Character Payton Hobart:

“How is it a sin to destroy the powerful to help the powerless?”

The cycle of destroying the powerful doesn’t end.

Destroy the powerful makes the powerless powerful, then a new group of powerless destroys them and on and on.

Payton dressed up as an Indian for Halloween when six years old.

For that crime against humanity he was publicly humiliated for stealing Indian culture (called cultural appropriation) and punished by being forced to agree to canvas low income black neighborhoods registering black people to vote – tried, convicted and sentenced to community service by bigoted Indians and Africans on THE STREET not in a civilized court of law.

Since when are African blacks Native Americans?

Truth be told Africans are the biggest cultural appropriators of all time. They’re the biggest bigots of all time and the biggest exploiters of all time.

Why not share cultures without trying to profit by fining others who copy what they see and like. Stop trying to copyright culture. It’s in the act not the words. All animals by nature copy what others do and everybody instinctively knows it.

So stop the facade of ignorance.

I’ve never witnessed the enormity of thievery in all facets of daily living as I’ve witnessed in black peoples in Cleveland, Ohio. No matter how well off.

One could make the argument that people who practice veganism are predominately white people.

When Blacks hijacked the movement as theirs’ during their city burnings to protest police abuse, by telling vegans they would stop eating animals if the vegans would support their causes, that was not only cultural appropriation by their own definition but extortion by bartering with the lives of animals for political benefit.

In this POLITICIAN series, making the white guy the continual culprit when everyone engaged in similar politically motivated antics, got old and boring.

This series is a lesson in social engineering gone awry in the favor of all races, except the white race that is made the villain. The sickening exaggerated apologetic tone by the white guy, while the other colors creamed their faces with expressions of feigned ecstasy was way over the top.

It was made clear from the beginning that whatever white people do that other colors find offensive, the other colors don’t find offensive in themselves or each other. To them it’s okay to be a hypocrite and okay to be a racist. It’s only the white people who are called out on the same behaviors.

Social engineering failed as it always does – miserably.

A Hollywood person decades ago when defending the content of movie pictures, said that “art imitates life”.

Generally in this regard, art imitated social engineering, not life. It did however imitate the discriminatory views toward white people by all the other colors.

When something is socially engineered, whatever it may be, it becomes a hustle. This series is no different – the white color being hustled by all the other colors. It was a pile on, not a fair fight.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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