RE: Justice Department Shows Ageist Fists


U.S. will not investigate nursing home deaths in New York, two other states -letter

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 7.25.2021

SENIOR LIVES DON’T MATTER To The Justice Department. They never have.

They’re not black enough. Seniors don’t know how to be less white as recommended by the influencers. They’re locked in facilities with no means of escape.

The JD will say they matter, but their actions prove otherwise.

It’s been my experience that millennials are cruel to seniors. I am a senior. I experience it and bear witness to it toward other seniors.

How many millennials working in the Justice Department? Maybe we should start with all the people who made decisions regarding all these cases of people going from the most recent backwards. Include everyone. Forget that statistical method of leaving less significant people off the list. First mistake is when you start trimming for political purposes. Or just because some people are natural trimmers.

DO NOT START AT THE BEGINNING. START NOW (7.25.2021) AND GO BACKWARDS in time touching and recording every base.

You Owe Me. You Owe Us. You Owe All Seniors.

They were helpless to help themselves. They were marginalized. They were charged, sentenced and executed for being a Senior in a Nursing Home.

Reuter’s News writer got the “blow point” wrong. It wasn’t that the Justice Department deciding not to investigate nursing home CORONACOVID deaths dealt a blow to Republicans. It was a blow to all senior citizens – worldwide.

They pulled a 9-11 World Trade Towers trick once again, telling people who had escaped the fire to go back into the building to make way for more trucks, where they ultimately died.

We should have learned from that historical blunder and clearly didn’t, so yes it needs to be investigated.

Sure it will be long and tedious because so many departments fudged the figures and the research and the motives making it difficult to sort it all out.

That proves the point, that the Justice Department doesn’t have the skilled employees, the resources nor the will to do what’s right by the seniors who couldn’t flee the virus that was introduced willingly and knowingly into their safe place by people in decision-making positions regarding life and death.

I wonder if all these states have euthanasia laws that allow people outside of the family to become power of attorneys for seniors in nursing homes?

Nursing homes have long been used by hospitals and clinics as rehabilitation units for recovering patients to free up hospital beds. You have your surgery, stay in the hospital an unreasonably short period of time and then if you’re not well enough to go home or you still need custodial medical care, they ship you to a nursing home temporarily.

But you don’t do it in a pandemic where the people you ship have highly contagious diseases. This all had to be war-gamed by people in power before the pandemic. The media has been predicting a pandemic for a long time. Where was the preparation? Nobody thought about that?

These aren’t nursing home patients that got sick, were taken to the hospital and then returned to the nursing home. These are off the street patients of all ages, never been in a nursing home. All classes of people.

It’s not appropriate.

Counting days and figuring who is and isn’t contagious by arbitrary figures gleaned from statistics always puts some people in danger of infecting an entire nursing home facility. That’s what happened. And that’s what needs to be investigated, no matter how complex the network of lies and poor judgment by staff, politicians and government forces.

Blaming it on the staff/workers instead of the infected patients entering the facilities is convenient but still dangerous – it addresses only one half of the problem.

So next time it happens it will be accepted practice to address just one half of the problem and not all of it. This didn’t just happen in New York; it happened everywhere.

The Justice Department has a long history of investigating what they call “sexy” cases. Unfortunately, seniors lives aren’t sexy enough for the Justice Department so they pulled the political plug on every senior citizen of the world.

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, SENIOR CITIZEN of the world

ARTICLE FROM YAHOO: U.S. will not investigate nursing home deaths in New York, two other states -letter

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