RE: Ohio State Board of Education abolishes anti-racism and equity resolution

Sharon’s Comment 18 October 2021

It’s disheartening to read that some Board of Education members still think that the only poor white kids in the USA live in Appalachia. There are poor white kids all over the country. Wake up people! It’s not about Africa and Appalachia. It’s about all kids everywhere.

Someone else referenced “smallpox brought to the New World by European settlers killing an estimated 20 million Native Americans”, which forever disadvantaged Native Americans. These settlers didn’t purposely bring smallpox to America to infect the indigenous population.

You can’t blame white people for that. Or Africans for bringing swine flu to America. What they’re saying is that Indigenous people never get sick? What do you want to do, wall off each state, each country and become separatists, isolationists so nobody gets viruses? You can’t blame Europeans for getting sick or introducing alcohol to Natives. I’m shocked at the way the School Board asked and answered questions.

White kids weren’t included in the original resolution; it was all about every other color, which was blatant discrimination on the part of those who pushed for preferential treatment. White people can’t raise black people’s kids. Black people need to do that.

When Blacks score, on the average, lower than Whites, why blame the white people for that? Everybody uses the same textbooks. If Blacks have a higher incidence of ADHD (attention deficit hyperactive disorder), why are the white people blamed? Not every person or group is the same.

Some of these board members act like all kids should be equally talented. Well, they’re not. The blacks complaining the most want robotic students and think that somehow by placing disadvantages in the way of white kids, that that will raise up black kids. NO IT WON’T.

Blacks in America need to stop treating their own as if they’re handicapped by their color. Color isn’t a handicap. Discrimination is a handicap, not color – you need to separate the two.

There’s a range of intellectual ability and talents in all species. Trying to force one group to match up with another group by making up the difference in funds, not skills, is insane. You can’t pay someone to be as smart or motivated as someone else. It’s impossible. Besides, you’re rewarding someone for inferior performance by paying them to be inferior. Go beyond the inferior mark and you lose the funds.

It seems that black politicians and board members want only to represent the needs of black kids, not all kids. They’re the ones setting up the framework for discrimination by wanting preferential treatment based on color.

The OHIO STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION made the only fair move to rescind the flawed and prejudicial resolution that addressed educational needs of only a portion of the students, instead of all the students. Stop demonizing white kids who excel academically. White people don’t demonize black kids who excel.

Giving black parents money isn’t going to make their kids excel. They’ll turn around and use it for themselves. What happens in black homes, white people can’t fix. That needs to come from within the family.

White people are already sensitive to black people. They don’t need more sensitivity training. It’s the black people who don’t reciprocate. It’s a selfish, supremacist attitude. Black people want all the attention, but don’t want to work for it. When I got bad grades, I didn’t blame somebody else. I didn’t study. My parents didn’t blame anybody else either.

Blacks in America have gotten too accustomed to shifting all that goes wrong in their lives onto another race of people. You’re not slaves. But truth be told, slaves know how to learn. Prisoners know how to learn. People in abusive relationships know how to learn. It’s the value one group places on learning that differs.

You can’t keep telling teachers to look the other way when grading black kids. Black politicians and community leaders have for too long been threatening white people at all levels of society with the ruining of businesses and loss of jobs in exchange for preferential treatment toward BLACKS, claiming disadvantages and lack of opportunity based on color.

Give them all a million dollars and the kids still won’t study.

Go back to the family – that’s where it begins and ends. Society can’t fix families – families need to fix families. All colors.

This penchant for calling people by colors is becoming old and stale. Blacks perpetuate it, wanting to stand out and be different, so others will take notice and give them more than the others who blend in.

It’s always the loudest people who get placated – they play that card as if it’s imprinted into their DNA.

Blacks spend an inordinate amount of time and energy looking at what others have that they don’t, and trying to get it for nothing.

Probably the most offensive and detrimental to the process of education is the accepted view that statistics has the ability to bring people closer together in the areas of intelligence and talent. STATISTICS CANNOT DO THAT. Black parents don’t want to sacrifice for their kids. The parents get fed, clothed and entertained first, then when they mismanage the money, they want the government to pay for school supplies and clothes and lunches for their kids.

I’m the only one in my family who graduated from college. I went after I was married and paid my own way. My parents couldn’t afford college for four kids – not even one. But we had everything else we needed, not always brand new and rarely the first on the block to get it, but they both provided for us and gave us a taste of a lot of different experiences, kind of like breadcrumbs, introducing us to the familiarity of something new, so when we got older and on our own we could revisit some of those experiences in more depth.

And yes my mother worked a full time job as a store clerk. I don’t think they ever had a new car. They didn’t take vacations till we were all gone and even then it wasn’t extravagant. They never once blamed anybody else. They did the best they could do with what they had to work with.

Blaming the entire white race for all the ills of another race is racist. And no you don’t get the right to falsely accuse anybody. because you’re Black. Clean up your neighborhoods. Instead of organizing against white people to make them clean up your mess, organize against the ones who made the mess and make them clean it up.

You’re afraid of your own people? What happened to all that ‘brothers and sisters’ talk? Couldn’t actually walk it, could only talk it? Why would you allow a bunch of kids trash where you live and make it unsafe? Why do you as parents give your kids so much power over you, that they can do whatever they want and it’s the fault and problem of white people?

Why do you always want somebody else to take care of your kids, take care of you, take care of your whole family?

THAT’S WHAT SLAVES DO. They want to be provided for, because they can’t do it themselves. Slavery isn’t racism – it’s enslavement. All groups had slaves and continue to have slaves in all sectors.

I don’t see Blacks organizing to abolish modern day slavery. They’re participants. Blacks don’t care about anybody else’s problems. They don’t march for you – they march for themselves and they want you to march for them. There’s that anti-reciprocation commitment surfacing again.

So what are you going to do next? Something more spectacular than burning cities and ruining people’s businesses, triggering the entire world to strike out against their families, friends, neighbors, strangers?

If I recall you turned those tables, claiming all white people made you do it – as if you have no control over your own emotions and actions.

That’s what scares people about you. That you claim not to have any control over your emotions or actions. People who are controlled by others, thus can’t decide for themselves how to act, are considered by society a danger to themselves and others.

You probably don’t want to know this, but that’s about how white people are regarding black people after that protracted explosion of violence becoming the wrath and acting out on behalf of God Almighty, that lasted over a year. You were not the victims. You were the perpetrators.

Now that Blacks once again have had their say through their predictable acts of violence to instill fear into every white heart, white people now consider black people a danger to themselves and others. White people consider black people a threat to their existence.

I doubt if that can be fixed any time soon.You’ll have to live with the consequence of venting your hatred of all white people all over the media non-stop for over a year. You tore down everybody’s fences but your own.

That fence is about to come crashing down. Ever see an angry white mob? I never have. What I have seen over several decades are many angry black mobs. Blacks are energized by mobs – when it’s their mob. Blacks have never seen an angry white mob – maybe in a movie.

I don’t know what it’s going to look like – how it will be different from the black mobs.

excerpt: EQUITY MEANS FOR ALL KIDS. NOT JUST SOME KIDS. LET this be a guide for other states that pass resolutions out of fear or in support of vengeance.

All I know is it’s coming. It may not even be about color – a tit for tat. That’s the unpredictable nature of behavior. Blacks stoked the flames that were previously smoldering in a multitude of white hearts across the globe. Where and when those white hearts explode not even they know. Maybe the meek white people inherited something they didn’t like.

The Ohio State Board of Education rescinded an anti-racism and equity resolution that it passed last year in the wake of the George Floyd murder, replacing it Wednesday night with a statement that seeks to promote academic excellence without “respect to race, ethnicity or creed.”

The new resolution “condemns any standards, curriculum, or training programs for students, teachers, or staff that seek to divide or to ascribe circumstances or qualities, such as collective guilt, moral deficiency, or racial bias, to a whole race or group of people.”

The majority of board members who voted in favor of replacing the resolution agreed that there are test performance gaps between Black, Indigenous and students of color and their white peers. But the new resolution states that there are also gaps in academic achievement “among additional diverse groups such as economically-disadvantaged students.”…


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