RE: Women Are Sharing Stories About The First Time They Were Sexualized…

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 29 August 2021

RE: Women Are Sharing Stories About The First Time They Were Sexualized…

This is hypocritical coming from a news agency that sexualizes women because they think men and women like it. Boobs and butts – that’s what’s on the daily news from Yahoo, giving you your daily dose of devaluing women.

Look at so and so in her thong, or bikini or Kim K. idolizing her nearly naked body. Yahoo should give it up or go out of business.

They call BOOB AND BUTT stories entertainment. That’s what happens when you give the British a little responsibility. Boobs and Butts make headlines, while hiding the real news. What’s going on in the real world that the British feel a need to distract us from with boobs and butts? Shouldn’t we make those decisions?

That’s the British colonizing the media.

That’s what’s really disgusting – to now turn the fault of it onto people who can’t defend themselves. That’s Yahoo protecting the abusers.

They tell women they should be proud of their bodies, so they can keep capitalizing on them, which proves once again that Yahoo contributes to the continued devaluation of women. Headline news. I didn’t even have to scroll down to see it.

It sounds like the British trying to elevate prostitution by calling prostitutes sex workers. Make it a worthy profession for women, something all little girls can aspire to. They treat the profession like any other profession, claiming there are no victims only participants. That’s the British way until somebody calls them out on it, then they twist the truth to redirect the blame.

They say you can choose what you read. That’s not true. I chose one day and the same stories popped up no matter what I category I blocked.

People learn from the media and as long as the media runs boob and butt stories, people will continue to sexualize women.

Women do it to themselves and each other. Look at Kim K. What does she have except a body? Yahoo says, you can have it all? Where do they get off telling women how to think about themselves? Clean your own house, Yahoo.

Where are the real stories? Why choose actors to flaunt their bodies all over the news cycles? Because they’re exhibitionists? How are these women sexualizing themselves right now in the present? Is Kim K. an actor?

Somebody probably killed her father, then out of guilt made her famous for nothing of value. They did the same thing with Martin Luther King’s family. Made all his kids famous after murdering their dad. That’s a tell. Nobody can change the past. How did Yahoo even get this story? They wanted to get ahead of the blame? Sounds British again. Martin King was a big womanizer. Black women seem not to mind.

The entire article sounds like an advertisement for buzzfeed. How do you fact check gossip or childhood stories? You can’t. They’re believable. But hardly headline news worthy on Yahoo.

Better to stop devaluing women. Yahoo gets off the hook by repeating stories from buzzfeed. Tomorrow it will be back to BOOBS AND BUTTS. I don’t scroll down any more, so I don’t know if they’re there now.

It’s funny, news agencies reporting on each other’s news. There’s so little news in the world, that Yahoo has to get their stories from buzzfeed?

Yahoo is global, which means most of the world thinks the USA sexualizes women. No wonder they call us hypocrites. The USA government talks women’s rights to other countries, then they read Yahoo and are laughing their heads off. Yeah right.

I’m surprised Yahoo didn’t make the reader click NEXT after each story. That’s the category it belongs in – ads.

ARTICLE: Women Are Sharing Stories About The First Time They Were Sexualized, And To Say I’m Disgusted Would Be An Understatement

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