It’s A Dangerous Hustle

IT’S A DANGEROUS HUSTLE – to attempt to control the movement of the target. Anything can happen under those circumstances.

Do Not Keep Approaching A Stranger When You Have Your Hands Raised

Don’t raise your hands to motion for me to stay still as you approach indicating you’re safe.

You’re not. Not to me.

When you raise your palms to me and keep approaching I instinctively interpret that as a threat gesture.

You already have my attention with palms facing me. Any other movement signals danger.

The new Irish coming into the area do that to strangers they encounter as marks.

As they keep approaching, the alert level of the stranger goes up; the person approaching intensifies their raised hands trying to control the target, while slowly lowering their walk, coming in closer. They simultaneously zero in at the eyes, and anything after that can happen.

The stranger is getting ready to pounce and run, especially if they see a purse. They maneuver like smart wild animals.

If you tell them to stop, they keep moving in. The only thing that will make them turn and run is if you say you have no money.

They’re hoping that their control over you will make you reach into your purse or pocket and extend money to them out of fear.

To the hustler: Do not keep approaching a stranger when you have your hands raised.

Stop where you are and ask your question while standing still, not moving in.

If you continue to move in on the stranger and the stranger has a gun, they could easily use it against you.

If you come up to someone sitting on a park bench and you startle them, and they know you can outrun them, a gun may be their only defense in their fearful mind.




Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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