Why do black people keep telling white people how they can wear their hair?

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

Why do black people keep telling white people how they can wear their hair?

Black people recently got hair legislation passed in several states providing them special status for natural hair rights.

Now come the same Black people and deny white people the right to wear their hair any way they choose.

It’s their hair, not yours.

Nobody is telling black people how to wear their hair, so why now with this new legislation (THE CROWN ACT) does it give black people the right to determine not only how they wear their own hair, but the right to tell white people how they can and cannot wear theirs?

White peoples lives and careers are being ruined because they wear their kinky hair in dread locks. So what? Some white people have kinky, frizzy hair. You didn’t want anybody criticizing your hair, so stop criticizing white people’s hair.

No individual or group owns a hair style. Get over yourselves. Nobody but you cares about your hair.

And stay away from mine. Don’t tell me how I can and can’t wear my hair.

If my hair offends you don’t look at it. If my hair offends you, then you get offended too easily and need to get some counseling to deal with your racial phobias. Either you are super selfish or you hate yourselves so much that seeing white people look like you makes you hate them.

You should feel complimented, if anything at all, when someone styles themselves like you.

You’re acting the part of the separatist again, saying you want equality, while simultaneously demanding dominion over how white people style their hair.

Hair legislation protects only black people, not all people. Therein lies the discrimination. Laws that protect only one group are corrupt, discriminatory laws that need to be altered to include all hair for all people. I’ve seen several very white people who have black people’s hair.

Then you get into that whole other area of confusion regarding what constitutes ‘natural hair’. So far, ‘natural’ means ‘wigs’ to most black people, since that’s what they commonly wear – at least in Cleveland where I live – braided hair down to their bums. To me ‘natural’ means no bleach or dye, no perm, no wig. But that’s just me. To black people ‘natural’ means wigs designed like they’d like to wear their hair naturally but for some reason can’t. Ergo: ‘natural’ hair to black people means fake hair. Go figure.

Sounds like a hustle. Categorize all white people as hating black people’s hair (which they don’t), then pass laws that discriminate against everyone not Black, then destroy white people’s lives for wearing what black people claim to be their hair style.

Black people claiming ownership rights to the way they as a group wear their hair is part of the slave master paradigm – meaning nobody else can wear their hair the way they do. If they do they get punished by an entire race of people.

When one race tells another race how they can or cannot wear their hair that’s enslavement. Controlling any facet of other people’s lives through laws designed to protect only one group of people is systemic racism.

Racism is an inappropriate strategy for positive change.


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