RE: ‘Our Idiot Brother’ actor Matthew Mindler, who died by suicide…

RE: ‘Our Idiot Brother’ actor Matthew Mindler, who died by suicide…

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 1 September 2021

Who would name a show, “OUR IDIOT BROTHER”? That to be the British, the biggest name-callers on the planet, who chastise everybody but themselves for humiliating people, even kids.

I thought they banned words like idiot, moron, spastic, retarded from public discourse.

How does a news agency categorize a suicide under ENTERTAINMENT? How is that entertaining? They couldn’t come up with a more neutral category that had global appeal, except for entertainment?

I keep seeing the word CHILD, which to skim readers means a child died of suicide.

The picture of this little kid doesn’t look nineteen years old to me.

The OPTICS are everything, and they’re all Off here.

MILLERSVILLE UNIVERSITY – a four college university – state run.

How does a child star go to a public school? Who got all the money he made?


Easygoing, dimwitted slacker Ned Rochlin (Paul Rudd) makes the biggest mistake of his so-far uninspired life when he sells some pot to a cop.

Homeless and jobless upon his release from jail, Ned must prevail upon his three sisters (Elizabeth Banks, Zooey Deschanel, Emily Mortimer) for help.

Though Ned himself is utterly without a shred of ambition or guile, it’s a different story with his sisters, who find their carefully ordered lives thrown into chaos whenever he’s around.

Release date: August 26, 2011 (USA)

Director: Jesse Peretz

Music by: Eric D. Johnson; Nathan Larson

Story by: Evgenia Peretz; David Schisgall; Jesse Peretz; Kaysi Rickard

Box office: $25.9 million

Produced by: Anthony Bregman; Peter Saraf; Marc Turtletaub”

“Dimwitted slacker”. There’s another degrading name attacking somebody’s intellect.

Millersville University has an anti-hate campaign. Maybe they should have an anti-humiliation campaign, and those words used to describe that CHILD STAR may never have been used. I can see why a director would pick on a skinny anxiety-ridden kid to make this series. But wait, is Matthew Mindler the idiot brother?

I keep forgetting the name of the IDIOT BROTHER. I wonder why? Because humiliating names stick harder to the psyche.

What is his name? Oh, Matthew Mindler? His exact day of birth is unknown? How is that possible in 2002?

Not one investigative news reporter could find that out?

Parents are anonymous? Again, not one investigative news reporter could find that out?

Nobody knew this famous kid? None of his co-workers, also stars, knew anything about him? They couldn’t be reached for comment?

This is a poorly written story. Dig deeper.

Where’s the outrage about the language?

This is Hollywood and nobody knows when he was born of if he had parents or who they are? I thought he was a child star. Isn’t Hollywood or whoever hired him supposed to know that? Names please. Does he have a birth certificate? Where’s his father?

The article says, “his mother is speaking out about his struggle with anxiety”, but where are her words, except that she doesn’t want to be identified for privacy reasons?

Too many unanswered questions here.

I still don’t know who the ‘idiot brother’ was. That was a huge cast. How many idiot brothers were there? Only one? It looks like Matthew Mindler played a character called River. Nowhere can I find the purpose of his character, River, in the show. And I’m tired of looking. It should have appeared in the article.

The writer just went with OUR IDIOT BROTHER as if Matthew Mindler was that character, otherwise they would have said who his character was. I had to skim about twenty articles to find that he was the River character. Beyond that I know nothing else.

That’s how little this one life meant, that the writer couldn’t even talk about the character he played?

aside: It sounds like Matthew Mindler’s death was used by Hollywood as an advertisement for OUR IDIOT BROTHER.That could be criminal if certain people influenced the death of M.M. to renew interest in that series now on Netflix.

MILLERSVILLE UNIVERSITY, Millersville, Pennsylvania


Our Idiot Brother’ actor Matthew Mindler, who died by suicide, struggled with ‘crippling anxiety,’ mom says

Suzy Byrne Editor, Yahoo Entertainment Tue, August 31, 2021, 1:06 PM

Matthew Mindler, the child star who appeared in 2011’s Our Idiot Brother, died by suicide — and his mother is speaking out about his struggle with anxiety.

19-year-old Mindler was a freshman at Millersville University in Lancaster County, Penn. He attended classes on Aug. 24 but was last seen at 8 p.m. that night — with surveillance video showing him leaving his dorm room and walking to a parking lot. On Wednesday, his family couldn’t reach him, triggering a search the next day. A team of 40 people combed the area and the former child star’s body was found Saturday in a wooded area in nearby Manor Township.

Source: ‘Our Idiot Brother’ actor Matthew Mindler, who died by suicide, struggled with ‘crippling anxiety,’ mom says

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