RE: Burger King Offering 37 Cent Whoppers This Friday and Saturday — Here’s How To Score the Deal

RE: Burger King Offering 37 Cent Whoppers This Friday and Saturday — Here’s How To Score the Deal

I read this title quickly. I got the first part as stated.

The second part I read as “that’s how scared they are”.

I say, that’s so-o-o accurate a REAL READ, impressive to say the least.

Which means saying the least obvious in the advertising world often leaves the greater impression.

CLEVER for sure. But this title didn’t come from Burger King; it came from Yahoo News. Even more clever.

Dawn Allcot nailed something obvious by the words chosen and the way people read – not always the words actually there.

Thirty-seven cent Whoppers means somebody’s scared.


Dawn Allcot

Fri, December 3, 2021, 11:06 AM



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