RE: Pelosi refuses to answer question about Ilhan Omar’s latest inflammatory statements

RE: Pelosi refuses to answer question about Ilhan Omar’s latest inflammatory statements this week

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 3 July 2021

I don’t even want nor do I have to read the article.

Plain as day: Congress doesn’t mind when white people are criticized for what they do, so why are Jews off limits?

It’s time to take Jews off that pedestal designed out of fear of making lives living hells if somebody dares criticize Jews for what they do.

Go ahead, keep at it Omar until they stop terrorizing the planet.

What was the veiled or not so veiled threat that her Jewish colleagues used to make her walk back her comments comparing Jewish and USA forces to Hamas and Hezbollah – all engaging in terrorism?

I can just imagine.

She’s right, they do all engage in terrorism, only the USA and Jews are better at hiding it. The whole world sees the truth. The whole world witnesses the result along with the lies told to negate the actions. Brits are good at blaming others for their terrorist actions too.

Nobody is sanctioning terrorist actions, but rock throwing is not in the same category as military tanks or aerial bombs.

Setting off little rockets near the border to make the Jews jittery is not the same as locking people into a space and aerial bombing a population of millions into submission through death and destruction.

What’s the difference between an aerial bomb and a land mine or a suicide bomber? Or the one who strikes the match to burn a city? It’s all a form of protest. So I suggest congress stop playing with words and face their own music and culpability where appropriate.

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