Who Invented Fire?

Did you know that someone was given credit for inventing fire?

Can you believe that? Someone or some group in some historical time, some civilization got that credit – was given that credit posthumously. That means after their demise.

Archeologists, those people who look for buried bones or imprints of bones called fossils, gave them, whoever them are, credit for inventing fire.

I often wondered, having looked for fossils myself in my early childhood years, why the archeologists only found skulls of large animals and African humans? Where were the skulls of the Europeans or the Asians; there had to be some? Skulls of Arabs, none of them either. Just dinosaurs and African humans?

It didn’t make sense, until I grew to know that Africans have a way of culture often assaulting each other in the head, yet they appear unfazed and uninjured.

Then I thought that the reason their skulls survive in the dirt and sand whereas the skulls of everybody else don’t is that their skulls are made of stronger material – a combination of minerals that varies in the ratios of minerals that lends itself to slower decomposition than European skulls aka bones. Could that be true?

Oh, they discovered fire. Now you know. Fire has been around longer than life anywhere in the universe. Suns and stars are lit up with fire. So how could a human or a human group who came along much later be responsible for inventing something that already existed?

It happens though. First the Indians discovered America and then the Italians discovered it. Of course the land was here before the people, but to hear people speak of it, one might think not.

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