California Moves to Outlaw ‘Stealthing,’ or Removing Condom Without Consent

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 17 September 2021

SHARON: Whoa. This is news to me, the fact that somebody came up with a name to call non-consensual condom removal. And then pass a law prohibiting it. STEALTHING.

Stealing the sexual rights of one’s partner by clandestinely removing a condom during sexual encounters. sldt

Although men have been telling women ever since condoms were invented, that the sexual experience wasn’t the same, or would encourage their partner to forget the condom this one time, especially regarding women who didn’t want to get pregnant, it wasn’t till the AIDS REVOLUTION grabbed the world by it’s collective nuts, that condoms became critical to the survival of many who still wanted to engage in sexual behaviors despite the global outbreak of AIDS.

So it should come as no surprise that those who forewent the condom in pursuit of a richer experience, while putting their partners at risk of contracting a killer disease, should be deterred by law if they weren’t going to deter themselves.

Thus these laws continue to pop up globally. Attempted murder, rape maybe goes too far, but in mass situations where mass numbers are disrespecting their partners right to sexual safety, societies are at their wits-end to find ways to stop the spread of diseases and unwanted pregnancies. They’ll all cry in court and give a thousand reasons and a thousand more apologies, but at whose expense?

Men need to be held accountable in a world run by men who don’t know how to curtail their own bad behavior. Who’s going to teach them to respect the sexual rights of others, women? Women leaders become like men, so they’re out.

It always gets put into the hands of lawmakers whose job it is to mete out the punishment by making laws governing bad behavior with deleterious consequences.

This means many men will end up with life sentences sitting in a prison in some place called HELL ON EARTH, because they removed a condom thinking their partner wouldn’t notice.

It’s out of frustration that societies make laws with punishments attached for non-compliance, because some people are not considerate enough of others to respect the boundaries of others in a sexual encounter. Men, half the global population, primarily fall into this category.

Prisons, worldwide, are already overloaded. Although there may not be any intent to prosecute said offenders, since many times laws are initially passed as deterrents in themselves, making the world aware, so that current offenders will self-correct their own bad behavior. But the laws are being established for sure.

When non-compliance rises and societies feel the need to make an example of a few to influence the many, enforcement of those laws will begin to occur. Probably those chosen to be the examples will be plucked from the largest socio-economic groups to influence the largest number of people.


For those interested A SHORT HISTORY OF THE CONDOM – condoms weren’t always animal-free and those made of latex can cause allergic reactions in those with latex allergies.

ARTICLE FROM YAHOO: The California state Legislature this week approved a measure that would make the state the first to outlaw stealthing, the act of removing a condom during sex without a partner’s consent.

The bill, which was approved unanimously Tuesday, awaits the signature of Gov. Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, who has until Oct. 10 to sign it into law. A spokesman for the governor said his office did not comment on pending bills.

If approved, the measure would amend the state’s civil definition of sexual battery and make stealthing a civil offense, meaning victims could sue their assailants for damages…

ARTICLE: California Moves to Outlaw ‘Stealthing,’ or Removing Condom Without Consent

Upon researching the origins of the term being used in a sexual context I found an article from PSYCHOLOGY TODAY:

What Is Stealthing?

What you need to know about non-consensual condom removal.

Elizabeth L. Jeglic Ph.D.

Posted February 16, 2021 |  Reviewed by Gary Drevitch

Key Points: “Stealthing,” or nonconsensually and surreptitiously removing a condom during sex, appears to be a growing concern; 14 percent of sexually active female undergraduates report being victims of the practice. Now, advocates in several states are urging legislatures to declare that the act is a form of criminal sexual assault.

The relatively new term “stealthing” refers to the practice of non-consensual condom removal during intercourse and can happen to both men and women.

The term stealthing first came to light when Alexandra Brodsky published an article about the practice in the Columbia Journal of Gender and Law in 2017, although the term had been used in the gay community since 2014. The consequences of stealthing can be severe, including unwanted pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and negative psychological outcomes. Many have argued that stealthing is a form of sexual assault or rape because it violates consent.

While the term may be new, the behavior is not uncommon. While little research exists on the topic, some preliminary data from our research lab suggests that 14% of female undergraduate respondents who were sexually active (27 out of 189 participants) reported that they had experienced stealthing on at least one occasion. Those who experienced stealthing reported that when they found out that their partner had removed the condom without their consent, they felt angry, disrespected, fearful, violated, disgusted, shocked, upset, betrayed, and used, and they experienced worry about STIs and pregnancy.”


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