RE: The Vaccine Alternative Right Under Their Noses

Cholesterol drug cuts coronavirus infection by 70%, researchers find

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 7 August 2021

Fenofibrate: MedlinePlus Drug Information › druginfo › meds Although fenofibrate decreases the levels of fatty substances in the blood, it has not been shown to decrease the risk of heart attacks or strokes. Fenofibrate …”

SHARON: What’s the point of taking a drug designed to lower fatty substances in the blood, if the absence of those fatty substances in the blood doesn’t reduce the number of heart attacks and strokes?

If fatty substances, namely cholesterol, cause arterial plaque, thus inflammation of arterial walls, why expect the removal of the fat in the blood to keep the subject from heart attack or stroke if it doesn’t remove it from the arterial walls also?

Removing the fat from the blood appears to keep the subject’s arterial walls in the condition they were in prior to taking the drug.

The obvious purpose was to get to the fat while it’s in the blood, before the fat attaches itself to the arterial walls where it becomes more problematic.

If the drug works to remove the fat, and it doesn’t reduce heart attacks and stroke, then maybe it isn’t the fat that’s causing the heart attacks and strokes.

It appears that fenofibrates were designed to allow people to keep eating fatty foods with impunity, probably motivated by the slaughter and dairy industries in conjunction with the health related industries. The former don’t want people to stop consuming animals and the later don’t want to pay the long term care price of healing bodies that consume them.

Spike protein on VIRUS meets ACE2 receptor protein on HOST = opens door of HOST to allow VIRUS in.

How are fenofibrates connected to CORONACOVID virus?

Now ENTER fenofibrates as a coronacovid virus inhibitor. Or reduces inflammation, which reduces sick time, which reduces death from said virus. Or since it speeds the natural process of expelling cholesterol from the blood, it is theorized that it can also speed the natural process of expelling coronacovid virus from the blood. It appears to do this by activating or supercharging cytokines (small proteins important in cell signaling), for the purpose of stimulating the immune system into a more rapid response.

Thus fenofibrates will be used globally as a vaccine alternative, since it potentially can act in the same or at least similar way as do vaccines, by targeting immunity within the organism.

Although fenofibrates are commonly used globally to reduce fatty substances in the blood, they come with serious side effects.

My first reaction was to make them available over-the-counter. However, if the side effects are as serious as the pharmaceuticals and those who report on benefits and side effects claim, then why do so many people globally take them, evidently absent harm? There’s a contradiction there that needs to be addressed – soon.

IF THEY’RE SAFE ENOUGH, then OVER-THE-COUNTER AVAILABILITY should happen – also soon. Since it’s already FDA approved, then do further studies for further understanding of how and why it works. However, don’t hold up mass availability for study purposes, when it’s already been studied and approved. Off label is nothing new.

And don’t make it available to only the sickest patients. Why test it only on the sickest patients, when less sick patients or not yet sick patients may also benefit? If a patient is already dying from coronacovid virus, would a vaccine at that point save them? Probably not. Do the studies, but make it available now.

Fenofibrates will be acting like a vaccine without injecting more of the virus into the subject. That’s a plus. Many people leary of the vaccine, may not be leary of the fenofibrates.


Cholesterol drug cuts coronavirus infection by 70%, researchers find

Kayla Rivas
Fri, August 6, 2021, 9:35 AM

A drug meant to treat cholesterol was found to reduce coronavirus infection by 70% in lab studies, with researchers calling for additional clinical trials among hospitalized COVID-19 patients.

A team of researchers from the U.K. and Italy published findings in the Frontiers in Pharmacology journal Friday, finding that fenofibrate and fenofibric acid resulted in a significant reduction in coronavirus infection in human cells when the drug was used in safe and approved concentrations, according to a news release posted Friday…

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