The Catholic Church Is About To Crumble Is It Worth Saving?

There’s only one thing the Catholic Church needs to focus on right now – only one – and that is child safety and keeping sex offenders out of the ministry or else the church will be destroyed – not from within, but from outside the church.

By the looks of things, Jesus Christ must have been a homosexual pedophile, if priests are made in his image, therefore God must be a homosexual pedophile if Christ was made in the image of God – God’s only? son?

Clean out that corrupt House of Deviancy Worship. It’s clear now why the church won’t allow female priests. They would have the same access that the male priests have, unlike nuns who were obedient servants, making it more difficult for priests who flock together to engage in inappropriate practices with the youth of the congregation.

This is my only unfinished business. Everything else has been seeded and will grow whether nurtured or not. Evidently, judging by the way I see and dissect the world, that so-called Nature vs Nurture thing that scholars back in my higher learning days called a debate impacted my work more than I realized.  Mostly in subtle ways, but ever-present. 

That’s the way nature and nurture are mostly expressed, until they are not, and then a bomb explodes on the human genome [‘the complete set of genes or genetic material present in a cell or organism/] that changes the world and the way we view nature and nurture. 

Generally speaking, nature cannot be controlled by outside or internal forces and nurture can be controlled by outside or internal forces (the environment outside the organism and inside the organism – thought and other bodily functions). 

It is Nature and Nurture, not Nature vs Nurture. Both are continually operative, not one at a time, but degrees of each interacting with multiple variables. End of debate, let us move on to something that needs fixing that involves both nature and nurture. 

Everything is accepted on faith. Life is a mystery, which makes everything concerned with and that emanates from said life a mystery too. Some use that mystery-explanation as an excuse to accept a wrong with no desire nor responsibility to right it. 

God’s will is God’s way, mistakes and all. So sorry that said mysteries cause me to hurt feelings; while unintended, there is no other way, at least that surfaces, that has not already been tried or considered. 

I kept waiting for the nuns to strike globally – that did not happen. A couple here and there to make it look like all nuns were on the same page, looked more like a future cover up for past evil deeds of silence should authorities come knocking. Too contrived for comfort. They are confident that no one will knock on theirs or anybody else’s doors. Cases closed many times over. The world could not bear the stench of corrupting children, and not be able to do anything about it.

Why so quick to hide the abuse and so reticent to expose it? Nuns were trained to obey, not to question. The congregations of all faiths are instructed in the ‘remain silent’ tradition. You are protecting God’s church/temple/mosque/wherever three or more gather.

  • Doctrine and Covenants 6:32
  • 32 Verily, verily, I say unto you, as I said unto my disciples, where two or three are gathered together in my name, as touching one thing, behold, there will I be in the midst of them—even so am I in the midst of you./
  • ‘in the midst of you/ can be construed as within the flesh and blood – my take.

The nature explanation begins and ends with preservation of all breeds of the human animal race.

The Catholic Church must know that they cannot hide all those records. If there are no records, then they burned them. The Jews had the same problem post WWII. In recording everything that happened behind closed doors in labor camps, it included their deeds as well. 

It is not appropriate to say they were justified. Torture is torture, slaughter is slaughter. Feeding frenzies on live humans is aberrant no matter what breed of human engages.

Outsiders who do not want to experience the discomfort in exposing the truth long enough to fix the wrong, often state that these kids were problem kids to begin with. They weren’t the meekest of the meek as often thought. They were trouble makers, experimenting with adult activities sooner than most. They were the wild children who operated their world like a business. School bored them; they were on the streets functioning like adults, which made them vulnerable to exploitation.

Priests always show up to deal with the wayward ones – boys and girls. Who else can the parents trust? The parents dump all their worries into God’s hands. Into the hands of Jesus Christ you go, forgiving of all your sins – and ours.

Although I come from a parish that functioned more like a house of ill-repute for children, and I was active in the church community per my mother’s instruction, no priest or anybody else ever tried to bother me. I did not hold the wild card that they look for in someone to exploit. I was independent, not wild. So nobody will hear any first hand accounts from me. Disappointed? Examine and Explore.

The Catholic Culture is so pervasive, that it is difficult to separate aberrant behavior, except to shrug it off, and not believe the cunning often disguised as mild flirting that priests do with young parish mothers.

Again, you cannot hide all those records of priests who moved from parish to parish when accusations surfaced and still do, which most often indicated a pattern of sexual abuse and still does with underage children. If the records are gone, then they are at the Vatican in the Holy See.

There’s a reason why the Holy See was formed in Vatican city as a sovereign nation to avoid indictment, extradition and prosecution. Peter and Paul started it all.

To be accurate, sexual attraction acted on and against children is not the domain of the Catholic Church. It is only that due to the absence of women, except in roles of subservience, a foundation is laid upon which corruption flourishes unabated in an all male environment.

Just say that in one parish there are three priests living on grounds – one has sexual proclivities toward children and acts on them. How in such a small community of three, plus a few nuns serving who live off grounds in a convent, plus a cook and a housekeeper and maybe a butler-styled person and a secretary. How can the sexual activities of one priest among three and these other few people go unnoticed? It does not. Nuns are too smart and nosy not to notice and smart enough to play dumb to preserve the church.

Did the Holy See in anticipation of child molestation exposure already set up protections? We the people of the world want answers of truth, not deception. On a need to know basis or the basis of an individual case is a cover up.

Lack of transparency and accountability within religious organizations must end. How long does it have to take? How many more children have to suffer because congress felt religious rights superseded the rights of children not to be exploited by these organizations. That congress does nothing makes them complicit in every single child molestation case that occurred under the guise of separation of church and state. How many get tax credits? How many have non-profit status? Then it is the responsibility of congress to protect the unprotected.

No better time than now to start.

‘First order of business is to protect the child at all costs, not to protect the offender at all costs, whereby the child’s welfare becomes exclusively paramount to the success and trust within the parish. All places of worship are about family, after all’. 

Sounds like mumble jumble to impact the minds of the parishioners so one can walk away satisfied that all that is possible with God’s ever-present love and everlasting help is being done to eradicate the abuse, not the parties involved in the abuse, they are after all a forgiving religion.

Sometimes it is so exclusive as to hide the real truths, the real numbers, the real psychological impact on the other adults knowing and not feeling safe to act on that knowledge. The psychological impact on the child offended who now has a secret that cannot be shared, so has no friends as a result, except those found wild on the street  being forcibly and/or coerced/coaxed/morphed into the roles of adults while still a child, exploited by adults. The women whisper about it, eyes tell the stories where the lips lie to protect, not to punish.

Children bounce back quicker than adults. Adults assuage their consciences with all kinds of platitudes to make their world appear safer than it is. While children adapt, cope better, why is that I wonder?  One might think the opposite, that adults with their knowledge and experience would naturally and predictably adapt easier. Not so. It is like the child teaching the adult. Where is the shame?

Are they all ashamed? The offender, the offended and the onlookers hiding that they know?

Parishioners are not property of the Pope. Priests are not property of the Pope. Children are not property of the Pope. Infallibility is not possible. The universe makes mistakes. Mutations abound, some helpful or at least not harmful. Others, harmful. Situations/conditions arise seemingly out of nowhere, but we all know they came from somewhere even if it is a random-appearing coincidence, two particles collide unexpectedly and boom, a mutation that harms the most vulnerable, while trying to achieve fail-safes for the continuation of the species, a new breed is born. 

So why is there a word for something that is impossible? Why not one should rather ask. Where did all the children go? Where did all the women go? Back to square one. One family, maybe a few left on earth who survived miraculously the carnage by a collision act of nature. They mate with each other to continue the species or whatever it is some wordy-minded person down the road will label as a mutation. 

One man, one girl child, then it generalizes to child. It is not always the exposure to the act which transforms the organism after the fact of birth. The DNA already present to determine what some call fate, predesigned, not random, because it is already in the DNA. 

It is there just in case it is needed, but as the earth turns to facilitate the growth, so does everything and everyone on it turn in slightly different strokes, that take hold once recognized. The slight part takes hold easier, because it is slight (nearer to recessive but not domineered by it). The larger the action required, the more resistance to it.

Impending doom is real. The universe is on constant look out for it. Billions of raise-to-slaughter animals screaming and dying as proof of the predicted animal extinction, caused not by nature, but by the human engineered hand purposely creating multitudes of animals to slaughter simultaneously all over the globe every day of every year sending a powerful wave of signs and signatures throughout the universe, functioning as the trigger/activator for random events to occur seemingly without warning, but we all know when we stop to look that nothing occurs without warning.

The state of impending doom that humans created and facilitate thus increase in size and duration is largely responsible for alterations the universe performs on demand via mutations when life on a planet, any planet is nearing extinction.

Some History Markers:

√  ‘Popes traditionally held power over regional territories known as the Papal States until 1870, when the unified Italian government claimed virtually all of the land outside of the city walls. 

√  A standoff between the church and secular government ensued for the next 60 years, until an agreement reached with the Lateran Pacts in February 1929. Signed by Benito Mussolini on behalf of King Victor Emmanuel III, the pacts established Vatican City as a sovereign entity distinct from the Holy See, and granted the church $92 million as compensation for the loss of the Papal States.

√  The Vatican remains the home of the pope and the Roman Curia, and the spiritual center for some 1.2 billion followers of the Catholic Church. 

√  The world’s smallest independent nation-state, it covers 109 acres within a 2-mile border, and possesses another 160 acres of holdings in remote locations. 

√  Along with the centuries-old buildings and gardens, the Vatican maintains its own banking and telephone systems, post office, pharmacy, newspaper, and radio and television stations. Its 600 citizens include the members of the Swiss Guard, a security detail charged with protecting the pope since 1506.

√  For more on the history refer to article:

So let us fix this deviancy we appear to worship, that was created, then later accelerated by the universe in response to a human-made condition of impending doom followed by demise of life on earth, because it is nature-made, out of our control when all we keep doing by hiding it is nurturing it, allowing it to continue.

The Catholic Church and all other religious entities hide the women and children, putting the planet at risk. Where are they the universe inquires? Make them prominent, so you look the part, the real part of all surviving and thriving, not just the males. Without children and females, the males will morph back from whence they came. To the sea, reproducing themselves like the amoebas they are.

Protect the women and children does not mean demean and exploit them. Protect means equality. Equally strong, equally valued. Stop pampering and coddling. Stop treating women like children. Stop punching women in Netlix movies. Eastern European countries are taking the world backwards in evolution. Art imitates life? Is that what is happening in Eastern European families? 

The males will become extinct for hiding the power of females and the children from view, from importance, from prominence. From all decision-making. If males were so great and all-powerful, women and children would not exist. Women and children were not designed to serve at the pleasure of men. It was the other way around. Men were designed to serve at the pleasure of women and children. 

Men did not want the job for which they were selectively created. Thus the war of the sexes was born and spread to the children.

That, if by nature is true, then nurture yourselves away from it and redesign yourselves. You have all the tools and the power at your disposal. Use the tools with dignity, honor, respect – instead of stripping others of their universal dignity, honor, respect while in the process of change for the betterment of all, not some. 

That is the job. It is your responsibility to save all life – not by hiding it, but by nurturing it where needed.

Leave the discriminatory aspects of all cultures in the dust, where it belongs. No need to revive that which harms.

√  To South America, Central America, Mexico and all Spanish speaking peoples:  Start those copy machines rolling. Do not let any Pope treat adults like children and children like adults. It is inappropriate, demeaning, controlling, manipulative behavioral strategies that keep the brethren subjugated to the will of deviant men using Jesus and God as cover to act on their own will and behalf, not in the best interest of those they subjugate. 

The best way to thwart the sexual abuse of children globally within religious institutions is to demand that women be included in the priesthood to balance nature. 

Okay, but child sexual exploitation happens in Christian organizations that support female ministers. 

Yes, but not to the degree it would be absent women ministers. There is no question that men dominate in all religious organizations, including Christian, whether there are women in power positions or supportive roles. 

In most Christian organizations, where for example free meals are offered to the public, the women prepare the meal, the man comes in to serve it, then leaves and the women clean up. How much work was done by the man and the women? Way out of equality proportion. Which was more important? The women’s work, but the man got the credit by coming in when all the work was done and serving it to the needy. 

Which role could the church do without? The man serving a meal he did not prepare. There were three women in the kitchen including myself. After the food was cooked, plated and brought to the serving table, any one of us could have served it. That we were not allowed speaks to how the Christian faith regard the position of women – in supportive roles, the man being the dominator in all instances, even in the kitchen when he had no part in preparing the meal. 

The male dominators always say the same thing, ‘but your role is so important to our success too, while they raise an arm to pat you on the head and stop themselves midstream to pat you on the shoulder instead. I say, yes, all organizations need supporting staff/workers of all genders and races and ethnicities and ages. How about that? Nobody protests for women equality. That’s part of gender equality, so where are the gays on women’s rights? They remain silent as do every other category of people. In every group, race, ethnicity, men take precedence over women.

All major religions are the same in that regard, placing the man at the head of everything, even at the head of the work the woman does. That has begged too long to change. Now it goes to the universe to decide on a course of action. 

No more excuses, the universe waited for the problem to sort itself, resolve itself, and men along with many women who want the protection of men remained silent, stood their ground for male dominance in all areas of surviving and thriving.

There needs to be a universal response. Women helped every other group gain their freedom and rights. Nobody did anything for women in return. How selfish is that? Oh, blacks fight for black women’s rights, not for all women’s rights. Gays fight for gay women’s rights, not for all women’s rights, and on and on it goes. 

End all forms of discrimination against women that keeps them in the back seat rather than the front seat, in the kitchen rather than at the table. Except for the nonhuman animals women are the most discriminated against group on the planet. 

The situation did not resolve itself when women were allowed to work outside the home. It just meant they had to do twice as much work. The culture of men that kept women chained to the home did not change. Men did not change when women changed, which means change needs to be forced. Women are overworked and underpaid and under appreciated and under respected. 

Platitudes and roses are really for the man, saying do not forget me, not the other way around. Start pitching in without expectations of rewards and feel the roles men imposed on women all these thousands of years. They will not do it? Yes they will. They went too far for too long without even trying to form more equal relationships and partnerships within the family. Small efforts at this late date are too little too late.

The universe says no to spousal ownership and dominance. We will see, if a worthy response is forthcoming and sufficient enough to stop the massive breakup of the family unit as we currently know it.

Get ready for a correction.

The children of any congregation are not yours to own, to have and to mold into your likeness by sexually exploiting them.

  • Khalil Gibran of the children:  “Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself… You may give them your love but not your thoughts, for they have their own thoughts. You may house their bodies but not their souls, for their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow…”

Sexual deviancy that imposes itself onto children is like a virus that needs eradication – the virus not the person. They are DNA wired to be sexually attracted to children. They need treatment and isolation that prevents them from the temptations of commandeering a young child’s body without consent.

Female presence in all religious gatherings and associated clubs and organizations as monitors. Help lines. Education within and outside religious organizations, federally funded so all must abide. Mormons, Amish, all separatist groups who are not bound by local and state laws must abide. 

All private and public schools, boarding schools must abide.

States cannot have the power to choose. Protesting child molestation is not a choice; it is a demand. All must abide. 

Where there is temptation and opportunity, the offender will exploit it

Instead of teaching sex education in schools, teach kids the signs to look for and the situations from which to veer and how to respond when approached.

It is the adult-child relationship that needs full attention in all school and religious and organizations with programs designed for children.

In Catholic Churches, outlaw confessions for children. There is nothing of an intimate nature that a child needs to say to a priest or to confess to a priest from inside a box to get blessed for sins committed. Even cops are not allowed to elicit confessions from children. Stop that culture practice NOW.

The United Nations has a say if they want to exercise that right regarding the activities by the Holy See in covering up  the systemic sexual abuse of children by clergy throughout the world. The Holy See and Vatican city must be held accountable and abide by the same rules every other nation state must abide by regarding child welfare.

Acknowledging the problem is not enough. That’s like saying we know who the serial killers are and we know it is a problem for the victims and their families, but our hands are tied.

No. It is the hands of the children that are tied. Adults are free; the children are not. Black Africans are notorious for accepting child molestation as the right of all African males.

No it is not your right, by birth or under God. A father does not own his children. The children own themselves.

CHANGE NOW OR BE CHANGED. Stop protesting for kinky hair rights. Stop the molestation of your children for heaven’s sake, what’s wrong with your focus? You care more about your hair, than you do your child?

Free them, before every church on earth goes up in flames to protest.

You waited too long. Now the universe decides.

All doors to all records, all drawers to all instruments, all hallways to hell designed to hide children springs wide open – every door used to hide the process of sexually corrupting children, to cover the evil deeds perpetuated by the Pope and down the line of history and hierarchy. 

Infallible you claim these sexually deviant people? In the image of God and Christ and men you claim power over the vulnerable? You are forgiven before you take that child’s hand, is that it? No, you quickly respond, no, no, forgiveness can only happen after, after..

the cover-up is equal to the deed

case rested

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