actually appeared on a COKE CAN or not, there is a major anti-white campaign in the USA that is spreading globally, and Big Business is giving it a big push with both thumbs on the scale.

The world witnessed it; one doesn’t need a can of COKE to prove it. The MEDIA has become anti-white, social media the same. Madison Avenue too. Banks. Businesses. Real Estate. The list is growing…

But to actually teach the hate using written words presented by the in-service programs or human resource departments to instruct new hires to deny their race and then to accuse them of being racist by the nature of their color is too shocking to believe. But it’s true.

TURN WHITE AGAINST WHITE is their strategy for change in their favor.

If white people don’t fight for non-white people, they are automatically called racist and will suffer the consequences – that’s another one of those anti-white ditties.

So who was fired? Nobody? Isn’t that a hate crime manifesto? Who’s investigating? Nobody? Isn’t that institutionalized racism against white people? Any particular white people from any particular country of origin targeted? Or all white people.

So, all white people share these traits, according to COCA-COLA’s marching orders and need to change them pronto.

1- be less oppressive

2- be less arrogant

3- be less certain

4- be less defensive

5- be less ignorant

6- be more humble

• listen
• believe

7- break with apathy

8- break with white solidarity

They’re all bad, but that last one runs counter to the belief and community systems of both black African and Spanish speaking peoples. They stand in solidarity with their race and ethnic groups. So they are the biggest offenders in the solidarity category.

Non-whites evidently don’t know that white people don’t have solidarity; they don’t have leaders, mentors, people they can call to fight their battles for them.

BREAK UP THE WHITE GROUP. It’s a divide and conquer strategy that non-white people are using against all white people.

To white people, don’t be too certain about anything or it could get you labeled as racist and fired too.

It looks like COCA-COLA used race to crack the whip on their white employees who erroneously think they have worker rights. When somebody cracks the whip, worker rights go out the window. How many sweat chops does COCA-COLA operate?

COCOA-COLA’s sensitivity training program tells white people straight up that unless they fight for the rights of black people, they’re racists, while simultaneously telling them to break away from white solidarity, which means stop identifying with your own group, your own people. On the other hand, they encourage group solidarity in non-Whites.

Who runs COCA-COLA? Who wrote and approved the ANTI-WHITE MANIFESTO? What race? What ethnicity? Those questions and the anti-white nature and intent of the words, putting all responsibility for racial sensitivity on white people and no one else demands an answer. Where is it? Where’s the answer?

Are these originator social engineers trying to modify white people so black people don’t hate them? I didn’t know they did hate them. Was it the Brits? The word humble makes me think in that direction. But truth be told the first time I read it I saw Spanish written all over it.

You’re not going to standardize racial bias against one group in favor of another group, so stop hurting people in the process of trying. It’s discriminatory.

COCA-COLA defends its position by saying the training wasn’t mandatory. That’s not enough. It was out there. It is still out there. It’s in the hearts of all non-white people who read the manifesto.

People shouldn’t have to guess who did it. There must be more than one person involved. Whoever participated needs to be discovered, if they’re not going to come forward on their own. It doesn’t matter that it happened a few months ago and was reported in the news in February 2021.

Letting COCA-COLA off the hook, and the individuals responsible unaccountable speaks loudly to systemic racism against white people in the work place. The fact that non-whites and anti-white sympathizers are doing it speaks loudly of their own racial and ethnic bias. That somebody could get away with it for so long with no checks and balances, no oversight, in a racially charged world says that COCA-COLA was sleeping while the WHITE HATERS ran the EXTREME BIAS training programs against white people using a written anti-white manifesto that was widely circulated.

Reportedly this anti-white manifesto is based on the works of Robin Di’Angelo.

When anti-white sympathizers fixate on all white people being racist, and the cause of everything that’s wrong in the world, black people eat that up. Robin DiAngelo knows that.

All peoples by nature are designed to be suspicious of those outside their group. In that regard all races are racist.

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

It’s the behavior not the color.

Difference in color is obvious. That’s the first thing people notice about other people. One white person walks into an all black people room or one black person walks into an all white people room.

Being a minority has it’s downside in that they are not the majority, thus they stand out as different from the majority. It’s a fact of life. A reality that some want to change. The problem with changing an individual’s ability to assess threats by what they see as unusual in their environment is that it leaves them vulnerable to threatening actions.

So evidently COCA-COLA wants white people to act, thus be, less white, so black people can feel better about themselves and less threatened by being a minority that stands out because of the color difference.

Anti-white sympathizers decide the white traits that all white people possess, all negative by the way, that white people need to tone down so they don’t appear as White.

Accept yourself the way others view you and change accordingly is what the anti-white manifesto is saying. Well go ahead, apply the same to all black people. Tell them how to BE LESS BLACK and the Spanish people how to BE LESS HISPANIC and the Irish LESS IRISH and the brown people LESS BROWN and the Asians LESS ASIANS and the indigenous people, because they’re more special than anybody else on earth, how to be LESS INDIGENOUS.

Do all that, so that white people will feel more comfortable and less threatened when among minorities, who stand out initially because of their appearance, and secondarily because of their behavior consistent with minority-specific solidarity, which translates to “we have solidarity thus power even if we don’t have the numbers”.

Di’Angelo harbors some questionable prejudicial issues of her own, which leads her to accuse everybody White of being like her. If she’s a racist or contributes to racism by not fighting for non-white people, then you’re one too. Di’Angelo doesn’t like to stand alone; she’ll take every white person down with her and enjoy the process.

Di’Angelo evidently thinks that black people are helpless to shape their own destiny as individuals, so she demonizes white solidarity when it doesn’t exist based on color.

What’s the problem with white, black or hispanic or asian preferring to work and play among their own? It’s normal behavior. Di’Angelo knows that non-white people do that already and that white people don’t have that comfort, yet she perpetuates a lie of solidarity to make the races more equal in the comfort department. White people stand alone; they can’t call up other white people to help them when they fall.

D’Angelo doesn’t bring majorities and minorities together by demonizing one group in order to raise up another. Non-Whites won’t fall for that manipulation for long. The old-style remedies of curing a prejudice with a prejudice by using revenge discrimination needs to be gone.

Shallow one-sided views are detrimental to the well-being of all humans. Don’t reincarnate Adolph Hitler’s inability to see the world as it is. Di’Angelo looks at one segment and truly believes that that one segment is the root of all racism and she has chosen herself to root it out – almost like an addict needs someone to cure in order to stay clean. She uses humiliation, lies and terror. She’s a zealot in need of people to consume with her rage against herself. It has nothing to do with race. She’s not seeking to make the world better by making herself better. She’s cracking a whip and thinks it’s okay as long as she whips herself too. It’s a sadistic and masochistic strategy. People like that have powerful urges to enforce conformity discriminately.

So why is COCOA-COLA instructing its new white hires and old white hires on being less white, and instructing new and old non-white hires on the negative traits of white people? This is all done through back channels of course, because they know it’s wrong.


Studies that somebody or some organization did must have shown that non-white people spend more money when they witness white people being attacked, especially if it’s on behalf of non-Whites. It makes them feel good, so they drop whatever they’re doing and run out to spend money. It’s an aphrodisiac. It’s hard not to do.

Other studies must have shown that non-white people do in fact have a lot of money to spend and they like doing it. Again, it’s an aphrodisiac.

It has nothing inherently to do with race or ethnicity. It’s a Madison Avenue game to make more money – lots of it.

Remember when multitudes of white people stopped smoking? Where did the advertisers focus their ads? On non-white people – around the globe. It wasn’t just in the USA; it was everywhere. Companies think globally; they really have no prejudices based on race, ethnicity, gender, religion…they want your money and will do whatever it takes to get it.

The most important issue in global business is not racial equality but worker rights. Race has all but swallowed up the rights of workers in lieu of making all the factory workers feel equal based on color. Guess what? If you’re a factory worker; you’re in the same boat as every other factory worker, regardless of color or any other identifying feature.

You’re all the same to the Big Bosses.

Better for them if you fight for racial rights for some, that won’t cost the companies anything, than worker rights for all, that costs the companies a bundle.

One must wonder the ethnicity and race of the person(s) who wrote that white people are socialized to feel they are inherently superior because they’re white. How does one socialize a white person to feel superior? Who does it, family, church, schools, babysitters, scout leaders, employers?

Who conducted research on three to four year old children to find out if they thought it was better to be White? What race were the subjects? What race were the scientists? Do black parents tell their black three and four year olds that it’s better to be white, when being white, if you’re non-white, is impossible? Do white parents and teachers tell their children and students that white is better?

Why are three and four year olds being subjected to testing on race, by whom and by what mandate? What country? What states? They’re doing scientific studies on three and four year olds on race? So they stopped experimenting on adults after WWII and switched to children?

Did part of the experimentation include indoctrination and white denial? Did they tell the black children to be less black?

Leave the children alone.


Coca-Cola slammed for diversity training that urged workers to be ‘less white’

By Lia Eustachewich

February 23, 2021 | 10:29am | Updated

Coca-Cola employees were urged to be “less white” as part of the company’s alleged diversity training — but the material was yanked offline following a viral whistleblower post.

The “Confronting Racism” course in question was offered by LinkedIn Education and allegedly utilized by the soft-drink titan.

“In the U.S. and other Western nations, white people are socialized to feel that they are inherently superior because they are white,” reads one of the slides, allegedly sent from an “internal whistleblower” and posted on Twitter by YouTube commentator Karlyn Borysenko.

Another slide suggests “try to be less white” with tips including “be less oppressive,” “listen,” “believe” and “break with white solidarity.”

Borysenko, who describes herself as a supporter of banning critical race theory, said the screenshots were sent to her from an “internal whistleblower” from Coca-Cola, who told her the course was “required.”

Coca-Cola employees were urged to be “less white” as part of the company’s alleged diversity training.

Her tweet from Friday has garnered 18,000 retweets and more than 34,000 likes.

Coca-Cola denied that the training, written by sociologist Robin DiAngelo, was mandatory for employees.

Coca-Cola denied that the training, featuring interviews with sociologist Robin DiAngelo, was mandatory for employees.

On Monday, LinkedIn said it had pulled the controversial course — featuring interviews with sociologist Robin DiAngelo, the author of “White Fragility.”

“The Confronting Racism course featuring Robin DiAngelo is no longer available in our course library, at the request of the 3rd party content provider we licensed this content from,” Nicole Leverich, vice president of corporate communications, told Newsweek in an email.

The “Confronting Racism” course in question was offered by LinkedIn Education.

Leverich continued, “We provide a wide variety of learning content, including more than 270 courses on the topics of diversity, inclusion and belonging. We will continue to add new courses to help people learn the skills they need to be more successful in their career, including the foundational skills we all need to be effective allies and help build a more equitable future.”

DiAngelo, meanwhile, insists she was unaware she was featured in the course.

“The slides included were not created by Dr. DiAngelo,” said her rep, Caitlin Meyer.

“She was unaware that the videos had been re-edited in this way, or that they were being marketed as a course/training on anti-racism, since the way the content was put together did not accurately represent the way she would facilitate that type of work.”

Coca-Cola denied that the training was mandatory for employees, Newsweek reported. But Borysenko told the outlet that multiple workers said it was, in fact, required.

The training material was yanked offline after a viral whistleblower post.

The drink giant told the publication that while its “Better Together” initiative included access to the LinkedIn diversity training, the course “was not part of the company’s curriculum.”

“We will continue to listen to our employees and refine our learning programs as appropriate,” the company said.


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