RE: China Raises Limits On Reproduction In Response To Pandemic

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 10 July 2021


China changes it’s one child policy per couple to three child policy per couple.

How many people died in China from CORONACOVID virus, that prompted the Chinese government to change China’s one child policy to three child policy?

As the story goes, the change in policy was in response to an aging Chinese population. Well, people do get old. By increasing the child limit to three, that should produce three times the number of old people by the time they reach old age – of course not all will.

In the meanwhile China will have three times the number of young people. But it really has nothing to do with an existing aging population; they want more young bodies and minds to increase their work force. More old people died than young people during this most recent pandemic, so China should have been happy with the declining figures.

What are the ‘truth be told’ figures on Chinese deaths due to the pandemic? Young vs old.

What happened when a woman accidentally got pregnant with a second child based on the old policy of one child per couple? Were they required to abort? There had to be lots of such incidences. Does China have abortion clinics? Is abortion even allowed? Can you trust the reporting of the figures by British and American news agencies? How truthful are they? Most countries don’t seem to like China.

I think they got hit hard by the pandemic and it is the pandemic that’s driving the change in policy.

My title would have been: China Raises Limits On Reproduction In Response To Pandemic.

When governments intervene in personal lives, the people become so accustomed to the rules, that when the government changes their minds, the people don’t want to go back to large families designed originally and primarily to work the family farms. The youth doesn’t want that any more – anywhere. It keeps them forever poor.

Is China going to have to pay people to procreate? Are factory farm equivalents for humans going to emerge, forcing people to procreate? They could do that and as a result adoption rates will skyrocket. Want a child? Go down to the factory farm and buy one.

It appears as though Chinese were fined for going over the limit. I say cancel all such debts and let the Chinese (and all peoples) decide what’s best for them individually, not what’s best at the whims of their respective countries.

Isn’t the financial burden tough enough for large families, who then get saddled with large fines for each child over the limit?

The story should have said that China wants to increase their young population. It’s not because they have a lot of old people.

It sounds like China has designed a prosperous future and wants the Chinese to prepare by getting pregnant now, so when work-age approaches, they’ll have a mighty work force.

Sixteen years. Sounds like a long time, and as we all know time flies. Will the robust economy they predict and the increase procreation necessary to sustain it coincide?

Time will tell. In the meanwhile cancel those fines for over-procreation. Fining now for past non-compliance to limit procreation isn’t a good motivator for people now to switch their mindset to increasing family size.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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