You mean you’re talking for an entire country of people every time you open your mouth? Nobody can handle that coming from one person. Even when Jesus said, ‘open your mouth to speak and my words will come out’, he wasn’t telling you to speak for everybody else; it was to everybody else. Speaking for everybody else is a political strategy.

Ever wonder why you can’t contact Nancy Pelosi (SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE) by the contact form on her website, unless you live in her district, even though she forms policy and votes on issues that effect the lives of everyone outside of her district?

She wants only to hear from community leaders and chances are that’s not you or me. I don’t know any community leaders. I don’t know how to speak in consensus terms. These leaders everyone talks about have other ways to contact her – ways we know nothing about. All important people use back channels, which makes you and I unimportant, because we don’t know those routes.

How does one find a community leader to voice their views through and who knows who they are? That’s not going to happen unless you go through somebody else to reach the community leaders and who knows who they are?? There’s too much chaos, too much bureaucracy designed to limit your access, even when it’s just filling out a contact form.

CHANGE THAT while you’re changing everything else, or is it that you can only change for Black people? Not for all people?

Stop speaking for me when you say the American people want this and that. Whoever says it speaks a lie. Politicians don’t have a clue as to what the American people want unless you live in a very small town and you’re a rich business person or one of the community leaders.

What? Like a priest or a minister? And who do they listen to and what do you have to give to be listened to? Politics 101? Community leaders act like politicians – arrogant, too good, always wanting something in return for your voice being heard by them. Extortion.

That’s about to change. I receive emails from Nancy Pelosi begging for money. She wants to know what I think, but only after I make a donation to her party. Joe Biden, Donald Trump, they’re all the same. If you donate they’ll let you complete a multiple choice form about where you think their focus should be. But you have to pick one of their issues, not one of yours. They let you fill out the form but then you can’t send it unless you donate. Extortion. PAY TO BE HEARD – BY YOUR LOCAL, STATE, FEDERAL POLITICIANS.

How did they even get access to my email, when I can’t get access to theirs?

The majority of the people’s voices never get heard. Nobody cares about the average citizen who has no access. They tell themselves and each other lies about their availability and how they have their fingers on the pulse of America. The truth is they only know what the rich and influential people want, because they have access.

They only talk to important people, who by the way don’t have a clue as to what you want or how you think the country should be run. Important people don’t care about the unimportant people.

Since US Senators and House of Representatives vote on matters that concern the entire country, and every person in it, then all senators and representatives should be reachable by contact forms on their sites. Why so lazy? Elected officials should earn their money and prestige the old-fashioned way, what they tell everybody else to do – work for it.

When a senator outside of my district votes on a bill that’s going to effect my life, I deserve the right to contact them and voice my view. I don’t trust going through a middle person. If the emails become too burdensome, then hire more people to read them. There’s too much convenience made for political figures and too much inconvenience the populace is expected to endure.

No wonder no one hears the needs of the populace – except when they burn city centers. It’s the fault of elected officials for speaking lies on behalf of people who, as it turns out, have their own set of workable vocal cords with which to reach the ears of the officials making policy on their behalf absent their input.

Everybody’s brain sees the terrorism in that – whether conscious of it or not. And everyone will find their own way to respond commensurate with the threat.

Don’t speak on my behalf, thinking you know what’s best for me and my family, as you deny me the right to voice my view.

Nobody speaks for me without my permission. My vote is not permission to act on my behalf absent my participation.

Demanding money to voice my view, that is standardized by somebody else in a form designed via an election committee is extortion.

MAFIA springs to mind. Why would anybody put their welfare in the hands of a bunch of criminals?


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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