Re: Suspect in deadly Waukesha holiday parade crash says he feels ‘demonized’

“Six people have died as a result of their injuries sustained in the crash: Tammy Durand, 52; Jane Kulich, 52; Leanne Owens, 71; Virginia Sorenson, 79; Wilhelm “Bill” Hospel, 82; and Jackson Sparks, 8. Sparks, the youngest of those killed, succumbed to his injuries on Tuesday.” (

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 12.18.2021

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

Unarmed seniors and a child murdered in cold blood by a black man with a grudge against white peoples, and Jews he claims stole Palestinian land that really belonged to black African Jews.

I call that a terrorist attack.

Aren’t all terrorists mentally ill? How about all the mentally ill who aren’t terrorists?

We need to stop assigning the cause of a terrorist attack to mental illness.

The mother blames the government for the guy not following up with his healthcare when he became an adult.

Rage. In other words, when off his meds he becomes a killer? That makes the mother an accomplice and/or aiding and abetting. She did nothing to stop his rampages. This wasn’t the first time he rammed somebody with a car. Maybe the mother should have taught this adult black man not to use his car as a weapon when he was a child.

It sounds like the mother is setting her son up for an insanity plea. If he gets so bad that when not taking a pill turns him into a violent criminal, then it’s not the absence of the pill that’s doing it. No pill alone has that power. Maybe check what street drugs he takes, or is that not allowed? If a pill was the cure-all for violent behavior, all violent offenders would be required by law to take the anti-homicidal pill the mother is evidently talking about.

Maybe society needs to raise the status of mothers in all families, so that mothers don’t fear their teenage and adult sons. This person everyone calls a boy is thirty-nine years old.

P.S. The guy’s got a point on the Palestinian Land dispute. Why not Africa? To me, I never considered Jews to have originated from Asia. They just don’t fit, even if they lobbied to make that land distinction, they don’t look the part and that’s what the distinction has historically been based on – the look, the language, the mental proclivities, the physical characteristics.

That could be the behind-the-scenes work of the Russian Jews planning their long-term empire in the Middle East with Israel, Palestine as their base – like Russia having it’s feet in two continents: Europe and Asia. Who but they, ever thought that the Land of Palestine was Asian?

Whomever lives there thus is called Palestinian, not Jewish Israeli.

Jews don’t look Asian or African, but the land, to what and where it’s attached looks African. There are border differences and influences everywhere in the region. But changing continental borders for statistical reasons when studying or allocating goods and services needs to end. One year I wake up in Asia and five years later I wake up in the same house in Africa.

Jews look like every race and nationality, because they cross-bred all over the planet. Aborigines don’t do that.

Jews aren’t aborigines.

It’s late in the game for Africans to be making a claim for Israel, Palestine when they have an entire continent that’s theirs and not many people want to immigrate there – so they pretty much have it made to do what they want, the way they want.

Rage behavior by African males, accepted in continental Africa and by Africans living on other continents needs to end by altering the acceptance of it early on in African families and communities worldwide. It causes chaos where it’s unleashed and I see it unleashed a lot living in Cleveland.

Rage disorder is so common in the black community that they call it normal. You can’t fix that with a pill and you can’t put everyone with rage disorder in an asylum. Almost half the population of the world would be inside.

Change the violent culture in all cultures, understanding that not all cultures are equal. How many beatings does a black child take to the head before they even enter school – in their own home or on the street and then throughout their upbringing?

One more thought: I object to the use of the word “crash” used by to describe what was clearly an attack. Crashes denote accidents, whereby a driver of one or both vehicles is distracted or suddenly surprised. Or when someone loses control of a vehicle for whatever reason, a crash occurs. There was only one car, that was not out of control of the driver, that was facing the backs of the parade band. He had to see them and failed to stop.

I assume the car was impounded and the brakes checked.

He did it with a red SUV slamming into a Christmas parade.

A guy rams his car into a parade fast and hard enough to kill six people and injure many more – 60 injured including eighteen children and claims to feel demonized by the public.

What sane lawyer would allow a client charged with six murders, all highly witnessed, to be interviewed by FOX News or any other news agency?



By The Associated Press

MADISON, Wis. — The man accused of driving his SUV through a Christmas parade in suburban Milwaukee, killing six people and injuring dozens, said Wednesday that he feels like he’s being “demonized.”

Darrell Brooks Jr., in an interview with Fox News from the Waukesha County Jail, offered no details about a possible motive.

“I just feel like I’m being monster — demonized,” Brooks said, according to the Fox report.

According to a criminal complaint, Brooks drove his SUV into the parade in Waukesha on Nov. 21. Witnesses said he was swerving and appeared to be intentionally trying to hit people. He was arrested minutes later as he stood on the porch of a nearby house asking the homeowner to help him call a ride.

Police said he had fled the scene of a domestic disturbance when he turned into the parade, although officers were not pursuing him at the time. He’s been charged with six counts of first-degree intentional homicide.

Read what the mother says in the remainder of the ARTICLE:


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